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Midnight Rose

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Midnight Rose Book Summary

​A secret society. Vampires. Supernaturals. And love. It's my world, and I have to save it, but not from the monsters.

​Abigail Rose's life was as predictable as the tides rising and falling, until Wes Hunter returned to Sandpoint. Then, the impossible became possible, the predictable became unpredictable, and those monsters became more than friends.

​Wes would do anything to keep Abigail safe, and Abigail would leave everything behind to save everyone she loves. Here is the tale of a suspenseful romance, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.

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Midnight Rose Book Comments

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Midnight Rose - Dani Hart Book Reviews

  • Simple (annoying nat)

    The book started slow. I found myself almost wanting to put it down till about chapter 6. Then it became almost impossible to put down.
  • Wanted to like it (TT784)

    I had to force myself to finish reading it to see if it would have gotten better. The story was cute but it was entirely too drawn out . This should have been a one book read.
  • Excellent (Angeeee😳)

    A truly captivating story, you never want to put the book down.
  • Glad it was free (KellyG198)

    Lot of typos in this book. Lot of them. I don’t know this author, and maybe this is her first book, but she needs a better editor. ASAP. The story is a basically a mash up of Twlight, The Hunger Games & Divergent. Abby, as a main character, was very annoying to me. She lacked strength & backbone. For someone who is supposedly the Chosen One, she’s quite the pushover. Wes also irritated me and I found myself rooting for him to be written out of the story one way or another. Guess you could say that I’m Team Elijah. Bottom line: glad it was free, wouldn’t read it again.
  • This book is really good (Sirwillybon)

    I think that the athor thought this well and I think this is a ok book!

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