Legally Yours

Legally Yours by Nicole French Book Summary

Enemies turn to lovers in this bad boy billionaire romance with a twist.

I had a plan. 

Finish law school. Start a job. Stay away from men like Brandon Sterling. Cocky, overbearing, and richer than the Earth, he thinks the world belongs to him, and that includes me.

Yeah, no. Think again.

It doesn't matter that his blue eyes look straight into my soul, or that his touch melts my icy reserve. It doesn't even matter that past all that swagger, there's a beautiful, damaged man who has so much to offer beyond private planes and jewelry boxes.

But I had a plan: no falling in love. 

I just have to convince myself.

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Legally Yours (Nicole French) Book Reviews

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- Legally yours5 star

Wish the other books were available on iBooks. Would really love to finish them and see what happens

- Bummed..5 star

Read book 1 of this trilogy but when I went to purchase book 2 on iBooks found its only downloaded version is on Kindle.. I’m TOTALLY BUMMED OUT!

- Legally Yours4 star

Interesting situation but did leave you hanging, book 1 of 3.

- Legally Yours4 star

I absolutely love Brandon! I wish men like him existed and if they do, I would love to have someone like him in my life! Skylar is a whiny, selfish child that gets on my nerves. She cries about honesty but won’t ask him about it to hear his side or what is actually going on! She’s so money is bad and evil and I’m too good to accept his gifts. She’s so judgmental and makes him feel awful when he is just trying to let her know what she means to him. I had every intention of reading the entire series but when I read reviews on the next book, I decided not to. I don’t like the decision she makes without letting him know. She a pompous, holier than thou witch that wallows in self pity all the time. If Brandon was smart-he would have dumped her! He deserved a better woman to fall in love with. She’s just a constant “Debbie downer”. His life was tough growing up too but she’s just too much. He can’t win with her no matter how hard he tries. She deserves to be alone!

- Loved the story5 star

This is such a sad and sweet story. I can’t wait to see how it all ends.

- Very unsatisfactory1 star

Horrible cliffhanger at the end—there is nothing worse than an unsatisfying ending. The other two books aren’t even on apple, and the story was too long to have ended it that way. It would have been better to end the story earlier, since the progression only turned the story sour. I wish I hadn’t read it in the first place. SPOILER AND FURTHER REVIEW BELOW I find that ending the book with a pregnancy and/or making the pregnancy a reason for the couple to get back together is a poor choice in plot. It’s a very amateur move, and it’s disappointing when an author with such skill uses such an excuse to finish up their work.

- Legally yours5 star

Excellent read

- Great book except the second3 star

I loved this book all the ups and down. It was interesting and I loved it. I was so excited about the second book and I tried sample on amazon and I was not happy I couldn’t even finsih the sample. The women has an abortion without even the father knowing about his past . It just made me so mad I couldn’t finish it. There was no serious reason where she had to get an abortion. So I didn’t read the second :(

- If you are pro life do not start this series2 star

I fell in love with the characters and was excited to start the second book. At the start of the second book the first thing the main character (Skylar) does is have an abortion and without even telling the father (Brandon). I stopped reading the second book after that. I’m very disappointed.

- Legally Yours3 star

Enjoyed the book. Ness an update for errors but over a good book. Annoyed that the second and third book are not offered in this app. Why offer it? I will download from Amazon. Will continue to purchase from Amazon.

- 👍🏽5 star

👌🏾 captivating

- Legally yours4 star

Interesting read. Enjoyed it. Took me back to my teenage years.

- Great reads4 star

This is the second book from this author that I’ve gotten sucked into and can not continue because they aren’t available for iBooks.. why have the first ones here at all You will love the book but you won’t know what happens next

- Legally Yours5 star

This had me sucked in at the first page. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

- 2nd book5 star

I loved this book and I want to read the second book but I haven’t been able to find it. Does anyone know where I can find it?

- OMG!!!!5 star

Such a great read! I was captivated from page one!!! Can’t wait for the second book!

