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After the Night

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After the Night Book Summary

She never thought she'd be the prince in the Cinderella story.

Cassidy Joanes met the man of her dreams during the annual Halloween office party. Only problem? He was wearing a mask, and she hasn't a clue who he is—only that he can rock a Dread Pirate Roberts costume. 

With only a few men in the office, she makes it her mission to find the man who swept her off her feet, only to be met with date after date of disappointment. And with a growing attraction to her boss, she's not sure she can find her prince before she falls for someone else. 

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After the Night Book Comments

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After the Night - Sandra Marie Book Reviews

  • Comic (2moody4u)

    Cute, quirky, fun read.
  • So cute. (Kimbo1216)

    Super fun read. I was surprised how fast I was hooked, but I was a goner right away. Funny and cute. No graphic sex, but you still feel their connection which was so nice. Loved these characters.
  • Dork approved!! (Aedriftboy)

    The quirkiness of the main characters, the situation and how it was wrapped up was great. Marvel dork meets Disney dork, add costumes and masks, what do you think will happen? Match made in heaven, HEA ....eventually. Enjoy the book, I did!!
  • Awkward and boring (Ashley624)

    I only made it until the main character falls into the mans lap and yells “oh no! Your penis!” This book is cringy in every way. The main character is running around town with hand sanitizer attached to her belt loop. That’s so sexy (said no one ever).
  • After the night (Pins4)

    Loved the book.
  • Perfect Cinderella story (cmg4)

    This was such a great book. I loved the quirkiness of Cassidy and her love for Marvel. This was such a cute Cinderella story, and I loved every minute of it!

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