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The Depths

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The Depths Book Summary

After trailing spouse Marah Lenaerts suffers her third miscarriage in as many years, her husband Eden surprises her with a vacation to Malaysia, hoping it will lift her spirits. And it does, as they enjoy trading the bustle of their Shanghai life behind for the idyllic tropical paradise. But while on a diving excursion, they’re taken hostage by a group of terrorists, who take them to a remote island and hold them there for ransom. The longer that time drags on, though, the more doubts Marah begins to have about their captors’ true motivations.

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The Depths - Kirk Kjeldsen Book Reviews

  • Boring (cjcj jcjcjc)

    Boring, too short, only got good at the end and then left it unfinished.
  • Perfect for adult story time. (tecozauthla)

    This book was amazing. I truly could not put it down. Definitely a must read.

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