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Supermarket Book Summary

A stunning debut novel from one of the most creative voices of our generation, Bobby Hall—a.k.a. Logic.

Flynn is stuck—depressed, recently dumped, and living at his mom’s house. The supermarket was supposed to change all that. An ordinary job, routine hours, a steady check. Work isn’t work when it’s saving you from yourself. But things aren’t quite as they seem in these aisles.

Arriving to work one day to a crime scene, Flynn’s world begins to crumble as the secrets of his tortured mind are revealed. And Flynn doesn’t want to go looking for answers at the supermarket, because something there seems to be looking for him.

A darkly funny psychological thriller, Supermarket is a gripping exploration into madness and creativity. Who knew you could find sex, drugs, and murder all in aisle nine?

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Supermarket - BOBBY HALL Book Reviews

  • Excited to read. (NicoleLynRN)

    Logic is a true story teller through his music, I have no doubt that his first novel will be any different.
  • ❤️ (lyssa.xl)

    Never Disappoints
  • It’s Lit (ig @logic44)

    it’s lit
  • this is it chief (Jared J. Brock)

    this is truly indeed it.
  • 🐐🐐🐐🐐 (savannah559)

    love my biracial dad
  • I Know It’s Going To Be Great (vsgreghahah)

    This book is going to be great I can feel it.
  • Bobby’s the Goat (randome user)

    10/10 gonna be a classic
  • Rattpack! (Kiera Lashay Bridges)

    i already love to read, but i’m even more excited to see what this book has in store for me. can’t wait, have a feeling i’m gonna be reading this more than 3 times! Love you Bobby, keep doing what you do! Peace, Love & Positivity!!
  • GOING TO BE AMAZING (ajv2019)

  • Supermarket (Ozzie_Flores)

    An absolute banger

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