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iPhone User Guide by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do.

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iPhone User Guide (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews

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- mr1 star

Talk about something useless. How do you find anything

- 29/03/20205 star

Update 13

- Awesome book1 star

Honestly, this and the iPad user guide are cool, they just wanna help you, you dumb 1-starting idiots

- On point5 star

Very in-depth informative and a must first time Apple iOS how to set up practical features & settings for the device, apps & accessibility settings Apple has interface into there devices granting a large range spectrum for persons with mild to severe disabling senses & mobility wishing to & granting many the ability to use and access there mobile devices & thus bringing safety, confidence and a touch of normalcy to their lives with a support network that doesn’t abandon them after the purchase but on key 100% behind their products , services & customer satisfaction many times teaching the set up of the product that meets their customer needs with pride at their customer learning the capabilities that enrich their lives With American made technology support and services. Not like some device manufacturer across the big pond that says they 100% back their product but don’t tell you that they used another company’s working platform license that requires their products,services to function properly oh a btw they not the manufacturer but patent license holder without the manufacturer product warranty or any such liability to the customer but yet has the ability to shut down services disable your account and services disabling your device on a whim no known reason nor any given just because they can & feel no obligation to the manufacturer license to use their platform the purchaser terms agreement with them either but have the ability to seize personal information discontinue services turning your new 1,000 dollar smartphone into a peace of junk ... smh ~C.W.~

- Good5 star


- Grate5 star


- Very easy to read5 star

I learned so much

- And5 star


- Easy to read5 star

Loved it

- Apple Inc.5 star


- Finesseddddddd):1 star

Ok so low key kinda Garbo bcs no one wants to read 1000 pages before they use their iPhone so trAsh

- ✨✨✨5 star

The reviews on the manual are something else like y’all, it’s a manual please relax🌝🌞🌜

- Whooo4 star

I’lL tAkE yOuR ENtiRe sToCK

- Question5 star

The person that said support iPhone 6s I agree

- The3 star


- Ringer off5 star

It showed me the magic button for mute

- ??????????????1 star

Question How much is it?? I am not clicking “Get’ until I know

- I won’t a iPhone 115 star

I think they are cool

- iPhone guide5 star

I like it.It tells me things I didn’t know

- iPhone and iPad user guides2 star

I have not yet read these although I would really like to. The reason I did not give it more than two stars was because I couldn’t find a price anywhere and I did see an ad for it that said it was free but it doesn’t know if they’re on the actual item so it said the item had been paid because it automatically went to my Apple Pay. I feel a little weird about that I feel like there should be a receipt and I feel like I should know how much it costs. If

- Awsome books5 star

It will help me lot's.

- iPhone Manuel5 star

I found it very easy to follow directions when using the IPhone Users Users. Manual

- Super5 star

Okay. The best!

- Yeeeer5 star


- Ms4 star

Support iPhone 6s

- Excellent gide5 star

Well reading

- Battery operation3 star

In informative guide, but I wanted to know how to turn off apps running in the background and maintain a longer charge. A brand new iPhone Xs does not keep an impressive charge for long.

- Your BEST Source for iPhone Information5 star

I’ve been an iPhone User since the first day the iPhone One was released for sale in the US. I’ve owned more iPhones than usual and also managed to collect more than 4000 Apps along the way. I also volunteer as a beta tester so we all get the best version of iOS possible. With all this experience, ‘why do I need a User Guide? Here’s a few reasons; a). there are always new, innovative things to discover. b). it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. c). the ability to quickly search for an answer in the guide is far more convenient and less time-consuming than Google. Also, iPhone support is for more urgent matters. d). the iPhone is more advanced than ever and (as you’ve probably come to realize) there’s so much you can do. And I want to get the MOST out of my device. Using an iDevice to it’s full potential means you’re either keeping a lot of info in your head or you’re keeping a reference close at hand. I prefer the latter. And you will too!! Highest Recommendation!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Locked Out Germantownchic2 star

Every program asks for my finger print. How do I solve this problem?

- IOS 13.2.25 star

Is great

- Overall good and useful for anyone4 star

The book was really useful and practical. I actually didn’t read all of it tbh 😂 but from what I read was good. I would recommend this to everyone who is new to the iOS 13 for an iPhone because it basically covers everything from Messages to Music. But if you prefer to figure out the new update and iPhone in your own (I did 😂) you don’t have to read this.

- IOS 13.25 star

Awesome great help! Keeps you up to date.

- Carzsee.rx fbcxfxcxockkkod d cxxxv5 star

CxCan CCCCXHxSThanks and bfktxxyxssyxy leW

- Why is it in dark mode?1 star

This is impossible to read! Dark mode is a gimmick and it doesn’t work for reading pages of text. This is pretty basic, i’m amazed that Apple would do something as useless as this.

- Information5 star

Informed me a lot !!

- iPad User Guide1 star

I guess I’ll never know whether it is any good or not, as you will not let me read it. It seems to me that buying an $800 tablet entitles me to instructions for its use. It seems there was a moment of agreement at Apple, for the listing states that it is free. Inexplicably, every time I click on “Get”, which I have done many times, I am told that there is a problem with a prior purchase, or some such nonsense. Apparently Apple and I have different understandings of what “free” means. Hopefully, kind Internet posters will keep feeding me information, without charging me for it, until one day I am triumphant over this adversity. Right now, I am stuck at not being able to get iPad OS to acknowledge video on external SSD drive. My Internet tutors apparently have not had this problem, as they simply say that it works.

