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My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 3777267681454173408
  • Book Genre: Romantic Comedy
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My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding Book Summary

Josh Landry is one of the hottest bartenders in New Orleans. He’s shown many a female tourist that things are definitely big and easy down here.
And he’s now been celibate for a year. Because he finally met her.
Yes, her. The One. 
But, after nothing more than a hot goodnight kiss and a promise to meet up again next year if they’re both still interested, she went home to Iowa.
It’s been a long year.
But now it’s Mardi Gras again and he’s ready for his happily ever after.
If she shows up.
Oh, she shows up. For her best friend’s wedding.

But Tori is a terrible bridesmaid because all she can think about is her knight-in-shining-Mardi-Gras-beads from last year.

Well, and because she accidentally lays a hot kiss on her BFF.

Aka, the groom.

Unfortunately, no one believes that it was a case of mistaken identity. So, now she has to convince everyone she has no intention of ruining the wedding. She’s going to need a crazy-about-her boyfriend ASAP. Even if he’s just faking it.
Well there’s only one other person she knows in Louisiana...
Josh is all in. In fact, he’s thrilled. And he’s not faking anything.
But the groom isn’t faking his sudden case of cold feet either.
And now Tori might have a choice to make.

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My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding Book Comments

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My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding - Erin Nicholas Book Reviews

  • Very enjoyable! (Ccrae1700)

    The story line was very good. The characters were relatable and the kind you’d love to revisit time and again. The main characters as well as the supporting characters that I’d like to learn more about. Erin Nicholas has talent, style and humor. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent in “my best friends Mardi gras wedding”, and I look forward to the next books in this series,
  • My best friend Mardi Gras wedding (Mag68)

    By Erin Nicholas I absolutely loved reading this book it’s funny and charming! Ibooks
  • Research & Proofread (Ima Wanderluster)

    The storyline and characters are good, but the typos throughout definitely caught my attention. I think it’s very important to research thoroughly, especially for a destination novel, and I don’t think that was done. There are some glaring inaccuracies.
  • My Best Friends Madri Gras Wedding (NV19)

    Couldn’t put this quirky hot book down!!!!
  • My best friend’s Mardi gra wedding (yellville)

    Interesting cast of characters and setting. The intensity of the attraction between the lovers is fun as are the complications that complicate their relationship
  • My Best Friends Mardi Kras Wedding (Crazy not lazy)

    Different and dragged at times. No mention of someone caring for the animals while she was away. No mention of her moving her animals to Louisiana. That part was left out. Also, no mention of a wedding between the main characters. No mention about her parents and how they felt about her moving. It left a ton of unanswered questions. 3 1/2 stars
  • Crazy, sexy romantic fun (mj_toth)

    Tori is wonderful. Her free spirit and willingness to boldly stand up for the underdog is refreshing. She became a vet because she loves animals and we learn that people in her life made her feel like she shouldn’t be as carefree with her actions. On a trip to New Orleans, she meets Josh at Mardi Gras. He is the sexy bartender that she thought she might have a one-night stand with but Josh surprises her. They have a great two nights talking and a promise is made to meet next year at the same bar at Mardi Gras. That fateful night returns and Tori ends up kissing the wrong guy which sets off a lot of craziness. She hunts down Josh to be her date at her best friend’s wedding which allows her to meet his amazing family. Josh can’t believe Tori wasn’t there but then she shows up on his dock. He will do anything to spend time with her so acting as her boyfriend is not a hardship. Getting to know Tori is his mission because when a Landry man finds the ‘one,’ they fall hard and Tori just might be the one. What a fun and sexy romance for Tori and Josh. The Landry clan is a loyal and crazy fun crew that anyone would be lucky to know.
  • Josh’s family is magnificent! (Cheryl SDS)

