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Friends to Lovers

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 12627558241409181414
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
Friends to Lovers - Mia Ford Book Score: 4 0 5
4 star
66 Ratings

Friends to Lovers Book Summary

I need a fake girlfriend...for one night! 

Melissa is the perfect one - those luscious curves are drawing me in. 

I think I'm falling for her - HARD! 

And I want more...

No wonder, my ex is gonna be jealous. 

And as a single dad, I want to give my son the best life possible. 

The problem...would he accept Melissa? 

And would Melissa agree to be more than just friends? 

Mia's Warning: This Friends to Lovers quickie is HOT Fake Fiance Romance. Make yourself cozy with some super steamy stuff inside!

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Friends to Lovers Book Comments

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Friends to Lovers - Mia Ford Book Reviews

  • Short and Sweet (Bocarb)

    A quick read with heart and soul. Loved this as an intro to the author.
  • FRIENDS TO LOVERS (Joy/Valdosta)

    SWEET LOVE STORY. 31/2* I always enjoy Mia’s books. They are so good. This was a short love story; just what I needed right now. Don’t think because I only rated it 3 1/2* that it was average. It just wasn’t as detailed as some of her books are. This is a great book to read during your lunch hour or waiting for an appointment. Did you ever know you really loved someone but the timing just wasn’t right. Time does have a way of working things out. ENJOY!
  • “Friends To Lovers,” by Mia Ford (Ruth Ann Nordin)

    A very good book...makes one wants even more!

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