Twice Burned - Emily Goodwin - Emily Goodwin

Twice Burned

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 9041867371463400111
  • Book Genre: Romantic Comedy
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Twice Burned Book Summary

I've been burned before.

Once by love, twice by fire.

And I don't know which hurt worse.

For years, I've been playing with fire. Both in the sheets and in the streets. But after a life changing accident, something had to give. Moving from Chicago to New York to live with my estranged brother is less than ideal, but it's only temporary. To make it through the next year without killing each other, I need to stick to a few simple rules: no dating, no drama, no getting in each other's business. Easy enough, right?

Then I met her, and the rules went out the window.

Problem is, he met her first.

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