Richer Than Sin

Richer Than Sin by Meghan March Book Summary

From New York Times bestselling author Meghan March comes an epic saga of forbidden romance.

A Riscoff and a Gable can never live happily ever after. Our family feud is the stuff of legends.
Ten years ago, Whitney Gable caught me off guard with her long legs and grab-you-by-the-balls blue eyes.
I didn’t know or care what her name was.
Like any Riscoff worth the family name, I went after what I wanted. We burned like a flash fire until she married another man.
She hates me, and she should.
I objected on her wedding day.
Now she’s home, with those same long legs and man-eater stare, but there’s no ring on her finger.
They say a Riscoff and a Gable can never live happily ever after . . . but I’m not done with Whitney Gable.
I’ll never be done with her.


"Already at the very top of her game, Meghan March's Richer Than Sin doesn't just raise the bar on romanceit shatters the ceiling." ~T.M. Frazier, USA Today Bestselling Author


"OH MY GOD! The drama. The angst. The twists and turns. The sexy times. I. AM. MIND. BLOWN! This was ANOTHER LEVEL. And I'm coming undone after reading it. Guyssssss!!! THIS. THIS. THIS. What a freaking ride. Just wow. I can't catch my breath. Absolutely jaw-dropping." ~Angie, Angie's Dreamy Reads

"Richer Than Sin is everything I have come to expect from Meghan March's books, multiplied by ten!" ~Naughty Book Blog

"Meghan March delivers a captivating, fast-paced, full of drama and sexy story!" ~Read More Sleep Less Blog

"This is not our typical Meghan March book. It's Meghan March x 102836263. It's everything we want in her books but even more delicious...more action-packed...just MORE."  ~Goodreads Reviewer

“My favorite Meghan March book to date, Richer Than Sin is addictive, twisty and passionate.” ~Kamrun Nessa, HEA USA Today

"Richer Than Sin was everything... big, big emotions on every page with two characters that are going to hook in you deep right from the start with a story you won't soon forget.” ~Renee Entress's Blog  

Let’s talk about addicting reads for a hot second here. Because this book? This is a second chance romance meet Romeo and Juliet vibes. It’s sizzling hot. It’s deliciously angsty. It’s a page turner from beginning to a jaw dropping end.  ~Girly Girl Romance

Why can’t I give this 10 Stars? Lincoln and Whitney have stolen a piece of my heart! ~Carolina Chic's Read

Meghan March always excites and thrills. She kicks off a brand new trilogy that is sure to please romance readers. There’s a little bit of everything in this one. *Forbidden Love *Family Drama *Angst *Suspense. All that goodness wrapped up in a beautiful package. A seriously beautiful package! ~Book Twins Reviews

I was not disappointed!! I gotta hand it to her. She sure knows how to start a series with a BANG! ~The Book Bee

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Richer Than Sin (Meghan March) Book Reviews

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- Richer Than Sin2 star

I didn’t like this story at all. I especially didn’t like going back and forth with present and past.

- Richer then sin5 star

Great read

- Good but could be bettet4 star

I enjoyed a lot about this book but I will admit the way they feel for each other so quickly was a little over the top to me. Sexual attraction I understand but he was obsessed with having her forever immediately. Sorry, just went a little bit of lead up not an instant “I need her forever or life is never the same.”

- Wow!!5 star

Wow! I couldn’t put this book down!! Meghan March is one of my favorites. She really knows how to draw you in to the story! Lincoln and Whitney have this amazing connection from the first moment they laid eyes on each other. This story just breaks my heart. To see two people who obviously love each other go through hell because they can’t be together. If only their families lifetime rivalry wouldn’t be in the way of their happiness. It’s stories like this that I have to read in one sitting because I want to know what happens. I was so mad that of course it ended in a cliffhanger and now I have to wait to read more! I love both these characters and I cannot wait to get the next two books!!

- Sex= 100 points. The rest.... 50 points.3 star

I love Ms. March. One of my favorite authors. This book in particular isn’t cutting it for me. I understand leaving people hanging so they will buy the next book, but this? No. All of the skipping back and forth makes you forget the present, even when “present” is put in the fine print. The whole point was so drug out that I honestly wasn’t interested in the book, when I normally can’t put it down. Skipping back and forth into the past in the beginning a couple times will help you get a grip on the background story. I get it. But since nothing interesting happened in the “present” parts, I honestly wish it just told the whole story in the past. Maybe the next two books will clear this up. Hopefully. If not, I’m ready the Kara’s books next. Or re-reading “deal with the devil”. My first Meghan March book.

