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Hate Me

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 10479120111352732156
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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4.5 star
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Hate Me Book Summary


I am a whore. A slave. A possession. I accepted my fate long ago, but fate is not done with me yet. Freedom is so close I can almost taste it, only to have it snatched away under the guise of protection. A gilded cage is still a cage.  Friend or foe? Saviour or oppressor? Rafael D'Cruze is a bad man. I hate him, so why do I feel safe with him? 


She's a favour. Collateral. A pretty slave. I have no interest in her beyond keeping her alive for the man who now owns her. And yet…I'm fascinated by the little Russian. There is no room for weakness in my world, but it appears the delicate rose has steel petals. I'm willing to bleed for a willing touch, a trusting glance… 

A broken little bird. The big bad wolf. A longing that could heal or destroy. 

Hate me or hold me? 

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Hate Me Book Comments

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Hate Me - LP Lovell Book Reviews

  • Cliffhanger! (Legal Regal)

    I had no idea this was going to end in a cliffhanger! Dang!
  • ❤️❤️ (Lollypopcentral)

    Absolutely love this
  • Appalling (Great super duper book!!!)

    I was disgusted by the summary. The book was even worse than the summary somehow.

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