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Everyday Millionaires

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 10695323901447672591
  • Book Genre: Personal Finance
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Everyday Millionaires Book Summary

Everywhere we turn, we hear negative financial news—that the American Dream is dead or that the little man can’t get ahead. Our culture feeds us the lie that it’s impossible to become a millionaire in America today, but it’s time you heard the truth.

In his newest book, Everyday Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth—and How You Can Too, Chris Hogan destroys millionaire myths that are keeping everyday people from achieving financial independence. Chris and the Ramsey research team surveyed over 10,000 US millionaires, discovering how these high-net-worth people reached their financial status. And the formula might surprise you.

Millionaire status doesn’t require inheriting a bunch of money or having a high-paying job. No. The path to becoming a millionaire is paved with more-ordinary tools—tools that you either already have or that you can learn. If you thought you could never become a millionaire, think again. Listen and learn from over 10,000 everyday millionaires who have done it and believe it’s possible for you too.

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