- Review1 star

This is a complete ripoff. Not worth the price to continue the series.

- Not what I expected?3 star

I’d like to say I loved or liked this book but I just cannot. TOTALLY not what I expected. I guess after being spoiled/loving the Anti-Heroes collection and the Dirty Billionaire trilogy, I had high expectations which just were not met. The constant back and forth with the past and the present and the viewpoints from both Whitney and Lincoln, I feel like I spent a lot of time retracing what had happened in the past and what was now going on. Whiplash to the nth degree. Then, the whining. OMG! It never ended. Both Whitney and Lincoln whined the whole book. She - I’ll never be good enough for you, I am a disaster. He - I am so rich, I can do anything I want but can’t have what I want. What about Lincoln’s current ‘girl friend’? They both mention her but she never makes an appearance other than the scene in passing with Cricket. Where is she during all the drama? I thought for sure she would be at the hospital. I love Meghan’s writing style. The cliff hanger is good. Neither of these are reasons to give Richer Than Sin more than three stars. And, I am feeling generous with the three stars. Hoping, fingers crossed, that Guilty as Sin is WAAAYYY better.

- Holy. Cow.5 star

What did I just read?! This book is full of relatable characters who been through some tough stuff. You also come to find out that two warring families have some secrets of their own. And Whitney and Lincoln only connected back together after a whirlwind romance when they were younger. The ending was 😱😱😱!!! But this is only book one! I can’t wait for the next installment.

- Heart pounding twists and turns5 star

The best book I’ve read all year!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next with Whitney and well written you will feel like you are living in Gable with them.

- Please can’th hunuujmu RTC Yue tbguMy mom mmood t5 star

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- Sin never read so good!5 star

I love this book; it is so good! It had me from the prologue! I loved the forbidden love between Whitney & Lincoln, & the world building Meghan does. My heart broke for Whitney, because of everything she went through & how it made her feel about herself. I loved Lincoln in all his swoony Alpha-ness that is going to fight for his woman! I was rooting for Whitney & Gable from the beginning. There are questions in which I need answers & a cliffhanger of an ending, so I can’t wait for the next book!

- 3.5 stars for a Romeo and Juliet style romance4 star

Would you like to read a naughty spin on Romeo and Juliet with second chance love and family secrets thrown in? If so, this is your book. It ends on a cliffhanger that I did not see coming at all. I am dying to know what happens next for Whitney and Lincoln. 3.5 stars.

- Just Sinful! 🔥5 star

Another fabulous read by Meghan March! Lincoln and Whitney what trilogy can’t wait for the next book!

- Queen of Cliffhangers4 star

The queen of cliffhangers is back with a whole new world to explore! Whitney and Lincoln were lovers who were meant to be, but between a family rivalry that should have been over long ago and their own young insecurity, they were driven apart. It's years later and they have a second chance only someone doesn't want them to take it. With a whole cast of secondary characters to choose from on either side in this family drama, Meghan March has upped her game in this new drama.

- OMG I absolutely love Lincoln and Whitney5 star

I loved this book. Meghan March has done it again and hooked me on her worlds. Lincoln and Whitney are amazing characters and I can't wait to read the rest of their story. I am a little upset I have to wait to get the next 2 stories in the trilogy but I will just have to read this book over and over again to get my fix until then. Thank you Meghan for yet another awesome book filled with wonderful characters and unpredictable stories. You always keep me guessing where you are taking you stories.

- Amazing story (with an amazing cliffy!!)5 star

Richer Than Sin (Sin Trilogy #1) is a forbidden romance. The town is named for Whitney’s family, but owned by Lincoln’s family. The feud between their families has been going on for generations. “Lincoln Riscoff had already turned me into an addict, and I was dangerously close to feeling things about him that I shouldn’t be feeling. He’d cast a spell on me” Lincoln hopes for a second chance when Whitney returns to town 10 years after she had slipped away married to another man. “I’m scared.” His arms wrapped around me, and he pressed me tightly enough against his strong body that I actually thought he could protect me from the world. “You don’t need to be scared, Blue. You have me.” I love a well done cliffhanger and boy oh boy this book has an amazing cliffy. The kind that makes you shout out and immediately start the countdown for book two!! -5 Stars!!-

- A Must Read!5 star

Richer Than Sin is another incredible start to a trilogy. Meghan knows how to write books that keep you on the edge of your seat, turning page after page, and always wishing there was more. Lincoln and Whitney are from two feuding families, both of them wanting the other, but knowing they can’t have what they want. When Whitney comes back to town after the loss of her husband, Lincoln is determined to have her for his own, but at what cost to him? Although there is a cliffhanger, it is so worth the wait for the next book.

