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Marks On My Skin

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 6233081921327321714
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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4.5 star
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Marks On My Skin Book Summary

Kieran Donovan has always been a doormat to the women in his life. Begging his wife not to leave after finding her in bed with not one—but five men—only provides further proof of that.

In need of an escape from an empty house and a broken heart, Kieran heads to Midtown to see his estranged brother, Liam. There he meets Shayne Wickham, Liam’s best friend. Shayne’s dark and sexy with a wild streak a mile long and a sexual appetite for things Kieran’s never even dreamed of doing. But after an intense, and all too brief encounter, he’s more than willing to learn. Despite the usual safeguards Shayne keeps around herself and her own wounded heart, she finds herself more than willing to show him the ropes…and the floggers…and the paddles.

Kieran’s never seen himself as dominant in any aspect of his life. But when Shayne submits herself to him, it ignites an inner strength and hunger he never knew he had—and feelings Shayne didn’t know she could have. So used to keeping others at an arm’s length, the ease with which she finds herself trusting Kieran is both exciting and unsettling. Could Kieran be someone she could finally trust her heart to—or will he leave her scarred like everyone else?

Just another mark on her skin.

This is the first book in the Love & Ink Series by J.A. Howell.

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Marks On My Skin Book Comments

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Marks On My Skin - J.A. Howell Book Reviews

  • Marks on My Skin, Love & Ink ("@9&(.24?&')

    Great characters. It was a nice change to see a guy become a Dom, rather than a girl become a Sub. And at least it wasn’t another billionaire obsessed with a waitress story!
  • Love and Ink, Marks on my skin (Crimedog1)

    This was a great book to read, lots of sizzle and fun characters.
  • Love love love (richelle524)

    There’s both better than love overcoming fear!
  • Marks on my Skin (RevStel16)

    I just finished reading the first book and it’s sexy and totally capture your attention! I can’t wait to finish the entire series!!
  • Couldn’t stop reading (RorySun)

    Pulls you in. Great read!
  • Found a new author to read (reptle517)

    Real good story. All the characters are people I would love to be friends with and get to know better. Can't wait to read the rest of the series.
  • Couldn't stop reading (Kiaevette)

    I could not stop reading this once I started. Kieran coming into his dominance was so sexy. I liked that he didn't let whatever jealous feelings hinder his growth of becoming the Dom that Shayne needed. This book had a bit of drama, angst and comedy mixed with a good amount of well described sex scenes that had me wanting to be in Shayne's spot. All in all it was a great read that had me wanting more.
  • Awesome (Bwright1419)

    This book had me on the edge of my seat, it was amazing. The characters were well thought out and engaging. Very steamy !

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