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The Baby Daddy Contract

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 10397293341352251126
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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The Baby Daddy Contract Book Summary

A contract. A baby. It was supposed to be as simple as that.

Ryan Gold always gets what he wants. And what he wants is a sibling for his son after his wife’s untimely death. The last thing that Ryan’s looking for is a relationship, especially with someone who isn’t remotely interested in him or in raising this baby. But there’s something about Lexi…she ignites a fire inside of him, one that’s not easy to put out. 

It has always been Lexi’s dream to go to college. But in her family, a Bachelor’s degree is a pipe dream. And then Ryan came along with his offer. It’s unusual, yes. But the money would make all of her dreams come true and give her a real shot at making something of herself. Besides, what could go wrong?

This is the first book in The Baby Daddy Contract Series by Charlotte Byrd.

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The Baby Daddy Contract Book Comments

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The Baby Daddy Contract - Charlotte Byrd Book Reviews

  • The Baby Daddy Contract (Spideweb4)

    This has started out to be an interesting story line. How an eighteen year old who wanted to go to college, with no funds, finds herself give the option to be a surrogate. I can’t wait to read rest of this to see how it turns out.
  • Baby Daddy Contract (madukes963)

    Entertaining. Exciting. Page after page of eye boggling interesting plots and a few twists. A must read. I can't to read the other books👍🏼😀
  • The baby daddy contract by Charlotte Byrd downloaded from iBooks (May18july19)

    Wow she’s young want to see if she agrees to have his baby . Got my interest about baby!!!
  • Absolutely Amazing (Magantha)

    I love how this book has captured my full attention only in the first 60 pages. The author seems really proficient with the literary choices. I love how everything is coming together and I am hanging on the edge of my seat wanting more. I know without doubt I’ll end of purchasing this entire series from this author. Great book!!!
  • The baby daddy contract (kuruizaki)

    It’s nerve wracking, you just want to continue nonstop to see what happens next. The best baby romance book I’ve read so far.
  • The Baby Daddy Contract (starrmeup18)

    Author: Charlotte Byrd iTunes I couldn't put this book down! Loved this book! Can't wait for read the rest of the series!
  • The baby daddy contract (Cooltricks85)

    I got hooked can't wait to read the rest of the books
  • The Baby Daddy Contract (laney308)

    Very consuming! Love it!
  • Intriguing (LauLeo10)

    From reading the first book I’m intrigued to see what happens next. It left me hanging off a cliff. Can’t wait to keep reading 👍🏼
  • 😳😳 (cutieangel8815)

    What to do when a hot DILF asks you to have his baby? I know what I would do but I can't wait to see what Lexi will do!

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