- Sometimes your past comes back to remind you of all the mistakes you’ve made.4 star

Generations of family feuding work to keep Lincoln and Whitney apart, even though they feel an obvious pull to the other. These two head-strong adults have their work cut out for them. This is the first book of a trilogy.

- Richer Than Sin5 star

Why am I always surprise at the versatility that is Meghan March?! Her ability to move flawlessly from past to present to tell Whitney and Lincoln’s story without confusing the reader is amazing. Richer than Sin is like nothing she’s written. If forbidden love/second chance romance is your thing pick up this book. I seriously could not but it down and that ending. Ahh!!! I can’t wait for the next book.

- Loved it!!5 star

5 Stars Oh. My. Gosh. What did I just read?! That ending!!!Richer Than Sin by Meghan March is the first book in the Sin Trilogy and it was phenomenal!!! Secrets, family feuds that go back decades, and hot as hell chemistry, Richer Than Sin takes you on one hell of a ride. Whitney Gable and Lincoln Riscoff come from two completely different worlds. Lincoln is richer than sin, sexy as hell, and the heir to his family’s fortune. And Whitney...she is from the wrong side of the tracks, working as a maid to hopefully get herself out of Gable. After a one night stand, Whitney learns who Lincoln really is and all hell breaks loose. After finally escaping Gable, Whit lives the life of luxury-or so it seems. Now ten years later she comes back licking her wounds and Lincoln wants his second chance. But will it ever happen especially being that their families hate each other? Can all the hurt and pain be forgotten? I can’t even!!! This book was FIRE!!! It was so addicting I didn’t put it down until I was finished. It was written flawlessly and these characters packed a huge punch. Fast paced and action packed, Richer Than Sin kicks off this new series in a way where you are waiting with bated breath to get all the answers. Ms. March is the queen of cliffhangers and I cannot wait to get book 2!!!

- Another Great Series!4 star

Meghan March is one author that never disappoints, so I was excited to read her newest title. This had a Romeo & Juliet feel to it, which to be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about. The characters also seem pretty immature to me at this point. BUT I trust Meghan as an author and I have no doubt these characters will develop beautifully as the series continues. That being said, it is a nice, easy read. The world she has built has an old world mob feel to it....stereotypes and all. I can’t wait to see where she takes us!

- A++ book5 star

Who knew a modern day Hatfield and McCoy love story could be this good??? Another hit trilogy on the horizon for Meghan March. Can’t wait to read more about Whitney and Lincoln. Bring on book 2!

- I’m sold5 star

Well, this flipped my whole world on it’s head. First of all, the cover. Black. Gold. It screams classy. Definately on my list of favorite covers. Forbidden love, enemies to lovers, whatever you want to call it. I’m sold. I loved this book. A woven story, past/present, intertwined so well that it flows so effortlessly. At no point was I lost, or confused. You get the present, as well as the history. And holy swoon. Lincoln and his words. Enough to make my heart completely combust. So sweet, so reassuring, and dang it if I didn’t put my trust in him. I reccomend this book to anyone who loves forbidden enemies to lovers stories that’s ready for a wild, excellent Meghan March ride that leaves you just sated enough and still wanting more.

- Lincoln and Whitney’s beginning...4 star

4 stars for - Richer Than Sin - the first book in a new trilogy by Meghan March. A second chance romance with a whole lot of angst and the intense emotional connection these forbidden lovers have from the moment they first meet. With a very Hatfield and McCoy like drama between the two predominant families in the town of Gable it's the younger generation of this town who are the ones being forced to suffer. The Riscoff family proceeded to make money hand over fist in the timber industry and becoming the top company in the country cemented their wealth for the next few lifetimes. Commodore, the family patriarch, went about buying every single thing he possibly could within the town of Gable and branded it with the Riscoff name, all in an attempt to keep the feud between two families alive and well. The Gable family whom the town was named after proceeded to fall on hard times and struggled for years to make ends meet. After many instances of fighting and accusations between the patriarchs the hatred and loathing between families was brought to a explosive head with all the town picking sides. Lincoln Riscoff wasn't around to see all the petty drama unfold and only came home when summoned to do so by his grandfather, so meeting the goddess in the bar and spending the best night of his life with her was like an answer to his prayers except when he wakes up to hear her trying to sneak out. Whitney Gable never hooks up with random guys but the one time she does, it ends up being the most incredible sex she's ever had. While getting water the next morning she looks at a picture on the wall and realizes who the man in the other room is and how big of a mistake she actually made...and takes off before he can find out exactly who she is. I must admit the back and forth between past and present was a little aggravating at times but I can see why it needed to be done. Meghan never fails to bring the sexy and I have no doubt we are in for lots of spicy sex, intriguing mystery and all that angst too. I enjoyed the sexy, sinful start to this new series and can't wait to see what's in store for us in book two!

