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Secrets To Reveal

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 13077728731307772870
  • Book Genre: Historical
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Secrets To Reveal Book Summary

Every heart holds a secret, but some are harder to reveal than others…

England, 1812. Aster Simmons lives a quiet and orderly existence working as a secretary and indulging in her love for puzzles—until her routine is disrupted by the arrival of an impertinent Scotsman who lounges around her office like an overgrown dog. The heated glances he casts her way make her think very non-routine thoughts.

Hamish Logan, captain in the Highland Wolves, has been given a mission to protect the man working on a coded list of traitors. If the Wolves are ever to have the same rights as ordinary men, he has to prove to those in power that a wolf can be civilised. The only problem is the fascinating secretary, who makes his wolf rise to the surface and makes him want to do very uncivilised things.

When the traitors strike, Aster flees with a wolf in pursuit. But can she determine who is behind the plot against England before she forfeits her heart and her life?

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Secrets To Reveal Book Comments

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Secrets To Reveal - Tilly Wallace Book Reviews

  • Great story! (?Smoke15)

    Loved this book! Could hardly put it down. Mayme
  • Secrets to Reveal (Betancj)

    Love it!JB
  • THE BEST (Becky 1012805)

    So good and interesting, i thought it would be cheesy and it is but it’s so good. A quick read with a sweet ending.
  • Secrets to reveal (lizdolling)

    A good start. An unassuming, 1700s romance with wolves, vampires and mages. It needs a good editor. There were errors in grammar and apparently the author has a problem understanding pronouns. It needed to be less wordy and focus on the plot more.
  • . (GammyCindy)

    This was a fun book with good characters.
  • Well written (Bluedoggy72)

    I enjoyed this book and would suggest it to a friend.
  • Secrets to Reveal (Shannon and Mike)

    I loved this book! Excellent descriptions of ppl, countryside and love scenes. Fun, fun, fun read. I bought the other 2
  • The original best (Fritzz)

    I read your first publish of this story and was captivated. I read this version all the way through looking for the purpose of rewriting or improvements and they never appeared. You gained nothing with the "Unnatural" element and lost much. Are you the same author?

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