- Helpful guides5 star

Nice and helpful.

- EYE STRAIN !!!!!!!!!!!????????1 star

Where Do You Enlarge Text Size? Experts?

- User guide iOS 13.11 star

Another Apple mass confusion.hhjjjjkkjjbv55443

- I was very glad to see this!5 star

Very well put together! Makes for enjoyable reading. Everything you need is right there.

- Gotta have u baby! Had a heart attack and5 star

Let me know where u are!!!!!❤️💜❤️poopy doopy!! Hi

- 🥰🤪🥰🤪🥰🤪🥰🤪🥰🤪5 star

SsssswwwwiiiPe! SsssswwwwiiiPe! YES! Finally!!!! Thank You Apple! ! Finally!!!! Thank You Apple!

- Awesome5 star

Been waiting for Apple to give me on phone keyboard swipe to text!!! YES BABY

- I love apple5 star

Really an wonderful book

- Very informative3 star

Contains everything you would ever want to know about your iPhone and iOS 13.1. My only gripe is that it’s not really a page turner. IMO if the author added a love story or some battle scenes, it could be more captivating and suspenseful. But overall a very good read and I’ve recommended it to my book club.

- Qtr4 star


- 100th5 star

Let’s gooo

- Da’Bomb5 star

Gives good information, all the questions I had were immediately answered!

- Any other languages available?5 star

Such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean

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- Langue1 star

Et oui !!! Tous semblent dire qu'il n'y a pas le guide disponible en français ?!!! Pourtant les français achète vos produits alors rien ne serais plus simple pour vous d'en faire une copie en français pour ceux et celles qui ne comprennent pas l'anglais !! C'est la moindre de chose .. au prix que ça coûte !!! 😏

- Guide en français!1 star

Je suis de celle qui a de la difficulté avec tous les termes en anglais, merci pour avoir la traduction en français!

- Guide1 star

Est-ce qu’il existe un guide français et comment le récupérer?

- google translate traduit4 star

pour ceux qui le veule en français faite des copiers collés sur google translate

- FEANÇAIS1 star


- Je veux en FRANÇAIS !!!!!!1 star

Je suis au Québec, je veux un manuel en FRANÇAIS!

- Incroyable1 star

Rien en français où où peut trouver????

- iPhone 8 User Guide3 star

I think this guide is very informative and in depth, very easy to navigate. Thanks Apple I’m so glad to be back on an iPhone.


Difficile d’avoir le guide en français ?

- Français1 star

Rien en français ?????

- Guide francais1 star

Désolée que il ne soit pas disponible en français! Quand sera t il disponible? Est ce possible d’en être avisée?

- Guide iPhone 81 star

Svp la version en français ! Merci

- Français1 star

Je ne trouve pas que la copie française

- Langue2 star

J’aurais aimé que le guide de l’utilisateur soit en français car je ne comprend pas bien l’anglais.

- Savoir comment recevoir ce livre en Français. Merci1 star

Cela serait important de pouvoir le lire en Français

- Apple lnc5 star

Tutorial s IPhone 99ridaust Ottawa Apple Inc

- Very good5 star

Very detailed and helpful

- It’s alot4 star

The book has a bit to much information and to be honest I didn’t read ALL 830 pages.

- Terrible1 star

All you can do is read about an IPhone

- Review1 star

Found more info on google!

- Why is this even a thing1 star

Soz for messing up reviews lol

- Where’s the guide?1 star

Very minimalistic guide. I found more info on google

- Review Title1 star


- Amazing5 star

Wonderful to read and very helpful!!!

- Great For Starters5 star

Great for people that are getting into smartphones or that people are moving from Samsung

- Long1 star

Very long Hi

- Amazing5 star

Had me tearing up at the end

- Que bien5 star


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- Very useful5 star

Great info

- Awesome5 star

Very helpful and informative

- just really helpful5 star

amazing, one word. amazing

- Informative5 star

Not every detail I wanted to see but still teaches you the basics of the new operating system 🖖🏻

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5 star

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@jenniferburke00: #edshare #edsharie the below link is probably one of the best links to short and user friendly videos to guide all Tea…

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@jenniferburke00: #edshare #edsharie the below link is probably one of the best links to short and user friendly videos to guide all Tea…

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@jenniferburke00: #edshare #edsharie the below link is probably one of the best links to short and user friendly videos to guide all Tea…

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@jenniferburke00: #edshare #edsharie the below link is probably one of the best links to short and user friendly videos to guide all Tea…

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@jenniferburke00: #edshare #edsharie the below link is probably one of the best links to short and user friendly videos to guide all Tea…

5 star

@jenniferburke00: #edshare #edsharie the below link is probably one of the best links to short and user friendly videos to guide all Tea…

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#edshare #edsharie the below link is probably one of the best links to short and user friendly videos to guide all…

5 star

Apple Watch User Guide & Tutorial! (Apple Watch Basics!) #AppleWatch #AppleWatchS4…

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