- Amazing!!!5 star

Sweet baby Jesus and all the Saints. This is not our typical Meghan March book. It's Meghan March x 102836263. It's everything we want in her books but even more delicious...more action packed...just MORE. This first installment of the trilogy will leave you reeling. It will leave you begging for more.....begging you for answers.....begging for the next book immediately. Meghan shows her incredible writing skills flawlessly with Richer Than Sin and I can't wait to devour more with Guilty as Sin.


Meghan March is at it again with another enthralling trilogy. Richer Than Sin is fueled by a family feud and filled with the perfect cast of characters. March delivers on her fresh and modern perspective. Her branded style of tension, lust, greed and angst has been turned up one hundred degrees and charging right towards us. This is a page-turner! Watch out for that cliffhanger, it’s a doozy! I look forward to so much more in this series. Well done Meghan March.

- Wow! She does it again!5 star

WOW. Meghan March blows it away yet again with a book filled with suspense, twists and turns and scorching heat! Richer than Sin was unlike anything she’s ever written. It’s one of those books that has you guessing what is going to happen from page to page and sitting at the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens. I absolutely loved Lincoln. He has to be my favorite hero of hers. He is 100% full alpha male filled with determination, persistence and not willing to give up on what he wants. And what he wants is, Whitney. A woman who is facing the consequences for decisions she’s made. I absolutely loved them together. Hello scorching chemistry and HEAT. This is a love story that was meant to be told and loved by readers. Highly highly recommend to anyone who loves twists and turns, a love worth fighting for and steaminess.

- Wowzers....4 star

Wow. That’s all I can say. Twists, turns, drama, angst, Love.... This book is filled with it! Meagan brought her A game!

- Loved it!!5 star

Oh. My. God.!! Meghan March did it again!! Her cliffhangers are the best!! Time and time again, she wrecks me with her brilliance! Richer Than Sin is sooo freaking good!! It's addicting, captivating, and straight up delicious. When a wedding objection is the very first line in the book, I know I'm hooked. I absolutely LOVED this book!! I especially love how Richer Than Sin is so different from Meghan's other works. It has a Romeo and Juliet vibe mixed in with a little Hatfields and Mccoys, some Dynasty and a little bit of Dallas too. It's filled with drama, secrets, forbidden love, and family feuds. I seriously could not get enough of this story! The characters are EVERYTHING! I think it is safe to say I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Lincoln Riscoff!! I am crazy for him!! Love, love, loved him. He's so sexy. He definitely knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it. When he sets his sights on Whitney Gable - who is amazing I'm her own right - look out, because their connection is explosive. The forbidden element of their hot!! I need more asap. Richer Than Sin is only the first book in the trilogy. I can't wait to have the next two books in my hands!! If you are looking for an entertaining, addictive, fast paced, read-in-one-sitting kind of book, then Richer Than Sin should be your next read.

- Sinfully Good5 star

Holy Hotness! Meghan March did it again. She grabbed and kept my attention from page one. The Riscoffs and the Gables are sworn enemies in the small town of Gable. The Riscoffs are very wealthy and the Gables are quite the opposite. Lincoln Riscoff and Whitney Gable fell in love when they were younger, but let other people mess things up for them. She ended up marrying a rocker and moved away. It’s been ten years and now she’s back. And she’s single. Lincoln still has strong feelings for her and wants another chance. Whitney isn’t so sure she should give him one. This book was SO good. I loved all aspects of it. Forbidden love, the feuding families, wealthy/working class, etc. The chemistry between Lincoln and Whitney was off the charts. There are a lot of twists and turns and a few mysteries in this story. It ends on a crazy cliff hanger leaving you wanting/needing more. I can’t wait to get my hand on the next book, I will definitely be recommending this fantastic story to all my reading buddies.

