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  • Release Date:     ISBN: 10315476881458490438
  • Book Genre: Suspense
Hawk - Savannah Rylan Book Score: 4 0 5
4 star
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Hawk Book Summary

Never touch another club members sister.
It's one rule in the MC I'll never understand.
That means Gemma is off limits.
Too bad I don't listen to rules very well.
I'll make Gemma see that she's the only woman for me.
On my bike, in the clubhouse. She'll be mine.
The Devil Saints are on our heels though, so I won't get to take my sweet time with her.
And that's all I want to do.
If I have to kill somebody to be with her, so be it.
Those bastards have no idea what it really means to be the devil.
I'll show them.

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Hawk - Savannah Rylan Book Reviews

  • Awesome (Bookbytch5)

    Hawk is a great start to The Road Rebels MC, This is Hawh and Sydney story ther both MC brats. I was hooked from start to finish. Thye boht had a hard life, Can’t say to much. But can Hawk forgiveSydney because of a BIG SECERT she hide form him. A must read
  • Coward (Great super duper book!!!)

    The girl just used hawk! She used him when her father died and when she was homeless. The girl only comes to hawk when she is desperate not because she wants to see him! She had no right to keep his daughter away from him for that long! Shes is even more tainted than he is, claiming she wanted to keep their daughter innocent. She literally dragged their daughter around getting involved with other clubs. She did a terrible, selfish job at raising his daughter! Hawk deserves better than a coward!

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