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Worth Billions

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 7831390851394139854
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Worth Billions Book Summary

Small towns are for small minds. I left for college and never looked back. 

Ensconced in my luxurious, and lucrative, vineyard, I barely ever spare a thought for my old life. Until I got word that my self-declared 'godfather' had passed and put me in charge of his estate. 

Now I've got to go back to the town where the cows outnumber the people to put his affairs in order. I expected to see familiar faces, a little order, a lot worse for wear. 

What I didn't expect to see is the fresh-faced female who snuck into my bed, and who's trying to sneak into my heart. But can I trust her, or is she after my bank account and not my affection? 

Warning: This is a steamy romance story that includes adult content suitable for readers 18+


Worth Billions

Worth Every Cent

Worth More Than Money

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Worth Billions Book Comments

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Worth Billions - Lexy Timms Book Reviews

  • Too much back tracking (Kimber23)

    This series constantly goes back repeating things over and over to keep the “story” going. Multiple areas there words are spelled incorrectly or sentences don’t make sense with the words used. Needs to be proof read/edited before publishing.
  • Skip this one (Mariereedy)

    Horrible. So many grammar issues and Grayson was entirely self absorbed and selfish. I couldn’t relate to any character and had to quit reading.
  • Worth Billions (DannyGirl2146)

    So many mistakes with spelling or the wrong word appears. They don’t tell their stories so it’s all a mystery relationship. She’s not from the town, and was ready to leave then bam she’s staying again in a run down town with no where to live .. why? No family, one friend? Smh!!! That’s the biggest issue I had with this book.
  • The F bomb is not necessary!!! (Steezking)

    I’m really sad and disappointed as I really wanted to finish reading this book. Normally I can overlook somethings but it seems like every other word was a F bomb or some type of cuss word. It had a great start and there were times I thought I could continue. This is one time I couldn’t overlook the extremely bad cussing. To bad that had to be brought into this book.
  • Worth Billions (MonaHoney)

    Good story line! Different from all the others! Looking forwArd to finishing the series! Mona
  • Boring (Kayla Rhea)

    Predictable, slow and boring
  • Don’t bother (Nicoleeham)

    Don’t waste your time on this one.

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