Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens Book Summary

More than 6 million copies sold
A Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick
A Business Insider Defining Book of the Decade 

"I can't even express how much I love this book! I didn't want this story to end!"--Reese Witherspoon

"Painfully beautiful."--The New York Times Book Review

For years, rumors of the "Marsh Girl" have haunted Barkley Cove, a quiet town on the North Carolina coast. So in late 1969, when handsome Chase Andrews is found dead, the locals immediately suspect Kya Clark, the so-called Marsh Girl. But Kya is not what they say. Sensitive and intelligent, she has survived for years alone in the marsh that she calls home, finding friends in the gulls and lessons in the sand. Then the time comes when she yearns to be touched and loved. When two young men from town become intrigued by her wild beauty, Kya opens herself to a new life--until the unthinkable happens.

Where the Crawdads Sing is at once an exquisite ode to the natural world, a heartbreaking coming-of-age story, and a surprising tale of possible murder. Owens reminds us that we are forever shaped by the children we once were, and that we are all subject to the beautiful and violent secrets that nature keeps.

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Where the Crawdads Sing (Delia Owens) Book Reviews

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- Shooooketh.5 star

I am still in awe of this amazing, intricately written book. I could not put it down. A book about first loves, abandonment, rejection, a coming of age story of survival and perseverance...not to mention an edge of your seat who-dun-it courtroom drama! The author’s imagery and of the marsh and emotions, intertwined, will have you turning the page to “feel” a little more.

- Overhyped3 star

Very pleasant book and it was nice to read to wind down my day. But I can’t say I understand the hype around it. The story is average and at times drawn out. The prose is well-written but I wasn’t blown away. At the end of the day, I enjoyed reading the story and I can certainly see the author’s talent but I can’t say it’s a remarkably memorable novel or anywhere near my top picks.

- All time great read!!!5 star

Fall in love with Kya and her beloved marsh. See the world thru the eyes of an abandoned 6 year old whose only friends are the sea gulls she feeds. Experience her isolation as she grows up with no contact until she starts attracting the attention of local boys and the trouble it brings. This book will draw you right in until you can’t put it down!

- An excellent read5 star

Loved this book. Highly recommend!

- Amazing5 star

Lovely story. Highly recommend.

- Amazing5 star

Loved it!

- Amazing!!!5 star

Loved this book!! Could not put it down! I read it in an afternoon!

- There is a reason it’s been #1 for so long.5 star

I read the description of the book repeatedly, read the “sample” many times, but I just wasn’t interested. I decided to try and go beyond the sample because there HAD to be a reason it has been a bestseller for so long. I am so glad I did. This book was great! Very well written, and made you want to keep reading!

- Not bad, not great3 star

It's a readable novel, but not something I'd want to keep and read again. I have no idea why this book is still in hard cover and has so many great reviews. The story was good, but unrealistic. There are many better books out there.

- Well written and such a good story5 star

The book started off slow and I almost gave up on it but I’m glad I didn’t, it was well worth the read. The writing is excellent and the story is well told and emotional. I’m sad to be done with this book.

- Implausible plot2 star

The fine writing about nature is marred by an implausible plot. The ending also seems rushed and abrupt. There are better books out there.

- Loved it.5 star

Excellent story. I felt like I knew the characters.

- Read me5 star

Surprising read. Loved getting pulled in. Just when I was thinking of putting it down, I couldn’t. Wow.

- Touching5 star

Cried on a plane while reading this goddamn book. Highly recommend 10/10!

- Blown away5 star

This is the quickest I have ever read a novel. There’s never a dull moment. The way the plot messed with my emotions too made it ten times better. The author had us crying with Kya and for her as well. I’m recommending this book to everyone I know.

- Really good. Not quite great.4 star

Very well written. Started off slowwwww but I eventually couldn’t put it down. Wish there were more about Kya’s life as she aged.

- absolutely stunning5 star

an amazing, stunning book that entranced me from start to finish.

- 10/105 star

It was a slower start, but I was quickly hooked!

- Amazing5 star

Captivating from the first to the last page!


I don’t get how this book is a best-seller when author is controversially tied up in a murder mystery. Treatment of race in this book is also lousy and OFF. Stop buying this, go for The Vanishing Half or anything by Octavia Butler.

- Loved5 star

Absolutely recommend! There is loss, love and so much triumph. I don’t often reread books but I will definitely come back and read this again.

- Wonderyll5 star

This is an amazing book with lots of plot twists, lots of morals, and lots of fun!

- ❤️5 star


- LOVE this book!5 star

I love this book! The beginning was a little hard to get into... but I ended up not being able to put it down!!

- Wow.5 star

This was probably one of the best books I’ve ever read. The writer did such an amazing job describing the surroundings. It definitely lived up to the hype.

- Where The Crawdads Sing5 star

Loved this book! I didn’t want it to end

- Nothing compares5 star

The best book I’ve ever read. Captivating, riveting, everything you could ask for in a book.

- Beautiful written story5 star

This is beautiful written story, the nature description were amazing and of course I loved Kya’s story! I cried and laughed, I didn’t wanted to end. I highly recommend this book 👌.