    This is book one in the Boys of the Bayou series and it features Josh and Tori. These two have explosive chemistry and it shows when they’re alone together but add Andrew to the mix and the chemistry just gets all mixed up and shoved to the side. Even her normal quirky and fun personality changes when she’s around Andrew, which was VERY irritating. Needless to say, neither Tori nor Andrew made the list of characters that I liked even a little. Josh is totally amazing! He’s sexy, charming and is not afraid to admit that he’s been popular with the ladies in the past. His family is equally amazing. I mean who wouldn’t want a grandma like Ellie? Anyways, I’m definitely looking forward to the next book by this fabulous author.
  • Amazingly Perfect! (kmmichels)

    Seriously, be prepared to read the whole book in one sitting! Tori and Josh were amazingly perfect for each other. Their chemistry was unmistakable, and talk about hot! Ms. Nicholas always makes the seemingly impossible possible with her couples. I’ll never get enough. And now I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next Boys of the Bayou...
  • Josh and Tori (Xiaguan2014)

    Tori is wonderfully geeky with a heaping side of insecurities and a dash of oblivious. She deserves her happy ever after! Josh is a typical Cajun boy who will melt your socks off(or flip flops or panties) that reminds me a bit of Rogues if day gone past. Once they fall they fall fast and hard! This is a fabulous story with some characters that will stick with you for a long time! And definitely make you wish you lived in the Bayous!

My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding - Erin Nicholas Book Reviews

  • energetic and heart warming (Sandy Sch)

    MY BEST FRIEND’S MARDI GRAS WEDDING is the first instalment in Erin Nicholas’ contemporary, adult BOYS OF THE BAYOU erotic, romance series, a spin-off from the author’s BOYS OF THE BIG EASY series. This is bartender/bouncer and Bayou tour boat operator Josh Landry, and twenty-eight year old veterinarian Dr. Victoria ‘Tori’ Kramer’s story line. MY BEST FRIEND’S MARDI GRAS WEDDING can be read as a stand alone. It is not necessary to have read the previous series. Told from dual third person perspectives (Tori and Josh) MY BEST FRIEND’S MARDI GRAS WEDDING follows the second chance, building relationship between bartender/bouncer and Bayou tour boat operator Josh Landry, and twenty-eight year old veterinarian Dr. Victoria ‘Tori’ Kramer. Approximately one year earlier, during the Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans, Louisiana Josh Landry met and fell hard for Tori Kramer, a veterinarian from Iowa but a woman who had quickly stolen his heart. With a promise to meet one year later, Tori went home but Josh never forgot about the one that got way. Fast forward to present day wherein Tori has returned to New Orleans for her best friend’s wedding, a return she hopes will reunite long, lost loves. Enter Josh Landry, the man with whom Tori will fall in love. What ensues is the rekindling relationship between Josh and Tori, and the potential fall-out as the New Orlean’s wedding plans spiral out of control. Tori Kramer’s best friend Andrew believes himself to be guardian and protector of our story line heroine. With Andrew’s wedding only days away, Tori begins to fall hopelessly in love with a man she met one year earlier but a man Andrew struggles to accept or defend. Josh Landry knows Tori Kramer is his happily ever after but her best friend Andrew continues to run interference at each and every opportunity. The relationship between Tori and Josh is one of second chances (of a sorts); a rekindling romance between two people separated by distance and obligations. Josh is determined to make Tori his own including proving he is worthy of her happily ever after. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. We are introduced to a large ensemble cast of colorful secondary and supporting characters including Tori’s best friend Andrew, and his fiancé Paisley, and several members of the bridal party; Josh’s NOLA extended Landry family, friends and business partners: Owen, Kennedy and Sawyer: their father Jeremiah, grandpa Leo, grandma Ellie, cousin Mitch; and Aunt Cora. The world building continued to focus on the building relationship between Tori and Josh; Tori and Andrew’s friendship but also looked at the Landry family dynamics, their friendships, love and loss. I am looking forward to their stories. The family stories are fun and exciting. MY BEST FRIEND’S MARDI GRAS WEDDING is a story of family, friendship, second chances and love. The premise is engaging and captivating; the romance is sexy and spicy; the characters are charismatic, sassy and spirited. MY BEST FRIEND’S MARDI GRAS WEDDING is an energetic and heart warming story.

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