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Steam Heat

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 11073354941440730465
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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3.5 star
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Steam Heat Book Summary


I found her under my desk.

In kick ass heels she could barely walk in and a skirt that left nothing to the imagination.

A hot, innocent, sultry little angel just begging me to spoil her.

And spoil her I did.

Up against my Captain’s desk where she couldn’t get away. 

In every room of my spacious cabin.

Even in that quaint little country gift shop wrapped  in an Amish quilt!

I shouldn’t have touched her. I knew she was too young, too innocent, too trusting but once I caught sight of those long slender legs, the sexy smile on those full pouty lips, the way her curves hugged her ass, the stars in her eyes just  for me, I went hard at the speed of lightning!

Tell me— how was a man to resist that?

This is the first book in the Steam Heat Series by Kristen Kelly.

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