Blue Moon

Blue Moon by Lee Child Book Summary

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Jack Reacher comes to the aid of an elderly couple . . . and confronts his most dangerous opponents yet.
“Jack Reacher is today’s James Bond, a thriller hero we can’t get enough of.”—Ken Follett

“This is a random universe,” Reacher says. “Once in a blue moon things turn out just right.”
This isn’t one of those times.
Reacher is on a Greyhound bus, minding his own business, with no particular place to go, and all the time in the world to get there. Then he steps off the bus to help an old man who is obviously just a victim waiting to happen. But you know what they say about good deeds. Now Reacher wants to make it right.
An elderly couple have made a few well-meaning mistakes, and now they owe big money to some very bad people. One brazen move leads to another, and suddenly Reacher finds himself a wanted man in the middle of a brutal turf war between rival Ukrainian and Albanian gangs.
Reacher has to stay one step ahead of the loan sharks, the thugs, and the assassins. He teams up with a fed-up waitress who knows a little more than she’s letting on, and sets out to take down the powerful and make the greedy pay. It’s a long shot. The odds are against him. But Reacher believes in a certain kind of justice . . . the kind that comes along once in a blue moon.

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Blue Moon (Lee Child) Book Reviews

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- Blue Moon5 star

Another great Reacher yarn. Jack is dropping bad guys like flies at a picnic. A little complex plot, but it ends right.

- Pure, unadulterated nonsense.2 star

The worst Jack Reacher novel, ever. I don’t know who wrote this, but it certainly wasn’t Lee Child. This was amateur hour, all the way. The plot was ludicrous, the characters unbelievable and Reacher was a poor imitation of the real thing. As crazy as Tom Cruise playing Reacher may be, this book makes even that seem plausible. If this is what the Jack Reacher has become, the end is neigh.

- Dull and rambling1 star

Worst Reacher novel I’ve read, and I’ve read them all, most more than once. I suspect Lee Child is not the one writing these latest books...

- Predictably terrible1 star

These series has gone to trash. The entire books are now a slow overly explained build to a boring obvious confrontation. Ha e read every book and regretted spending the time on the last 3-4. My fault for expecting more. Just incredibly bad.

- Finally smart again4 star

this book is much much better than I expected, considering how the last 2 weren't that good - Reach goes back to being smart and analytical, which is very satisfying.

- Blue Moon1 star

Worst book ever by this author. The book is more of a blatant attack on the women of Ukraine than a novel. The author did not do his research and it shows. I’ll never read him again.

- Good plot, interesting story5 star

I’d say one of Lee Child’s better 50% of Jack Reacher novels.

- Blue Moon2 star

I have read them all and love the series. However, this one was not at all realistic, was a tad boring and over the top with loose ends.

- Blue Moon3 star

Tough to read. Caught up in too much minutiae. Situations just too extreme to be plausible. Write it a little more realistic, let Hollywood gloss up the movie version.

- Boring and Predictable1 star

Do not waste money. This book was full of wasted words just to make more pages. So unlike this author. You can skip entire chapter and miss nothing. Very disappointed

- Fine but not great3 star

The book was missing a few important points. In most Reacher books the violence is offset by knowing that the bad guy deserves it. The bad guy usually has done something horrible and unsettling to the point where you feel like someone needs to hurt him. That’s staple of most Reacher books. However this one fell flat. The bad guy wasn’t bad enough and it shows. You don’t feel like the Reacher crusade is justified. Second the person in trouble was so non-sensical that it is hard to feel like there is a motivating story that causes all the chaos and mayhem that is to come. A lot of reviews call this book violent but it’s no more violent than any other Reacher story. What’s really happening is that you can’t buy into the violence being necessary because their isn’t enough reason to believe those on the receiving end of the violence deserve it.

- Blue meaning let down.1 star

one of the weakest in the series

- Blue Moon3 star

Although full of “Reacherisms” like violence, weapons and all sorts of movement, there was something missing from Blue Moon that other Reacher books had. Maybe it was the characters - or not. Can’t put a finger on it as it was over before I knew it.

- Blue Moon2 star

Not one of his best.

- Blue Moon2 star

His earlier plots had some believability. Not in this one. Seems like a made for Tom cruise movie. I may have overrated it with 2 stars.

- Another great Reacher-Child read5 star

Same formula, same fantastic read. I’ve read them all and this one keeps the road trip alive. I read some bad reviews store buying and those were wrong in my opinion. A great week of reading for me while traveling...pure pleasure. Thank you Mr. Child.

- Not a favorite, very disappointed1 star

I have devoured all of Lee Child’s books and have never been disappointed until this one. It seemed to drag on forever . . driving around the same street corners over and over . . too many killings like never before . . and the repetitive characters . . I had to make myself finish it. This book read like Lee Child was in a hurry to get it to the publisher for a deadline. Reacher didn’t seem like himself, killing almost everyone. Boring, without plot development in terms of the original plot to recover money lost to a tech guy. Should have stuck to the original plot. I also wonder why Reacher didn’t verify that the daughter was really sick. It’d have been a better story if Reacher had investigated who was taking the money for the daughter’s medical treatment.

