Howard Stern Comes Again

Howard Stern Comes Again by Howard Stern Book Summary

Rock stars and rap gods. Comedy legends and A-list actors. Supermodels and centerfolds. Moguls and mobsters. A president.

Over his unrivaled four-decade career in radio, Howard Stern has interviewed thousands of personalities—discussing sex, relationships, money, fame, spirituality, and success with the boldest of bold-faced names. But which interviews are his favorites? It’s one of the questions he gets asked most frequently. Howard Stern Comes Again delivers his answer.

This book is a feast of conversation and more, as between the lines Stern offers his definitive autobiography—a magnum opus of confession and personal exploration. Tracy Morgan opens up about his near-fatal car crash. Lady Gaga divulges her history with cocaine. Madonna reminisces on her relationship with Tupac Shakur. Bill Murray waxes philosophical on the purpose of life. Jerry Seinfeld offers a master class on comedy. Harvey Weinstein denies the existence of the so-called casting couch. An impressive array of creative visionaries weigh in on what Stern calls “the climb”—the stories of how they struggled and eventually prevailed. As he writes in the introduction, “If you’re having trouble finding motivation in life and you’re looking for that extra kick in the ass, you will find it in these pages.”

Interspersed throughout are rare selections from the Howard Stern Show archives with Donald Trump that depict his own climb: transforming from Manhattan tabloid fixture to reality TV star to president of the United States. Stern also tells of his Moby Dick-like quest to land an interview with Hillary Clinton in the run-up to the 2016 election—one of many newly written revelations from the author. He speaks with extraordinary candor about a variety of subjects, including his overwhelming insecurity early in his career, his revolutionary move from terrestrial radio to SiriusXM, and his belief in the power of psychotherapy.

As Stern insightfully notes in the introduction: “The interviews collected here represent my best work and show my personal evolution. But they don’t just show my evolution. Gathered together like this, they show the evolution of popular culture over the past quarter century.”

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Howard Stern Comes Again (Howard Stern) Book Reviews

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- Boring1 star

Dull, self-serving stories with no edge.

- Ripped off1 star

As a longtime listener of Howard, I was deeply disappointed in this book. It wasn’t a writing, it was a mere copy and paste of old interviews. I was hoping for much more.

- Amazing5 star

I usually have a hard time getting through autobiographies but this one is really refreshing

- Howard Stern comes again5 star

A real page turner. My wife bought it for me for Christmas and I love it!!

- Just go back and listen to the interviews1 star

Howard’s interviews put in a book. Waste of $$$$

- God of Radio5 star

Five Star plain and simple. The man is a genius.

- Not fun or funny1 star

Just like his radio show he’s not trying to entertain his lifelong listeners anymore. The guy has the right to live and work how he wants but what a disappointment to see an comedic icon become so unfunny.

- A Must Read!5 star

Howard’s introduction to each interview segment highlights the humanity of the Subject or what how Howard grew as a person in reflecting on the interview. I really enjoyed reading each interview through Howard’s perspective. Well done!

- Loved it!5 star

I disagree with the negative reviews. I have also listened to Howard for years and have heard all the interviews in the book but I still enjoyed reading them. The intros he wrote and just reading and truly absorbing what the guests said, I enjoyed it very much. I LOVE Howard and I’ve loved this book!!

- Outstanding5 star

This book could make anyone a Howard fan.

- Eh2 star

Oddly this book may be more interesting to the reader who does not listen regularly to the show. Liked the introductions but heard all the interviews so it wasn’t that great.

- Another disappointed fan1 star

Just a collection of interviews I already heard. Longtime fan but this was big disappointment. Don’t know how Howard could claim it took two years for him to “write” this book. He just wrote some brief intros to the interview, and they were not really well written. He should acknowledge fan blowback if he is not a phones.

- Are there 10 stars?5 star

Changed my world - Howard has written a beautiful homage about his career and life. Not sure what else to say except I will read it again and again.

- Deep insight - beautiful perception5 star

This book is truly a must read not just for fans of Howard Stern but people who love to peel back layers and see what’s behind the curtain. Understanding people, especially truly understanding celebrities is not an easy task. They have lives that few of us can fathom. Howard always finds a way to crack through and show listeners how they are more like us than we realize. Enjoy this book!

- I love it 5 ⭐️5 star

This is the best book

- Evolution5 star

I have listened to Howard Stern since high school. I have often found him boorish and self centered exploiting his guests. This book was so entertaining I couldn't put it down. Howard has evolved his gifts. He is still irreverent and controversial, but something has changed. He seems to get the best from every interview showing us that these "stars" are just like us with the same foibles and challenges we all face. Thanks for being so real and telling us what we want to hear.

- Howard Stern Comes Again1 star

I thought this would be more interesting. I am a big Howard Stern fan and have listened to him from the very beginning. For anyone who hasn’t heard his interviews before would find this interesting. Having heard almost all these interviews I found it a boring read. Sorry Howard but this was a 2 year waste of your time.

