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Love You S'more

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 12087364031308724265
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Love You S'more Book Summary

"Merlin gives off Sophie Kinsella and Emily Giffin vibes only with an execution of plots that is all her own. Fans of the two authors will appreciate the prose and relationships and style of this series. They will, of course, recognize it is something all Beth Merlin.... (Beth Merlin is totally going to grow in popularity. I'm calling it.)" - Book and Broadway

Having successfully designed the wedding gown of the century, Gigi Goldstein is on top of the world –that is until it all suddenly comes crashing down around her. When the paparazzi captures her and Perry Gillman in a compromising moment the night of the royal wedding, she finds herself entangled in a scandal of global proportion. Convinced her carelessness has ruined every relationship in her life, she’s surprised and moved by her boyfriend, Gideon’s, sudden proposal of marriage and accepts it without a second thought.

Four months later, Gigi’s living at Badgley Hall contemplating an entirely new kind of life while guilt, regret, and obligation keep calling her back to her old one. Will Gigi stay in South Gloucestershire, marry Gideon, and become the Countess of Harronsby?

Or, will unfinished opportunities and an old flame bring her back across the pond to confront her past and reclaim her future?

The Campfire Series

1. One S’more Summer
2. S'more to Lose
3. Love You S'more
4. Tell Me S’more – Coming 2020!

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Love You S'more - Beth Merlin Book Reviews

  • 💕🤧 (yazzy247)

    Could not stop reading from the very beginning! It’s such an amazing series and makes me want to sit by a campfire and just cozy up while reading. ☺️ I’m so glad I came across this series and am sad that it has ended but I can’t wait to see what else is to come from this awesome writer. 😊💞
  • S’more to Love (belle Marion)

    Beth Merlin nailed this in the last of her Campfire Trilogy series. Not only did her writing and character studies grow, her seamless skill at coming full circle from Book 1 to Book 3 makes this a must read. Can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for this new and talented author.
  • Page turner (Jezzayy ahaa)

    This series is addicting and one I can read over and over again. It touches on every life aspect that a young woman can go through as she finds herself through life. You will not be disappointed !
  • Long story short - EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS SERIES! (DMod115)

    I can't accurately put into words HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BOOK. Basically, it's A LOT!! But for so so so many reasons. It is clear that the writer and her skills have grown with each installment of this trilogy. I really enjoyed One S'more Summer and was curious how the series would continue to impress me. But man, impress me it did. My favorite aspect of Book 2 and Book 3 were the references to pop culture elements - like the royal wedding and fashion and the Met Ball and the Hamilton-esque Broadway musical based on the life of Queen Elizabeth. The research was so apparent, but even more impressive was the way the Merlin wove the research into a compelling plot. The research and world ALWAYS enhanced the story, it never bogged it down. In terms of the characters, I love how we meet this cast in book one and all of their arcs are realized by book 3. We get a chance to peek into the lives of all of them throughout the series and it really makes the world even more vibrant and realistic. Throughout the series, Jamie was always my favorite, but I have to be honest, Trini kinda slid into the top spot by book 3. The wise words, the support, and the friendship that this mentor provides Gigi exemplifies women supporting each other in the industry instead of tearing one another down. It always felt so genuine and professional and I was inspired by Trini's role as a teacher and as a friend. Lastly, Gigi. Oh, Gigi. What can I say? She was so painfully flawed in book one that I found myself yelling at her aloud at times - "What are you dooooing?!? AHHHH!!" She just constantly self-sabotaged her own happiness and at times, it was hard to watch. But as you come to understand her background, her upbringing, her parents, and her influential past, you come to see why she was drawn to make the decisions she did. It was out of fear and lack of self-confidence - which is to something that MANY of us can releate. But as the series goes on, Gigi finds her footing, she finds her voice, and she finally finds power and strength in her talent. Her growth as a young woman is so evident and empowering to the reader. In addition, I enjoyed the romantic elements of this book, but I loved even more that this wasn't a love story in the traditional sense. The men in Gigi's life and her romances with them were secondary to her growth and her own arc. Where she was with each relationship and each man in her life was defined by where she was in her own journey. If she herself wasn't sure of herself, her relationships were doomed to fail. But as she discovered herself, she was able to make better decisions about her love life - decisions that helped to enhance the happiness she was creating for herself. Long story short (too late, I know) - EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS SERIES! It's light-hearted, funny, and tackles real issues amidst fun and whimsical elements. Bravo, Beth Merlin. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!
  • Ith (ggttgtd)


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