Bewitching  (Regency Magic Book 1) - Jill Barnett - Jill Barnett

Bewitching (Regency Magic Book 1)

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 3711240331312518674
  • Book Genre: Historical
Bewitching (Regency Magic Book 1) - Jill Barnett Book Score: 4.5 0 5
4.5 star
231 Ratings

Bewitching (Regency Magic Book 1) Book Summary

Favorite Book of the Year Romance Writers of America "An unprecedented SIX stars!" --Affaire de Coeur Magazine From renown New York Times Bestselling Author Jill Barnett comes a tale of love that rocked the romance genre with its innovative, unique, and heartwarming characters. Forced by circumstance into a marriage of convenience with one of England's most prestigious dukes, Joy McQuarrie is hiding a scandalous secret. Alec Castlemaine, Duke of Belmore, one of the wealthiest, proudest lords in all of England, has been rejected by the woman he believed would be the perfect wife--a beauty whose bloodline was flawless and family scandal free. His careful plans for the future have gone up in smoke...until a chance encounter with an oddly intriguing Scottish lass catapults him into a rash proposal and what he thinks will be a most convenient marriage. But his new wife has wedding night secrets to reveal and suddenly Alec's life is anything but convenient...

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Bewitching (Regency Magic Book 1) Book Comments

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Bewitching (Regency Magic Book 1) - Jill Barnett Book Reviews

  • Great (Sonjaxk)

    This was a great story I laughed and cried.
  • Bewitching (Notsohappy633)

    I could not stop reading this book! It was a lovely story and very well told. I enjoyed every minute of this book and I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a little love and magic in their reading.
  • Charming (Airedales4ever)

    Endearing characters, wittily written. Loved this book!
  • Bewitching (Joanie C P)

    Fascinating ,intriguing , and unique, Romance
  • Bewitching (TexasLizzie)

    Truly enjoyed the ups and downs, thrills and frills of this amusing and heartwarming saga. Thank you for a few hours of heavenly escape. Elizabeth Wilson
  • Bewitching (bookish old lady)

    Recommend this for a lighthearted fun read
  • Beautiful story (Eitel19)

    This was a beautiful story because it keeps you smiling and it is true to life. I had a half sister out somewhere and wasn't told until after my Daddy's death. He tried to find her when I was 17 but never told me. Then I never asked my mother if she knew her name. I also remember when I was young we never seen Down syndrome children much and it was because of being institutionalize. They are precious people and I love the ones I know now. Thank you for a good book.

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