Pretty Reckless - Jodi Linton - Jodi Linton

Pretty Reckless

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 8326520671458242527
  • Book Genre: Western
Pretty Reckless - Jodi Linton Book Score: 3.5 0 5
3.5 star
215 Ratings

Pretty Reckless Book Summary

Folks say I'm reckless. I suppose loading a Texas Ranger in the ass with buckshot in my fit of jealousy earned me more scrutiny than the preacher's wife at a Sunday potluck.

Now I work as a deputy, and the pistol on my hip is registered. I'm finally moving past all the tongue wagging about my youthful escapades. That is until Gunner Wilson, the object of said target practice, struts his cowboy boots back into town. Now he keeps showing up everywhere with that sexy grin of his.

All I want to do is solve this latest case then kick the cocky, tattooed lawman to the curb. But Gunner has gotten under my skin. And hell, that's a problem, because I've made a new life in Pistol Rock, one that doesn't include my hotter than hell ex-boyfriend. Except now I need his help...and asking a favor from Gunner might cost me more than just a pair of panties...

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