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- Soooo much passion!5 star

Well damnit! I should of freaking knew better then to let myself get sucked into another Meghan March book and not expect a mind blowing cliffhanger! This was a thrilling, sexy story that leaves you holding your breath for answers! We meet Lincoln and Whitney in this dazzling new world Meghan has created, filled with lies, secrets, hatred, forbidden romance and my favourite, a feud between families! Can’t wait to read book 2 and see what’s in store for these characters!

- A good read3 star

I did enjoy the fact that it alternated between past and present. Cliffhanger so you’ll need to purchase two further books to get the complete Lincoln and Whitney story

- Disappointing3 star

I didn’t like how the book flipped between past and present constantly. Finished the book but won’t be continuing the series.

- Book 14 star

Good story so far. I get a little annoyed by how a lot of the problems can be fixed if the characters just communicated. Sure, there are the stuff that can’t be fixed like family feud and stuff, but if they just talked and listened then they wouldn’t have to suffer through some of the misunderstandings. And I still can’t get over how someone can name their children Cricket and Karma, I mean, come on...

- Rarer than sin3 star

As usual MM has written a real cliffhanger but one that I can’t wait to continue. Great story.

- Richer Than Sin5 star

Another winner from Meghan really enjoyed this first book written with passion between the feuding families highly recommend to be on your too read list

- Richer than Sin5 star

A real page turner. Loved it, like all other books from Meghan. 👍👍👍👍👍😁

- Expect the unexpected4 star

Opposites attracts, enemies to lovers, Romeo and Juliet vibe. This story has you covered. The undeniable attraction and lust between Gable and Riscoff makes a great love story. The ridiculous family feud makes it difficult and both are torn apart from each other. I must say MM always writes great bestie Cricket is hilarious. Expect the unexpected.

- Richer than sin5 star

Great book

- 5* read but not £13.99 for the sequel, sorry5 star

As it says above.

- Argh!!!!5 star

Loved this book! But then I knew I would because Meghan never disappoints. Each book really does just outdo the last one. I don’t know how she does it. Need the next book now though!!!!

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- Loved it4 star

I love love love Meghan March. She is always a one click author for me. Whitney and Lincoln were well developed characters. Her side characters make you want to know them. Everything and everyone in the book drew you into their world. My only complaint is that Meghan needs to start releasing all of her series books on the same day because you NEED to know how things are going to end. Queen of the Alphas and cliffhangers. GREAT BOOK!

- Completely In Love With This Book!5 star

Hopelessly in love with this book! Riscoff, Gable....Gable, Riscoff!! Totally has an element of the Romeo and Juliet vibe but with so much more!!! Whitney, aka-Blue, is a Gable through and through. Her family name equals nothing but loss and it’s all because of the Riscoff family. The Riscoff family rules the world in the town of Gable-but what happens when a king takes notice of a servant? I’ll tell you what.............EVERYTHING! It’s a chance meeting, identities unknown, and a past and present that makes this story undeniably addictive. Blue is beautiful, smart and branded with the Gable name. She tries to escape, only to have her world turned upside down and then tossed right back into the town (and the man) that is completely forbidden and no matter how hard she tries to forget, unforgettable. Lincoln, is a Riscoff. He sees what he wants...and he gets it. When his sights are set on Blue, all hell breaks loose. The timing shouldn’t be the most awful and perfect moment written.... But it is!!!!! AND it makes this book what it is......PERFECTION!!! Completely in love with Lincoln and the man that he is in this story. Can totally relate with the struggles and torment that Blue has been and is going through. The right, the wrong, the need, the want. Ahhhhhh! You feel it all in every page and I couldn’t get enough! I would highly, HIGHLY recommend this book! This author just keeps on topping herself with a better read. Each. And. Every. Time! She has a magic about her that introduces me to characters that I fall in love with and think they are it for me...and then brings in another set that makes me fall harder. That said, I never forget those that came before them. A great quality in an author, right? Go get this book and have no fear, the wait for the other two aren’t far away. We’re talking mere weeks. Go get it!! You will not be disappointed!

- Love the start of this trilogy!4 star

This trilogy is off to a good start. I will admit, I had a harder time getting into this book than I have other Meghan March books. There is a lot of present and past stuff going on and sometimes I got a little lost. Lincoln and Whitney are caught up in their families feud that has lasted a lot of years. It's somewhat a Romeo Juliet scenario, but let's hope it doesn't play out that way! Whitney married 10 years ago and left Lincoln behind. She returns home with her life in shambles. Lincoln won't let her walk away from him a second time. He doesn't care what his family says about it, although he could lose everthing to be with her. This is book 1 of 3 and I'm excited to see what's next for Whitney and Lincoln.