- The Crawdad’s sang loud!5 star

Could not put it down. A book so interesting, you’ll lose sleep over it.

- Loved it!5 star

I read it in just a few days. A great read that keeps you captivated in the amazing story line and the great details. Definitely recommend!

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- Wow!5 star

I have never been a reader but I decided I wanted to become one as I do really enjoy reading! I follow this girl on Instagram that claimed this book was one of her now favourites out of tons of books she’s already read so I decided this would be my first book to start my reading journey! I was not disappointed this book is absolutely amazing and only took me 6 days to read I could not put it down! I love Kya’s character and could not imagine having to live the life she did and be nearly as happy and successful as she became! This book is a love story, true crime, and nature loving book all in one and could not have been written any better I would recommend this book to anyone who has every though of reading it! 10/10 🥰

- Amazing5 star

This book is amazing. I 100% recommended.

- Where the Crawdads Sing3 star

Captivating tale of a relationship with the earth and man told thru the eyes of an author with science creds. and a gift for writing. The descriptive passages and imagery soar and take you into the heart of the marshlands with characters that are alive and rich .

- Heart wrenchingly beautiful5 star

The author does an incredible job of painting the most gorgeous picture of the marsh lands and sea. This book made me gasp, cry, smile. Amazing.

- The best!5 star

Loved this book! A must read for everyone, reaches every emotion!

- Perfect5 star

I don’t know anyone who didn’t love this book. Perfect. Can’t wait to read it again in a year or so.

- Where the Crawdads Sing5 star

I can’t say enough great things about this book. Unreal imagery and characterization. Simply amazing on all fronts.

- Wonderful5 star

A beautifully written, imaginative story that’s never boring.

- Where the Crawdads Sing5 star

powerful amazing book. Look forward to more

- Amazing story, amazing read!5 star

I totally fell in love with this book, with the characters, and storyline! I could not put it down. You know it’s a great book when you think of the characters when you’re not even reading the book. I have already recommended this book to several people. Would make a great movie!!

- Ca va5 star

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- 5 stars!!5 star

Amazing book! Would recommend 100 times over.

- Where the Crawdads Sing5 star

Spectacular read! Fell in love with the main character, and could've been right there with her the way this was written. Hoping for this author to write more books

- Where the Crawdads Sing5 star

Starts slowly. However last two-thirds are excellent.

- From the spirit5 star

Ms Owens writes in an easy style that exposes her spirit. The story is more intriguing than it is exciting. It speaks to life in the purest. I completed the read in three days and now feel like I have lost a good friend.

- Suspenseful!5 star

What a great book! Was a little slow to start but it picked up pace and by the end I could not put it down! The story is enthralling and descriptive and had a fantastic ending.

- Where the crawdads sing5 star

Magic but the last few pages were thrown together

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- Amazing!5 star

This book is perfect. The story leaves you wanting more every time you take a break and the emotions you feel while reading it are wonderful. I actually cried. Would recommend to everyone. Literally.

- Just meh3 star

Ok quick fluff read. I regret spending $15 for it. Certainly not the best book I ever read.

- Truly Amazing, A Must Read!5 star

Such a great piece of work. A story that starts outgentle and captures you as you continue to read it. The details are so perfect that you can really feel like your part of the story. This will definitely be added to my favorite books list. Truly inspirational!!!

- Beautifully written!5 star

This novel had my attention from the beginning. A heart tugging story that I fell deeper and deeper into. Kya is an amazing and complex character that you cheer for and cry for. The end is exactly as it should be......

- Some slow parts3 star

The book is well-written and written in such a way that you really become tied to the main character, Kya. You become personally invested in seeing the best in and and wanting the best for her. Some of it was a little slow but in all a great read. Partial Spoiler- the court proceedings were very amazingly written and so vivid you felt you were in court with them.

- Where The Crawdads Sing5 star

Loved it!

- You Gotta read this book!!5 star

Awesome Book!! I couldn’t put it down and I didn’t want it to end!! A must read!

- Captivating, moving, brilliant5 star

Couldn’t bring myself to put the book down. It’s a must read, no doubt about it!

- Amazing5 star

it really is the best book I’ve ever read. I always get really invested in my characters and the story. But this... was on. Another. Level. I have never been so immersed. It had me celebrating in relief, longing for one outcome, literally ugly crying from bitter sweetness, and then speechless and jaw-on-the-ground shocked, and then meditating what the meaning of it all really is. It’s a thinker and an emotional rollercoaster. This book will have me reflecting for days after. Truly beautiful.

- Painfully Beautiful5 star

This book is not suspenseful. You may not be shocked or blown away, but if you’ve ever had hardships with family or others, or been painfully judged, then you will connect to this story. It’s not a fast-paced story but I think the author wants the reader to feel what Kya feels. It’s tough to read the mounting hardships she faces but it’s really a beautiful story. I agree with some reviews that some parts could have been written a but better but it gets across. Some reviews said the story is not believable but isn’t that why we read stories? To use our imagination? Most movies we watch aren’t believable stories. I was very moved by this story. I felt I could relate to Kya in a small way. I love nature and I love how that was a big part of the story. It’s definitely worth a read for a person who is imaginative and open to letting the story tell itself instead of having in your head what it should be.