- Blue Moon1 star

The very first Reacher book I won’t finish and I’ve read them all. They were all good to great until this one. It’s truly awful. I can’t believe Lee Child wrote it. Next.

- I Can’t Read Any More1 star

I have read the entire series and they used to be good/great. I expect a “story” and am willing to allow for semi-unbelievable. But this book is horrendous. It is as if the author took a formula for beginning, middle and end and then forced a crappy story into it. Really. Do not spend money on this book.

- Blue moon1 star

Time for child to put his pen down. A terrible story. His best books are with the fewest violent encounters. This was replete with constant unbelievable fights. No character development. Boring. Usually I plow thru his books. This took weeks. If this were his first book I never would have bought another.

- Not His Best3 star

Having read all of the Reacher series, comparatively, Childs work here is weak. Some bodies, ok. Good against bad, ok. Same ending, ok. But bodies everywhere? In numbers in the 20 + ? Really too far out.

- Blue Moon3 star

Not impressed by this dark, brooding Reacher. Still worth the read, but where is the famous Reacher wit?

- Don’t believe the negative reviews4 star

This is another awesome JR novel and I’ve read them all. Is it the best one? No, but it is a fun and great read. Do I read Lee Childs for academic nonfiction stories, no. To those who say Jack Reacher is out of character, what have you read before? Sure, Jack is a bit more aggressive in this story, but he’s not supposed to be a righteous teddy bear character. Enjoy

- Uh oh1 star

Tired city, tired characters, tired book tired reader.

- Exactly what you expect5 star

If you liked the other 23 you will like this one - same story different town. A good read in true Reacher style.

- Blue Moon5 star

It actually makes me feel bad to give this book such a poor review. I've read just about every one every one of the Child books and look forward to each new release with anticipation. However this one is a stinker.The scenario is ludicrous with Albanian and Ukrainian rival gangs controlling opposite sides of an American "small town USA" place. Reacher arrives and kills all the bad guys before he is through, including chopping the head off one of them. In this bomb, Reacher is turned into a seriously screwed up ex Army Major who manages to give all the drug lords millions to poor parents of a 30ish daughter with cancer who, by the way, have been loan shared into poverty by the gangs, etc., etc. Need I go on!!! I think Lee lost it on this one and his previous effort was a downer too. You can do yourself a favor, (as Trump would say), and avoid a bad experience, at least once in a blue moon, by skipping this book. I hope Lee can get it back together, he may need an "Intervention", before it is too late. Something is wrong. A sad Lee Child Fan, Marty

- I bit far fetched2 star

Have read all the Reacher books. This one was by far the hardest to read and at times was boring with the repetitive dialog. Soon all characters had taken the Reacher mode of talking. The killing of hoards of bad guys was over the top. The ability to kill those hoards with no appearance of law enforcement was a stretch. It was a tough one to swallow. Sorry Jack you missed it on this one.


I am halfway through and bored to death. The plot to date is boring and the action not your typical Jack Reacher. I will finish this book but will not buy another until I have read the reviews. Mr Child seems to have lost his way

- Over the top3 star

Have read all Reacher books. Loved each one. This one was different. Too much Mayhem, killing, absurdity. Maybe just too many bad guys to be killed by the end of the book.

- Blue Moon1 star

This book was nothing but killing for killing sake. Trumped-up plot, slow, boring. Don’t waste your money.

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- Blue Moon2 star

Lee has lost his touch. Over the top. Jack is no longer relevant.

- Quentin Tarrentino-ish4 star

The story is a little more violent than what we are usually used to. The body count quickly rises, not with physical justice but with bullets. Lots and lots of bullets. A little disappointing to go this route but I guess it’s the only way to go when you pick a fight with a small army.

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- 81799218493 star

Hey I really

- Blue Moon1 star

I have read all of the Reacher series books, and this is a really bad book. Totally unbelievable and not like all of the other great reads. Also, Jack is a cold blooded psycho in this book killing dozens of people. When did he become such a killer, shooting people throughout the book. I do not like the character, this is not Reacher of old.

- Blue Moon5 star

Excellent plot. Well written to keep the reading in suspense

- Outlandish1 star

I was extremely disappointed with this book. Completely and totally unbelievable. Sorry, Lee Child. You have done much, much better.

- Average5 star


- Liberal trash1 star

Russian fake news? Really? Should have made it CNN. Would have been more palatable and believable. Good bye Jack Reacher. It’s been fun.

- Blue Moon3 star

This will not be well received, however, I will be honest and say this leaves me unhappy. I've read each Reacher book and found each one to exceed the last. Perhaps my taste has changed. This book was so wound around the logistics, geometry, and analytical stuff I actually became annoyed. Can we not get back to the Reacher guy we all fell for years ago.

- Yes5 star


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