The Wrong Kind of Love

The Wrong Kind of Love by Lexi Ryan Book Summary

From New York Times bestseller Lexi Ryan comes a sexy new romance novel about a runaway bride, a single dad who’s sworn off love, and the kind of family secrets that can threaten to break even the deepest bonds.

You never forget your wedding day. Or the moment your twin sister pukes on your bouquet and confesses she’s pregnant . . . with your fiancé’s baby.

I wanted to get away, to hide until my heart mended. I found myself in a strange town with a mysterious stranger whose talented mouth and hands almost made me forget it was supposed to be my wedding night. 

Afraid to go home to face my broken life, I pretend to be my twin so I can take her job in Jackson Harbor caring for a six-year-old girl. Imagine my surprise when I find out my new boss is my mysterious stranger—Dr. Ethan Jackson. 

I never meant for Ethan to discover my secrets. I never meant for them to matter. But the longer I work with him and his sweet daughter, the harder I fall, and the clearer it becomes that I’m not the only one carrying a secret that could tear us apart.

Get ready to fall for the boys of Jackson Harbor in Lexi Ryan’s sexy new contemporary romance series. These books can all be read as standalones, but you’ll enjoy reading them as a series!

This edition contains a bonus epilogue short story titled “If I Could Choose.”

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The Wrong Kind of Love (Lexi Ryan) Book Reviews

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- ❤️❤️❤️5 star

I loved this book! I read it in one day. I couldn’t put it down.

- Quick and easy read!5 star

Finished this book in 2 days time between studying. Ok, I’ll be honest, I read this more than I did my course material 😂 Very well written, Felt every emotion the author wrote in my core! Wish there was more to this particular story.

- Worth the read5 star

Hard to put down. Well written and very entertaining.

- MUST READ5 star

What a great book. A definite must read. I literally could not put it down & read in every free minute I got. Great story, different from the other books I have read, felt every emotion and it teaches the readers a few good lessons. Would definitely recommend it!

- LOVE THIS!5 star

It’s been a while since I’ve read an interesting book... this book gave me the CHILLS. I could not put it down! This has to be my favorite book read of 2020. I love the characters and the powerful images created within the text. It was a pleasure reading this insanely good book!

- Great story5 star

I love how it was written, how it played out, and the extra story at the end had me grinning like a fool. Thanks!!

- The Wrong Kind of Love4 star

This book is literally so amazing. I finished it in one day 😂 Definitely recommend 👏🏻

- Must read5 star

I love this book so much. I finished it in like one day. A really great read. I just didnt lik how veronica till the end of the book use nicole like a doormat. Personally if i was in nicole place i wouldnt have let my sister back in my life.

- Loved it!5 star

I read this in 7 hours! Was totally sucked in!! Great read!

- Love this book!5 star

Amazing book!! Definitely should make a second book of Ethan and Nicole!

- Great Read5 star

I read this in one day, it was a really great story. I loved how it felt real and addressed real issues. Loved Nic and Ethan’s love story and how they had real life issues. Great read, I highly recommend reading.

- Read them all5 star

The first in the series and not a not a let down!! Thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. 😍

- The Wrong Kind of Love5 star

Total thumbs up. It runs the whole gamet of emotions. One you don’t want to put down.

- Good read5 star

Nicely written with well-developed characters. I especially like the way depression is handled in this story. Gives the reader insight into a very complex subject without becoming maudlin. Nicely done, Lexi.

- Wrong kind of love5 star

Great read lots of angst, heartbreak and love. Lots of hot scenes! A very enjoyable book stayed up all night to finish!