- Great book, want more5 star

I thought this was a great first chapter for a trilogy. Wish I could read the other 2 books in iBooks

- The other two books to the series5 star

Can you please publish the rest of the series here because I just can’t do it on amazon. I am so down to buy the series but not on amazon.

- Loved BUT4 star

Loved this book but super disappointed that I cant continue the series because books 2 and 3 aren’t available on ibooks!

- Legally Yours5 star

OMG! I loved this book! What a roller coaster ride! I didn’t want to stop reading it, but at times I needed to step away and breathe. Exciting, emotional, happy, sad, funny. I didn’t realize it was part of a trilogy. I guess I have to get the next part, because being left hanging here will never do.

- Loved it!4 star

Loved the book! Very disappointed to find that you cannot purchase the 2nd or 3rd book in iTunes. Very frustrated

- Legally Yours5 star

This book is a great read. I was drawn to it and couldn’t put it down. I went to the second book of this series right away. ❤️

- Must Read!5 star

Loved it! Can’t wait to read books 2 & 3. 🤗

- SO GOOD5 star

This was surprisingly good! It wasn’t as monotonous and receptive as some of the others out there, and made quips about other novels, which I liked. I wish the next one was released on iBooks instead of only kindle unlimited!

- Spit fire. Legally yours5 star

Please get the rest of the books on iBooks. Love this story and want to read the rest of i.

- Amazing!!!5 star

I couldn’t put the book down, I can not wait to see what happens!!!

- Legally Yours5 star

Lived it. Where can I get number 2?

- Awesome5 star

Disappointed that book 2 and 3 are not available.

- Forever yours5 star

I loved this book Skyler and Brandon story, sucked me in from the moment I opened it can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

- Long read for a cliff hanger4 star

Really enjoyed the book however I left that for a cliff hanger this book was far too in-depth. By the time I got to the end I couldn’t believe we weren’t going to have an ending.

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- Must read4 star

Great book. Loved the story. Very disappointed that we can’t purchase the remaining two books on iBook.

- Buy the next book to find ending3 star

Another one of those books that doesn't indicate you need to buy the next 2 books or so to find out what happens. So frustrating!

- Legally yours5 star

Loved reading this book!!! Wish i could get the second one right now but it won’t show up. Well written and a great story!

- Legally yours5 star

I loved this book. When will the next two books in this series be available in iTunes?

- Legally Yours5 star

I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to read what happens next:)

- Legally yours,4 star

Love the book, trying to find Legally Mine, only on Amazon , can’t find it for a iPad. Got the first book free on the iPad. Disappointed. An’t even download Amazon kindle on my iPad, so dissatisfied.

- Good reading5 star

I finished the book in 1 day.. disappointed that book 2 isn’t available in ibook!!

- Legally yours5 star

The entire trilogy is amazing!

- Legally yours5 star

Awesome read, compelling story with great hero and heroine!!!.

- Good Story4 star

Lost me a little in some parts, and not necessarily liking how the main character cannot seem to make up her mind, even though she is a smart girl. Wish the rest of the series was on iBooks!

- Loved it4 star

Great story. I just wish the rest of the series was on iBooks.

- Legally Yours book 15 star

After reading fifty shades I was not sure if this book would keep me engaged. I found myself having a hard time ignoring the book so I finished over 1 week with a busy family and working in the mix. I really wanted to know what happened and found myself talking to Skylar as if I could make move in the direction I wanted. Thank you Nicole for writing this. I look forward to reading the sequels. Considering I'm not a romantic novel reader this was enjoyable.

- But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you <35 star

Great read

- Legally yours4 star

Liked the book. Had a good storyline to it. Light reading. Kept me interested in the characters. Good job. Disappointed the rest of the books in series are not available through I books. If a free version is available the others should be as well.

- Mr.5 star

Can't wait for the next one

- No point reading1 star

Other books are not available so no point in even starting

- Great reading4 star

Couldn’t put it down, disappointed I cannot get the next books. Oh wait found them on kindle app why give us no 1 but not the rest. Unhappy

- Loved it but disappointed4 star

A great book to read, disappointed that the ending is a cliffhanger and unable to get the next 2 books through iBooks. If you’re going to offer one book, you need to have following books available. I don’t use kindle and don’t intend to.