- Howard Stern “Comes again”1 star

He should have called it Howard Stern’s interviews. No hard work could have gotten in this as they have everything on tape. Be a fan since channel 9. Jim S. “

- Read this book.5 star

Hello hello. This book really gets into the interview and shows how Howard is truly the king of all media. Bye for now, peace and love peace and love. BABA BOOEY!!! I would also recommend Howard Stern‘s Private Parts and Howard Stern’s Miss America.

- More Howard less interviews3 star

I have been an avid fan and listener of Howard for decades. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in two days doing little else! Howard has changed so much and I love reading the openers he wrote sharing his thoughts. The interviews were so so for me as I had heard them before. If you are not a listener you will love them! Hard to please both groups. The book is well written and his journey has had many paths. Definetely buy the book but Howard more Howard less interviews. You are the star we want to hear from!!!

- Ripped off1 star

I want my money back. All he did was print out some show transcripts and put them in a book. Incredibly disappointing.

- Stef from California5 star

funny and touching and sweet- a slowed down version of conversations with the most interesting celebrities today. This book offers what I missed as a listener- even if you think you know everything and have heard it all- basically the ultimate insider glimpse of the studio - from the perspective of Howard himself

- Great insight5 star

Great for both long time listeners and new fans

- Not worth the money!1 star

Zero effort was put into penning this book. It took Howard Stern two years to write a four page intro. The rest of it was transcripts from interviews that are better listened to on YouTube or his channel on Sirius. Take the money and run, I guess!

- Tired1 star


- Fantastic transcripts5 star

This is an amazing read. Sure I have SiriusXM, the app and can listen to/watch these interviews, but I love the intro and transcripts of the interviews. It’s great to have printed history of the best interviewer in the world.

- Terrible1 star

Terrible rip off

- Grade A misogynistic a-hole1 star

How? How is someone like this horrible human famous and selling books, as if he has any wisdom to impart. Then to sell it to the public as “shock” radio. Disgusting.

- Ethel Mertz1 star

I was surprised to see that he failed to mention legendary staff member Detlev Bronk.

- If I wanted to read interviews I’d just listen to the old shows1 star

Book is terrible. Just transcriptions of interviews. Such a waste of money.

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- No More Bull$#!+5 star

I love how people are panning the book before it’s released. Release date is 5/14/19 don’t believe reviews before then! I’m giving it 5 stars just to say this. I will honestly rate it when I read it.

- The Best5 star

Forever and always the most entertaining and smartest man around. Thanks for all the great years.

- Book not out yet5 star

How are these people reviewing a book that isn’t out yet? It comes out on the 14th and they say they read it on the 12th or before. How can something be reviewed that is on pre order. Makes me think these “reviews” are just lies.

- Okwatanzinwan5 star

Can I tell you my favorite Matt Dillion story real briefly?

- No content1 star

If you like things with no content then this book is for you. Howard’s show is one of the worst shows on the radio. Waste of money. Everyone is laughing at you Howard Stern 😂😂😂.

- Baa Baa Bookey5 star

Hello, hello! Whoa, whoa, stop the clock! This book is going to be whoop whoop! All we need is Howard in our life! First time, long time!

- Peace and Love5 star

This book is the best book ever wrote, love this man,a great author, a great storyteller, a great interviewer, this book is great a must have book

- Wow!5 star

It is the finest literature I have ever read in my entire life! It has changed my world! The Bible has nothing on this book.

- Best Book Ever!!!5 star

Can’t wait to see the time square billboards!!! Hit em with the hein!

- Hail to the KING OF ALL MEDIA!5 star

Love you Howard. I will be very sad when you retire, but I will be happy for you- Donald Trumpabooey

- BABA BOOEY5 star

This is the best news of all time, NOINE OUT OF NOINE 143 to you all

- I love Howard but...1 star

I’ve waited for years for his next book and this was the best he could do? Hard to believe but the book was a flop. Give up on writing Howard!

- Wow five stars5 star

Just want to say it’s the greatest book that I have ever read. This is the book of all books.

- Hit em with the Hein!!!!5 star

Love you Howard!!! Loved your last two books...glad you put down the paintbrush for a few hours!!

- The greatest book ever5 star

I’m calling it now, it will be the hugest book ever

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5 star

@MissCherryBell1 @Corey_Feldman Such a strange little fella. Michael didn't even like the parasite. My favorite c…

5 star

@Monty_2012 @joncoopertweets "The people Trump despises the most love him the most" I recently read Howard's book "…

5 star

5 of 5 stars to Howard Stern Comes Again by Howard Stern

5 star

@DonaldJTrumpJr #DumpTrump2020 Howard Stern Comes Again

5 star

@RGSpore Howard Stern Comes Again is pretty brilliant, actually. It will surprise you.

5 star

@sternshow: AUDIO: Hear @shalomshuli trick Bobo into believing Howard wears a “hair system” just like him. #Howard100 …

5 star

A year ago out and about @sternshow howard stern comes again #allineed 🎉

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