- Okay3 star

I thought this book was okay. After hearing what a must read it was, I was disappointed with how lack luster it was. I felt parts of the story were rushed and that the author could have done more to expand some of the plot lines. All in all, an okay book, but not what I had expected.

- Amazing read!5 star

It took me a bit to get used to reading the southern dialogue, but after a few chapters I could not put this book down!

- Love5 star

This book started a little slow, but ended up being a gripping novel!! I wish this author had more fiction books!!!!!

- It will be hard to find a book that can follow this!5 star

Best book I have read in years!

- Loved5 star

Great read! It kept you reading. You won’t believe the ending!

- Soul Needs5 star

The details of how far removed and yet so close to true nature is astounding. Read to feel connected and home. ❤️

- Awe inspiring.5 star

An amazing read from start to finish. Owens captures the essence of a young girl abandoned to survive on her own in the marsh. Each page draws you further into the storyline, never wanting it to end. A truly incredible novel!!

- Where The Crawdads Sing5 star

Delicious. I ate it up.

- Loved this book5 star

One of my favorite books!

- WOW5 star

Without a doubt one of the best books I've ever read. Incredibly well written and a roller coaster ride every step of the way. Would recommend this book to everyone I know. LOVE LOVE LOVE

- Obsessed5 star

I POURED through this book and did not take my nose out of it until I finished it 4 days later. My only complaint was that it ended too soon. I did feel that the ending was rushed and slightly underwhelming, but that did not affect my love for the story or its characters. Kudos to the author for the ability to submerge her reader into another world—so much so that it takes days to reach the surface even after reading.

- Wonderful!5 star

One of the best books I have ever read! Could not wait to get into bed just so I could have the quiet time I needed to fully delve into the “marsh”.

- A beautiful read5 star

I could not put this book down! I smiled, I cried, I felt this story in my soul in so many different ways. Highly recommend.

- Amazing5 star

I felt as if Kya could be living in the swamps of Louisiana or the Mississippi Delta. Honestly the best book I’ve read in a long time.

- Should have been a non fiction book about Marshes3 star

I don’t understand the five star review at all. It was a cute book, I’d recommend it sure, but I don’t get how some ppl said it was the best book they’ve ever read. Have they read books before this one ??! The title should have been The Marsh Book. I learned more about marshes then I did about the characters. The dialogues between characters were boring and could have used a lot more depth. The story’s ending was predictable, Delia needed to give Kya’s character more hope and life beyond the Marsh to make the ending better and more believable.

- Captured5 star

Well written book with many unique flairs. An excellent book that will carry you away. Guaranteed to be pretty difficult to peel away until the end. Imagery at its best. This will definitely get to theaters. It’s just a matter of time. Excellent! DHambone

- Starts slow, ends fast5 star

I’m not even sure I remember why I picked this book up. I read the first 50 pages and put it back on the shelf for a year. When I picked it up I finished the rest of it in one day it was a roller coaster I loved it! It may have helped the main character and I share a name ;)


This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s one of those books that you just can’t put down because you need to know what happens. If you’re hesitant to read this, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO!!!! You will not regret it!! I’ve told countless amounts of people to read this and everyone has loved it... read this if you get the chance!!!!!!!

- Where the Crawdad's Sing5 star

I very seldom give a book a GREAT review. But, this book swept me up, I was there!

- Just enough4 star

Just enough to keep you reading but not enthralling. The end was the best.

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5 star

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@Amayaacharlize Where the crawdads sing Educated My Dear Ellie

5 star

Anyone looking for a decent read might enjoy Where The Crawdads Sing. One of the best books I’ve read.

5 star

@FrankBothwell @LJRossAuthor Will try this one - Northumberland is such a magnificent part of the world. I finished…

5 star

@ggianne_ I just found out ab Where the Crawdads Sing but also Circe is being made into an HBO limited series and I…

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@emmccatt Where the crawdads sing ❤️

5 star

@AmyCaudill10: Amy Caudill’s Reviews : Where the Crawdads Sing

5 star

@mPaulWeaver Educated Where the crawdads sing Flat share My Dear Ellie (this is mine)

5 star

@emmccatt This is my kind of thread! Bookmarked. I know others have already mentioned it but I’d go for Where the crawdads sing too. 👍🏻

5 star

5 of 5 stars to Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

5 star

@DennisNgango Early this year. Where the crawdads sing.

5 star

On page 50 of 384 of Where the Crawdads Sing, by Delia Owens

5 star

夏の課題図書 Where the crawdads sing 第3週目 153p/370p お盆休みに本気出す。

5 star

@squash60 @MicheleSeren So glad you liked it. We're lucky enough to have read 2 absolutely outstanding books this y…

5 star

Je te recommande « where the crawdads sing » de Delia Owens. L’histoire raconte les gens qui y vivent clandestineme…

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