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Dangerously Taken

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 5477302561349557491
  • Book Genre: Suspense
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Dangerously Taken Book Summary

The mission: Rescue an executive translator being held hostage in Iraq without falling in love.

Erin Lopez never thought her life would be more dangerous as a civilian. She hoped she'd put her days dodging bullets behind her. Now, her only salvation is in the arms of a slow-talking man who makes her heart remember what it's like to love again.

Retired Army Ranger Riley Smith knows what it's like to fight the past every time he closes his eyes. Erin's dark, haunted eyes only tell a fraction of her story, and when she reaches for comfort, he can't tell her no. She makes this broken man want to be whole again.

The closer Erin and Riley get to the truth behind Erin's kidnapping the more dangerous their path becomes. Someone wants Erin silenced at any price. Riley can’t let that happen, but keeping her alive means facing that their no strings attached arrangement is a lie.

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Dangerously Taken - Sidney Bristol Book Reviews

  • Dangerously taken (yellville)

    Lots of action and exciting romance between adventurers in the Middle East. The individuals’ lives are about being wary to survive. Can they learn to trust?

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