- Beautiful story. Beautifully Written.5 star

Sighs* I read a review online that said “the worst part about this book is that it ended” and sadly, I have to say I agree. What a beautiful story. Mrs. Ryan, thank you for writing a book that is real about depression. Thank you for addressing the elephant in the room in a way that was delicate, moving, and necessary. I’m not sure what I expected when I started reading but what I got was definitely more, definitely much, much better. I read one chapter without reading the summary first because I wanted to get a feel of the book before I committed to it. Needless to say after the first few pages I was hooked. The author’s writing style was refreshing. The story was rich. The characters were real. If you’ve read romance before then you’ve seen lovers held back by their own insecurities but the specificity of the issues that Nic and Ethan dealt with brought them to life. It made them so human. Then there is the fact that in a literary world where the lines around this genre can get fuzzy, this book is a real romance. It is about love. Plain and simple. Well done. Will definitely be reading from this author again.

- I LOVE IT !!!5 star

The story is amazing. I totally recommend this one 💗

- Special5 star

I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down! I’m glad there was that little excerpt where Ethan and Nic got their forever happiness because if it would’ve ended like I thought it was going to, I’d have been so upset! But I loved it all.

- The wrong kind of love5 star

The worst part about this book is that it ended. Such a good book. I’d love to read more and nic, Ethan and Lilly 💕

- The wrong kind of love5 star

By Lexi ryan Omg this book will blow your mind I wanted to cry so hard and then laugh but through most of it was awe! iBooks

- The Wrong kind of love5 star

Loved this book and it had it all.

- The Wrong Kind of Love4 star

First time reading this author. I liked the story and the characters, I do wish women writers would use the F word less. But it seems the thing these days.

- LOVE, Love, love5 star

This is a sweet and easy flowing story. There is a strong theme of passion for life, love and family. I love all the characters and the story line leaves you with a smile at the end.....

- Amazing5 star

I loved it.

- Wrong Kinda Love5 star

Please write a second to the Wrong kinda love. I’d love to see what come next with Ethan and niki

- The Wrong Kind of Love5 star

It was absolutely amazing! Ethan and Nic’s story start out as two people who have been missing something from their lives. Nic is a pleaser and a fixer. I’m so glad that she grew a backbone and stood up for herself. Ethan is in a place where he is yet to move on. Together they find each other and what has been missing in both their lives. The Jacksons are a fun and close family. I enjoyed all of their characters! It was just the right amount of steamy scenes! I loved it and can’t wait to read the rest of the books!

- Love it!!5 star

I read this book in a weekend thats how good it is!!!

- MUST READ!5 star

I couldn’t put it down! I could feel the passion through the writing! It’s romantic and funny! Definitely recommend!

- 5 stars best book I have ever read5 star

I would give this a 100 if it would let me but sadly 5 is the highest star rating I can give. I absolutely love this book and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. I read the book in like a week and I never do that with books which goes to show how addicted to it I was. Absolutely phenomenal book!!!!

- I couldn't put it down!!!5 star

I fell in love with this book! I recommend to anyone who is looking for a new series because the next one is probably going to be as good as this one!!!

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- A Pleasure to Read This ‘Real’ Story5 star

Nicole is escaping the results of inadvertently finding out two big betrayals, on her wedding day re the fiancé that she chooses to walk away from, when she quickly picks up and moves to a different state. Drowning her sorrows for an evening is the first order of things with an encounter with a handsome manner and smile, growing the duo of Nic and Ethan from there and setting the stage for the awkward and reluctant aspects of this romance. Naturally, there is a lot more to the story, that you will find entices you to keep reading, wanting to find out how these characters resolve their challenges and get together in the end. This story has a lot going for it. It held my attention, in large part certainly, because the characters seemed realistically described for the most part, and certainly more complexly portrayed than in the average romance novel. It is easier to relate to them, which makes the story richer. I look forward to reading the series! This one admittedly stands fine on its own, but future glimpses into how each Jackson sibling is faring will be fun too. Finally, I loved that the author made a note at the end of the book about including more than one main character’s experiencing depression. I had not given it thought as being out of the ordinary while reading the book, it was so realistically and well incorporated. But I do also appreciate Lexi Ryan’s influence with her note, on a broad spectrum of readers who will benefit from the learning available in her note, this time about managed (and unmanaged) mental health care, included due to depression playing a significant part in the story, and while also making her characters more multidimensional and real. Consciously incorporating elements in fictional writing that help remove the stigma of mental illness and treatment are normalizing. This is welcome, as it is ‘real life’ portrayal.

