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  • Release Date:     ISBN: 11073354941437318336
  • Book Genre: Erotic Romance
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3.5 star
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Captured Book Summary

They say good things happen to those who give back.

What a load of crap!

My whole life all I did was give.

To my older sister who moved away.

To my mother who up and died!

To my stepfather who didn't deserve it.

Now it's my turn…

But when I actually find not one, but two sexy hot guys to fulfill my every fantasy, who the hell do I choose?

And when I hear that rough rumbling voice of Charlie's, a strong, confident, dominating alpha male, my inner compass goes to s**t. There's nothing I wouldn't do for him. Or to him.

And what about sweet, sexy, but silent Derek....

Always nibbling on my neck.

What is it about Derek, that without a single word spoken, I have this irresistible urge to throw my panties at his feet?

I want them both.

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Captured - Kristen Kelly Book Reviews

  • On the run, they found each other (scammy81)

    I did enjoy this novel and would recommend it with the following caveats: Let's begin with the characters...Derek is sweet and gentle and the hero of this story having rescued Sabrina; he is also mute. For Derek its instant love - he's discovered her injured in the forest of the Smoky Mountains. Sabrina is unconscious or incoherent for sometime after her discovery and Charlie, while concerned that Derek has put them at risk by bringing her to their home, can't deny the pull and attraction he has to her. At first I thought Derek was simple or slow but he's just had some trauma in his life and his brother, Charlie has spent the last several years protecting and sheltering him. Sabrina is conflicted about her attraction to both brothers and her almost nympho like behavior and attraction to them. All of these characters have a traumatic history and childhood. It is just fate that brings them together and while it is incredible the author has created a story that makes you want to root for each of them and for all of them to face their demons and create a family. There is definitely a happily ever after for these three although there are some plot points that are too contrived or easy as to take you out of the book for a few moments (just embrace the fact that this is a book and not real life). I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. At the time I read this novel there were quite a few grammatical errors and inconsistencies with characters.
  • Captured (ClearH)

    Sabrina has had a crazy hard life and finally escapes her twisted evil stepfather only to wind up stranded in the wilderness. Lost, starved, and still looking for her lost dog, she is miraculously saved. She's found by Derek, and nursed back to health by Charlie. Both men in deep cover and in hiding. I loved Sabrina's spunky sassy and witty mouth! She's really at the mercy of these mountain man hulky brothers, but she doesn't take anything lying down. Sparks fly especially between her and Charlie when he questions why she was wandering around on his mountain. Their dialogue is kind of fun and quirky as they try to figure out just what is sizzling between them. This turned out to be a sexy but sweet romance as both brothers are taken entirely by Sabrina, both falling in love with her. Charlie loves his younger brother, and is afraid that Derek will find out that he may have been the cause of their mother's death. Derek, the more sensitive of the brothers, has not spoken since their mother was killed in a violent shooting. It takes the introduction of Sabrina into their lives to give them both a reason to live, and to become better men for her. Sabrina, not being used to any kind of affection or tenderness, also blooms under their love, protection, and care. This mountain man romance had suspense, drama, and action. But most of all it had romance! Very enjoyable read with good pacing and an easy to read straightforward style of writing that I liked. This was more than just a sexy read! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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