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Midnight Winters

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Midnight Winters Book Summary

Abigail had three goals when she turned herself over to The Order of the Crest: 

1. Find her brother.
2. Stay alive.
3. Escape.

Two out of three wasn't bad.

What she didn't account for was making friends, leading a rebellion, and falling in love, twice. While the combat training was intense and almost unbearable at times, coming face-to-face with her destiny would test her faith in herself and what she had to do to save the people she cared for, even if it meant the ultimate sacrifice.

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Midnight Winters Book Comments

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Midnight Winters - Dani Hart Book Reviews

  • Wow! (gottaread24/7)

    Couldn’t put it down! Compelling story with characters that become so real. Can’t wait for the next book!
  • Awesome (Sintyaaaa)

    I absolutely love both of the books, I can’t wait to read the 3rd😁
  • Dani Hart (LadyNiccie)

    Oh how much I adore these books. I NEED the third book. I literally finished both books in a couple hours. I laughed, I cried. Can’t wait for the third installment
  • Midnight Winters (Angeeee😳)

    I've easily become obsessed with these books, I've read both of them in a span of 3 days. I'm highly anticipating the third book!

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