- fast paced, entertaining and heart breaking4 star

THE WRONG KIND OF LOVE is the first instalment in Lexi Ryan’s contemporary, adult THE BOYS OF JACKSON HARBOR erotic, romance series focusing on the Jackson siblings. This is thirty-three year old, single father Dr. Ethan Jackson, and twenty-four year old, nanny Nicole ‘Nic’ Maddox’s story line Told from dual first person perspectives (Nic and Ethan ) THE WRONG KIND OF LOVE follows Nicole Maddox in the wake of the wedding that never happened. Discovering, on the day of her wedding, that her fiancé knocked up her twin sister Veronica, Alabama born and bred Nicole Maddox heads to places unknown only to land in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her sister’s ID, and a job as a nanny to a widowed doctor. But an almost one-night stand finds our heroine face to face with her new employer, a man who isn’t happy about what might have been. What ensues is the tempestuous relationship and building romance between Nic and Ethan, and the potential fall-out as Nic keeps secret her true identity to help a woman who is struggling to move forward with her life. Nicole Maddox is struggling for some direction in life but with the loss of her fiancé, her future and potentially her twin sister, Nicole accepts the position as nanny to a six year old girl, a precious child who is unaware of the animosity between her father and our heroine. Dr. Ethan Jackson struggles with issues of trust including the betrayal by the woman with whom he was once in love. When his mother announces a bucket list vacation, our hero is desperate for child care and accepts his mother’s help in hiring the nanny with whom he will fall in love. The relationship between Nic and Ethan begins as an almost one-night stand but Ethan is quick to judgement when he discovers that his daughter’s new nanny is the woman he found drunk at his brother’s bar. Unable to look beyond the heart break and pain of Nicole’s shattered heart, Ethan places an end date of their personal and professional relationship. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and passionate but I take issue with the use of a certain four-letter word, regardless of the situation or context involved. There is a large ensemble cast of colorful secondary and supporting characters including Nicole’s sister Veronica; her ex-fiance Marcus; Nic and Veronica’s friend Teagan Chopra : Ethan’s daughter Lily; his sister Shay, and their brothers Jake, Levi, Brayden, Carter, their mother Kathleen Jackson and bartender Ava. Ethan’s brothers are easy going and fun. Ava and Jake’s story is next. THE WRONG KIND OF LOVE is a story of family, friendship, betrayal and love that introduces the Jackson family of Jackson Harbor, Michigan. The premise is fast paced, entertaining and heart breaking; the characters are energetic and charismatic; the romance is seductive and hot.

- Brilliant5 star

Fantastic book 😍

- Great read5 star

To find love after tragedy. Mental health effects so many of us, It was touched on with compassion.

- He Wrong Kind of Love5 star

Omg fantastic 😊😊👍🏻👍🏻

- The wrong kind of love5 star

Just keeps getting better each book she writes .

- 4 stars4 star

I really enjoyed this book. Felt for Nic and how her Twin treated her. Love the Jackson Boys. Can’t wait for the rest of this series. Thanks.

- Lovely story, enjoyed tremendously5 star

Read in 1 day

- Review5 star

Absolutely loved this book, could not put it down!

- Red hot 🔥 and highly addictive5 star

I absolutely loved this book definitely will purchase the series one of my absolute favourite authors x

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@njhsheartbreak: if i see ONE more person disrespecting F imma throw hands. he did nothing to deserve that kind of hate. and what the he…

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@njhsheartbreak: if i see ONE more person disrespecting F imma throw hands. he did nothing to deserve that kind of hate. and what the he…

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if i see ONE more person disrespecting F imma throw hands. he did nothing to deserve that kind of hate. and what th…

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