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Shadows to Ashes

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Shadows to Ashes Book Summary

The Midnight Series Book 3

500 pages

When a peaceful island in the Indian Ocean isn't far enough away to escape danger, where do you go? With your wedding in ruins and your fiancé arrested, what do you do? It was supposed to be a new beginning, but it ended before it began. Naomi Hamilton knows why. Knows who's responsible. Knows what he wants. The king, guarded by his faithful defence. One man who'll stop at nothing. One girl who's tired of hiding. Because maybe running isn't the answer. So maybe there's only one way to put an end to the game. To face it. Play it. Head to head.

Praise for Shadows to Ashes:

"A page turner from the first book to the last: could not put down until the last word was read (at 3am)!!" Amazon customer

"This is an awesome Conclusion to the Midnight Saga. Characters are so well developed and the story continues with twists and turns throughout the three books that are believable but frequently surprising. Highly recommend this book if you like great suspense that keeps you guessing. All three books are awesome!!!" Amazon customer

"Words can't express how much I loved these books. Such beautiful writing, character development & emotion." Amazon customer

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