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Dirty Player

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4108453231420655831
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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4.5 star
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Dirty Player Book Summary

A sexy standalone from USA TODAY bestselling author Mira Lyn Kelly... He's the NHL star everyone wants. She's the sports reporter who's been shutting him down since high school.
He'll play dirty to get his girl.

"Fun, addictive, and outrageously sexy! Dirty Player brought all the feels and left me panting for more!"~Annika Martin, New York Times bestselling author
It started as a joke…A throw away promise between friends. A dare for a single kiss at our reunion and nothing more.
But that kiss… That kiss was no joking matter. It was hot and wet. A hands-everywhere, breathless kind of insanity that left us both teetering on the brink.
She’s got rules about guys like me… Rules I respect the hell out of when they apply to any other pro athlete. But as they apply to me? Those rules are about to be broken.

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Dirty Player Book Comments

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Dirty Player - Mira Lyn Kelly Book Reviews

  • Dirty Player (Read nick)

    Greg is a slightly cocky, confident NHL player. Liked that. Julia is a successful, talented sportswriter. Not helpless. Liked that. Their interactions are real and believable. The problems they face make sense. Book never got boring. Good romantic story. Will read Mira Lyn Kelly again.
  • Not bad (Great super duper book!!!)

    This was an actually decent book. I am surprised. There wasn’t an epilogue about greg and Julia, which i was hoping for. There was unanswered questions about their future. I thought it was ironic how greg accused her of being closed off yet he didn’t share about the pregnancy scare. There wasn’t much conflict between the characters in the book, only about mike, their relationship being a secret and the birth control pills.
  • Dirty player (Mag68)

    By Mira lyn Kelley Absolutely perfect it’s funny and emotional and sappy and happy the best read! Bookbub

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