- Thoroughly Engaging5 star

Five bursting STARS! This was a fantastic beginning akin to an old tale I won't mention. Fasten your seatbelts people Richer Than Sin is worth every moment of your time. I couldn't stop thinking about this novel when I was unable to flip pages and found myself sneaking away from reality to dive back in numerous times. Cannot wait for Guilty as Sin!!!

- Great start to a new trilogy!!5 star

This new trilogy by Meghan definitely starts off with a bang and doesn’t disappoint!! In true Meghan fashion, she had me hooked from the start!! Richer Than Sin reminded me of a modern day Romeo and Juliet. Whitney and Lincoln are from two families who do not get along and shouldn’t be together by their families standards. Whitney is a sweet and caring person who was dealt a crappy life. Lincoln is the bad boy heir to the family fortune. When the two of them get together their story is delightfully sinful!! This is going to be an epic trilogy and I cannot wait for book two!!!!

- Start of a sexy exciting new trilogy!!!4 star

"What I meant is that just because something looks perfect from the outside doesn't mean it is, and the things that look like a complete disaster are sometimes better than we could ever imagine." Richer Than Sin (Sin #1)…… Riscoff's and Gable's, two families with a feuding history comparable to a modern day Hatfield's and McCoy's or Romeo and Juliet, with no end to the vengeance in sight! So of course a Riscoff getting involved with a Gable, especially in a romantic way, would be absolutely forbidden with disaster being the only outcome. Lincoln Riscoff stands to inherit his family legacy and although he follows his grandfathers strict rules of all things business and money, when it comes to his fierce deep attraction and connection to the long-legged blue-eyed enemy Whitney Gable all the rules go out the window! Whitney Gable unknowingly crawled in bed with the enemy Lincoln Riscoff and it was addictively explosive and she knew they would eventually end in burning disaster! Fast forward 10 years later, Whitney is back in their hometown with every intention of avoiding Lincoln and his magnetic pull, but Lincoln Riscoff knows what he wants and always goes after it and he still wants Whitney!! Meghan March has started her new Sin Trilogy with a sexy, suspenseful, and exciting bang that's left me in desperate need of the next book!!!

- Rich!5 star

Wow! How can she keep outdoing herself? This is another beginning to what seems like another incredible trio of stories. It is a Hatfield-McCoy scenario between the Riscoffs and the Gables. The two should never mix, but love doesn’t play that game. Whitney and Lincoln have been TNT since the beginning. Can they finally get it right? I am in serious need of the continuation of this story. I just can’t wait to see where it goes.

- Wonderful!!!!5 star

Richer than Sin Meghan March Reviews on amazon. Goodreads. B and N. The book addicts. Meghan March knows how to hold your attention from beginning to The End !! She never lets me down ! In a book funk pick up anything of hers and she will help you out .. I can not wait to see where this goes !! That cliffhanger left me wanting so very much more !! Come on second book!!

- Loved loved loved5 star

This book is dual point of view and switches between past and present. I found myself reading faster and faster with each page as it just got better and better. Secrets and forbidden love make a really good book!

- Loved this story!!!5 star

I love every story Ms March brings to her readers, but this book by far is my absolute favorite of them all! I devoured this book in one sitting, totally captivated by the story she tells of hot and sexy Lincoln Riscoff, and the beautiful and smart Whitney Gable!! Their families have been intertwined for decades, and having a volatile past between the two, is just another road block for this couple to try and get thru. Lincoln is the heir to the family business, and he feels the pressure to marry and start to produce the next generation of Riscoff's!! But there's one thing standing in his way-Whitney's back in town, and the first glimpse of her brings memories and feelings back that he thought we're long gone, but come rising to the top like a volcano erupting!!! Whitney has fled the life she led in LA. Leaving the craziness of her life there, she comes back to town hoping to start over, connecting with her cousin and her favorite Aunt. All she wants is to be with family, and to quietly settle into some normalcy, but unfortunately for Whitney that may not happen. This story has everything I love in a book. It's a second chance love story, told in dual pov's, and it goes from the present day to past, which in turn gives us a story layered and steeped in the rich and colorful history of these beloved characters. The secondary characters are deeply immersed into the saga of these families, and they give you a look into the history of the town and their families. Of course this wouldn't be a Megan March story without a major cliffhanger, and boy does she give you one that will bring you to your knees!!! Can't wait for book 2!!!!


