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  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4527926671447700047
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Intrigued Book Summary


As long as I lived, I would never be able to figure out Jasper Christmas. He was the abyss, the dark sea, and buried in his depths were treasures—wonderful, beautiful treasures.

Get Christmas all year long…

I thought I would end the holiday season as I had every year, alone in my bed, binging on my favorite TV shows while working on my next article. That was until I received a call from an old friend, who made me a proposition I couldn’t afford to refuse.

And so this year, I was spending Christmas with the billionaire Christmases. When I arrived at the mansion, Bryn, the one who invited me, was nowhere to be found. It was her older brother and boss of the family, Jasper, who welcomed me with un-opened arms.

Jasper Christmas was a beautiful but dark angel. He was intense, brooding, and oh so intriguing. I could feel danger dripping from his pores.

So soon Bryn’s proposition would put me at odds with this mysterious being, who guarded their family's secrets with his flaming sword. Sources warned me to stay away from him, but the more I try, the more impossible he's making it.

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Intrigued - Z.L. Arkadie Book Reviews

  • Past Transgressions (JJavidreader)

    Do children owe for their parents transgressions? When Bryn drags Holly into her family drama the world spins off of its axis. Jasper, Bryn, Arthur and Spencer are the Christmas children and the world thinks that they’ve led a charmed life but ...... Can Holly bring that dark sins of the past out and keep them all safe or will the truth only condemn them all?
  • Full of sex and intrigue (sbsbrinson)

    The storyline leaves you with lots of questions but the intrigue is part and parcel of the book!
  • No (straighttalker198)

    Lost interest fast
  • Impressive (janice2029)

    I was surprised with this book. The story is good, in-depth, steamy and intriguing.
  • Wow (JustPlainJeannie)

    Soooo good. This book kept my interest from beginning to end. It’s so addictive. Steamy. A cut above the rest.
  • One Hot Christmas (Imabookaddict16)

    I an ARC copy for an honest review. The story quickly introduces the reader to the Christmas family. They are extremely wealthy and they each seem to have dark secrets that they themselves don’t even know when or how they began. The relationship between Jasper, the eldest brother, and Holly, his sister’s former college roommate, sparks to life like a wildfire. They burn up the pages together. So as to not give any spoilers I look forward to the rest of the series as we unravel the secrets and sins of the Christmas family.

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