- 4/54 star

Definitely recommend - I couldn’t put it down, but the rest of the series isn’t available on this app so unable to find out how it ends.

- Legally unavailable3 star

Great 1st book but it’s not available on iBooks for no 2 or 3. I don’t have kindle so I can’t finish the series. Please send to iBooks I’ll happily pay, and amend my review. Really disappointing.

- Legally yours5 star

I loved this book!!! I only wish the next two in the set where available in IBooks!!!


i thought this was a standalone then when i got to the end i realise its a triolgy. but then i check to get ready and download the next book and there is nothing on iBooks? WHY? please put it on ASAP!!!

- Why can't I buy the next one on iBooks?2 star

What's the point of putting one on here?

- Legally Yours5 star

Excellent, can’t wait for the next one !

- Legally yours5 star

I really loved this book its highs and lows.BK

- Counting the seconds till the 2nd books released5 star

The anticipation of what’s next keeps you going throughout the entire book. The fierce love Brandon has for Skylar is unmatched, I got so emotional reading their scenes because you can genuinely feel how much they care for one another yet struggle to get their points across. The way it ended slayed me in the only best way a great book can, a cliff hanger. If there’s any way you can get the book out earlier I promise I’ll be a devoted follower!

- Why?????5 star

Great book, couldn’t put it down.. why can we not get the other books for this series on iBooks???

- Legally yours4 star

I loved it. Why can’t I buy the next 2 through iBooks?

- Great5 star

Can’t wait for the next one.

- :)5 star

This was amazing :) where can I find the other books?

- Amazing! Can’t wait for next one5 star

Amazing! Can’t wait for next one

- Legally yours vol 14 star

Excellent. Can’t wait to read the next book. Well done.

- Monotonous.1 star

First few pages are ok but it’s downhill from there.

- Amazing5 star

Couldn’t take my eyes off it, truly amazing story line will defiantly be reading the rest of the series

- Gripping5 star

Just couldn’t put it down. What a lovely story can’t wait for the next one

- Not for me1 star

About 800 pages longer than it needed to be. Same plot as most other books and it was not clear at any point that this isn't stand alone and that the rest of the trilogy isn't even on iBooks. What's the point.

- Totally wrapped up in the story.5 star

Excellent writing. I could visualise the characters. Unless you read the 2nd and 3rd books who knows what’s going to happen so forget about the other negative review. I’m annoyed that those sequels aren’t on iBooks because now I have to dust off my kindle!

- Lovely book5 star

Really enjoyed reading this book.. a must read

- Annoyed3 star

Loved book one but really annoyed I can’t buy the rest of the trilogy on iTunes. Shouldn’t put any on iTunes if they’re not going to put the whole trilogy on! Feel like I’ve just wasted a day as I won’t buy from Amazon

- Legally yours5 star

Why can’t the next book be on iBooks??? Absolutely loved it but can’t buy book 2 unless it’s from amazon!!! Disappointed now.

- Poor read2 star

A near carbon copy of 50 shades of grey. No substance or depth to any of the characters. No twists or turns. A long story about her refusal to accept expensive items! 😂

- Really enjoyed it.5 star

I ended up reading the whole trilogy within 3 days. Lovely read.

- Legally yours5 star

Brilliant, couldn’t put it down, can’t wait for the next one!

- Real good4 star

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I’m just devastated I discovered it so early - now I have to wait what will feel like forever for the next book in the trilogy.

- Good book3 star

I loved the book until the next sneak bit I read where she had an abortion I didn’t think that was a great move so I won’t be reading anymore

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@penniemoney: @DavidHartley62 @BaDorfman When you adopt a child, the child is legally YOURS. You’re going to be treated by the governmen…

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@DavidHartley62 @BaDorfman When you adopt a child, the child is legally YOURS. You’re going to be treated by the go…

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LEGALLY YOURS, Book review of Book One in Spitfire Trilogy via @YouTube

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