A modern day Hatfield’s vs. McCoy’s meets Romeo and Juliet with that Meghan March punch! It’s addictive and the plot twists have you powering through the pages. I’m hanging on by a thread to see where this Riscoff vs. Gable feud will take us.Sex ,greed and deceit what more could anyone want!

- Leaves you breathless!5 star

Richer than Sin is a crazy ride. Lincoln Riscoff and Whitney Gable have an incredible story, and we’ve only just begun. Book one of a trilogy, this does leave you with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger high. Experience tells me as much as I want to scream, I’ll need the wait to prepare for book two. I loved Richer than Sin. I was left breathless after the prologue, and simply enthralled as the story unfolded. The characters are raw and their story is intense. It felt quick, as I devoured it in one sitting. I was addicted to the thrill of the drama, while not being overwhelmed. I would recommend this to the reader looking for a story to leave their heartfs pounding.

- Another must read by Meghan March!4 star

Devoured this first book in Meghan March’s new trilogy. Fast paced, sexy as sin and twists you don’t see coming. A fantastic tale with similarities of Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella. Forbidden love that never dies, that ignites a decade later. Can’t wait to read Guilty As Sin.

- Fueding family and star crossed lovers fun!!5 star

Well. Huh.. That ending. My brain didn’t even go there on that one. Not. Even. Close. But let’s rewind...for a second. She’s done it again! Ms. March has given me a whole bunch of characters I love and adore, as well as one I love to hate, and a whole sh$&ton of questions I NEED answered, like, yesterday. And, Yes. I have a list of questions and theories and only ONE was answered...kind of… But outside of all the little secrets, intrigues going on in this one, I kinda sorta loved Lincoln and Whitney lots. I mean I had many moments where I wanted to reach out and shake them both, but they are so easy to like and want to get to know better. And the chemistry between the two of them whether it’s a simple glance or getting all kinds of down and dirty smexy? Nuclear! I swear I expected smoke to start coming out of my Kindle. But, boy do they have their work cut out for them if they want an HEA because there is all kinds of crazy going on around them! This one is all kinds of twisty and turny and believe me when I say I have a list of questions & theories written down (No, I won’t share because that would spoil it all ) but believe me when I say I want answers to all of them as much as I want to see Lincoln and Whitney get their HEA, so I am totally looking forward to seeing how everything works itself out. And, as always, I love me some well written secondary characters and Ms. March has outdone herself here. Whether I loved them, hated them or simply found them fascinating, they all drew me in and I want more of them all! Cricket, Jackie and Hunter are my hands down favs! The saying Karma is a Bissh definitely takes on a totally new meaning here and then there are the patriarchs of the Riscoff/Gable put it simply, they absolutely fascinate me! So, if you’re love a Hatfield/McCoy style family feud and have a thing for star crossed lovers, then this is a definite must read! ~ Copy provided by the author & voluntarily reviewed

- The edge of your seat ending!!5 star

4.5 what’s going to happen next Stars!! I really enjoyed this book, it took you into the lives of Lincoln and Whitney. I fell for Lincoln because he was lovable and just really cared. He was authoritative, but didn’t have the alpha male persona. I can’t wait to read more about them, hopefully Whitney’s family and that ending??!!! ARC provided for honest review

- Love between the feud!5 star

When you literally yell W*** The F*** at the last chapter of the book, that kinda gives you an idea on where my head is at right now. Meghan March has become a master at twists & plots & holy crapinoli endings that leave you flabbergasted, and dare I say, stressed. Stressed because my mouth is still hanging open from that ending, and now I have to wait a month or so until the second book comes out. AND I NEED THAT SECOND BOOK!!! This book just hurls you into it from page 1, and you can’t stop until you’re done. The characters were epic, with this long running family feud that throws a wrench in lots of things. There were times I literally lol’d, and not to mention some super hot chemistry. I NEED MORE!!! I can’t wait to continue on this journey & find out what happens next!!

- Dying for the next5 star

I’m so sad this book had to end. I was so caught up in the family drama, in the second chance romance and the feelings Lincoln and Whitney had for each other (both in the past and in present day) that I absolutely sped through this book. I was biting my nails as I flipped the pages, desperate to see the story unfold. And it did in the most amazing way. The whole Romeo and Juliet aspect of this kept the story very interesting. There’s something in the past that has caused these families to be at each other’s throats, and I can’t wait until it’s fully unveiled. Meghan March is a master of keeping you on the edge of your seat, and that cliffy has me dying to read what comes next.

