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Just Me

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 7831390851434757500
  • Book Genre: Romance
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Just Me Book Summary

We all need somewhere where we feel safe…

After leaving her abusive husband, Katherine Marshall is out on her own for the first time. She's hopped from city to city to avoid the man who made her life a living hell. When it seems she's finally found a new place where she begins to feel safe, she slowly grows confident that her life is looking up. A chance meeting with Ben O'Leary sets her life on a course and her soul on fire.

Ben launched a business that went on to viral success while he was in college, and now as a thriving entrepreneur, he's most interested in maximizing profits. A billionaire living the dream But all that changes when he sets his eyes on Katherine. Things between the two heat up as they fall hard and fast—that is, until she gets an unexpected surprise that will test the strength of their relationship.

You & Me - A Bad Boy Romance

Book 1 – Just Me

Book 2 – Touch Me

Book 3 – Kiss Me

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Just Me - Lexy Timms Book Reviews

  • Just Me (Jesus freak!!!!!!!!)

    I love Lexy Timms books...this one was ok. It was a bit slow to start but got better as I read it.
  • So good. (whitney1193)

    So good couldn’t stop reading.
  • Just Me (justme 999)

    First I’d like to preface this with saying I am a fan of Lexy Timms’ books. With that said - I’m glad this book was free because I don’t think I would spend the money for it. Does anyone else find Katherine as clueless I as did? If you’re in an abusive relationship (something I have had experience with) and your abuser has managed to find you in multiple locations in the past, why would you buy a condo that would become a matter of public record? It would just be a matter of a simple internet search to find her. And to feel “safe” with Ben after a few meetings after being distrustful of men over a period of several years? There are too many things that are just unbelievable. When you add in errors in continuity and grammar, you begin to wonder who proofreads for Lexy. I can usually overlook minor errors and continue reading but this had too many errors.
  • Just me (Ickyree)

    Oh, what a great story of change and growth and love? The battered wife who gets enough courage to leave only to be found again and again. This time seems different and better💜. It’s a cliffhanger, so be prepared to want Book 2!!
  • Just Me (Karma 45)

    Lexy Timm’s Just Me is one of my favs! I was wrapped at the first chapter and couldn’t stop reading until the final chapter. This romance included passion, suspense, and that all around good guy Ben to make one think a happy ever after is possible. I can’t wait to read the concluding books about Katherine and Ben.
  • Good Start to the Series (Dr.Ann15)

    Just Me had interesting characters. I plan to read the others.
  • Couldn’t Stop Reading! (MrsShoey)

    The first book was free on my app and it definitely got me hooked! Bought the other 2 of the series bc I had to know more! Wish it never ended! I was reading it on all of my work breaks and as soon as I’d get home, I was reading! 100% recommend!
  • Just me (Mag68)

    By Lexi Timms Great story really want to know what happens with Ben!
  • Cliffhanger (Hilary5963)

    The overall story is good, but a lot of unnecessary repetitiveness. Needs to be edited as the spelling, inaccuracies and grammatical errors throughout tend to distract from the enjoyment. Overall, I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series as I was caught up in the anticipation of what was inevitably going to happen.
  • Good read (MCB88)

    Overall is was good and I really want to read the second one. It takes a little bit to get going there’s a lot of chapters in the beginning that feel like a repeat of the chapter before. Once Kathrine and Ben start spending time together the story really picks up.

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