- Amazing start to this new trilogy!!!5 star

Yet another hit for Meghan March!!! This story drew me in from the start with its forbidden love story, and kept me there with the fiery passion between Whitney and Lincoln. There’s twists and turns throughout, and just when you think you’ve got it figured out, Meghan hits us with something else. I can’t wait to see how everything plays out for these two in the next book!!

- Unlike anything she’s done before!!4 star

I typically don’t enjoy books that flip from the past to the present, and back again. I find them hard to follow, and loose interest quickly. However, who was I kidding when I thought “awe MAN! I hate these kinds of books!!” It’s Meghan. Freaking. March! There is no hating one of her books. So for the first time ever, I found one I actually enjoyed, that flips. So Lincoln and Whitney come from two feuding families. They meet one night, and the passion between them is like wildfire... but they don’t know who the other person is at first. When Whitney realizes who Lincoln is, she quickly determines that he’s forbidden fruit. But Lincoln, he doesn’t give af about the family feud, he wants more of Whitney. After he objects at her wedding, she leaves town and is gone for 10 years! I don’t want to give too much away, because part of the fun is connecting all of the dots... but trust me, you do t want to miss this one! I wouldn’t compare this to a “Romeo and Juliet” type of love... because we know that story ends in tragedy, and Meghan always gives us a HEA... but as an ancestral Hatfield, I’d compare their families to the Hatfield’s and the McCoys. Right down to the shotguns. I’m looking forward to “Guilty as Sin,” and getting to know these characters, and their story, even better!

- Richer Than Sin or Addicting As Sin?!4 star

”’We’ve always thrived in the middle of chaos. In the middle of adversity. That’s where you and I excel.’” What can I say?! It’s another Meghan March original that just blows it 100% out of the water! Richer Than S** was Addicting As S**! I couldn’t put it down (but then again what else is new when it comes to this authors phenomenal work), and the pages caught fire at the rate I was reading it in! These characters! The feud! The lust and passion! Richer Than S** is probably the best unknown enemies to lovers romance I’ve ever read! Whitney and Lincoln officially own my heart and soul! The obstacles they face at the hand of the feud is soul crushing! I can’t wait to see how the trilogy continues because that cliff hanger is one I 100% was NOT expecting! (Shocker there right March fans?!)

- A steamy tale of forbidden love full of twists and turns!5 star

4.5 stars. Richer Than Sin is very reminiscent of a modern day Hatfield and McCoys with a little Romeo and Juliet thrown in. Meghan brings us a twisty tale of two people who society dictates should never be together. The feud between the two families has been going on for over 170 years and shows no signs of stopping. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and Whitney and Lincoln's hearts and souls know they are meant to be together. But it's almost impossible to accomplish that with so many outside factors striving to keep them apart, starting with Whitney marrying another man. Fast forward 10 years and Whitney has returned home beaten down and her tail tucked between her legs. Life has not been easy at all for her over the years and coming home after what all has happened to her takes every last shred of dignity she has left. And then to run into Lincoln, who is now the CEO of the family's multi-billion company, well things couldn't get much worse for her. Only, Lincoln is dead set on getting her back. And she can't deny that the feelings she had for him all those years ago have never faded. But those pesky obstacles, namely relatives on both sides of the family start in immediately on making sure these two don't ever get back together. I loved the story unfolding in alternating past and present chapters as well as dual point of view. I loved how Meghan gave us the past chapters based on some memory triggered in present day. I am trying to hard to figure out what happened in the past, because all through the story, there are little hints that something pretty major went down that affected everyone and changed the course of Whitney and Lincoln's future. I actually think there are multiple things that happened in the past, all leading this story towards the perfect storm. If you've read any of Meghan's other series, you know she is the queen of the cliffhanger! Richer Than Sin is no exception, leaving us with one humdinger revelation. Is it true? What does it mean for all involved if it is true? I am seriously dying for book 2, Guilty As Sin to find out! Not only about this revelation, but what the other secrets are that both Whitney and Lincoln are holding close to the vest. Bring on book 2!

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German review of “Richer than Sin” (Richer Than Sin) by @Meghan_March. @LYXVerlag #RomBkReviewsDE

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German review of “Richer than Sin” (Richer Than Sin) by @Meghan_March. @LYXVerlag #RomBkReviewsDE

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5 star

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