Just Love

Just Love by Prescott Lane Book Summary

There's two sides to every love story.  The how you fell in love, and the how you fell apart.

This is ours.

The cardinal rule of friendship is you don't mess with your friend's sister.  That goes double when she's his little sister.

It was just supposed to be fun.

She wasn't supposed to end up being the love of my life.

And I definitely wasn't supposed to break her heart.

Ainsley is a wedding dress designer.  That should've been a warning that she's a hopeless romantic.  That should've clued me in that she believes love conquers all.

But there are some things that love can't fix.  I'm one of them.

She thinks love is the answer.

But love is the reason I let her go.

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Just Love (Prescott Lane) Book Reviews

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- Just Love3 star

First time reading this author.I chose it for the ratings. Pretty sure it appeals to the 20s and 30s age group more than it did to me. The sex language in almost every romance I read just makes me enjoy it less. But I am sure I am an exception. It was a decent story, just not a five star one for me.

- Just Love5 star

I read A LOT. I have been reading some form of romance since I was a teenager many years ago. I am rarely surprised or caught off guard by a book, but every now and again, one comes along, and when you finish it, there’s this overwhelming feeling of having just finished something that was so powerful and amazing that all you can say is WOW. This is one of those books. This is not a light-hearted HEA book. This one pulls out all the emotions. This is kind of like that go to movie when you need to purge all your emotions: Terms of Endearment or Steel Magnolias, only I find the written word much more powerful. An author who can do this has so much talent. Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us.

- Just Love~5 star

I have to say that it’s been a long time since a book has made me cry, laugh and even feel frustration as if I were really part of the story. It brought out every emotion you can feel. This is the 1st book I read from this author, and I will definitely read everything else she has written. I didn’t want the book to end.

- Review: Just Love4 star

Just Love by Prescott Lane is a standalone contemporary romance. It literally is a before and after story. The couple falling in love up until an event happens to change their lives, and then the couple finding their way back to each other in spite of the event and all the fallout it entailed. It was emotional. I'm not talking a little bit of angst and drama but BOOM happily ever after. I'm talking it made me uncomfortable the level of pain these characters were subjected to. It was sooo well written and handled with such class. I kept wanting that magic fiction-switch to be pulled so that everyone was suddenly 100% again, no issues. But that would have not done justice to Rhett and Ainsley at all. Instead, the author stayed the course and gave these two the best ending. I usually steer away from such emotional entanglements in my book world and wasn't expecting it but I enjoyed it. Hope you do too.

- I’m sad it’s over5 star

I loved this book! I’m so sad it ended and I want more but all good things must come to an end. I especially loved the different perspectives that the book gives you. Highly recommend!

- All the stars. Emotional and touching. Loved it!5 star

I have tried to sit down and write this review a few times but can’t seem to get the right words to describe how much I loved this book. I devoured it. I felt every word. I was heartbroken and spent. I was consumed. The story gripped me from the very beginning. We know something happened, but we do not know what. We know hearts were broken and lives altered. The author takes us on a journey of past and present that will have you turning the pages as fast as you can. Ainsley, Brody, her brother, and Rhett, Brody’s best friend, were very close. Tragedy brought them together in a way they never expected. Through the years, they have always stood by each other no matter what. But when Ainsley is back after college, she has become a woman Rhett cannot stop from wanting. There is nothing innocent about the way they look at each other, much less want each other. Their chemistry and connection was undeniable. True love at its very best. I loved Ainsley. She was sweet, caring, smart and full of sass. Rhett was sexy, charming, smart and a determined man. He was also a strong man. Their friendship easily gave way to more between them. It was fun, sexy and easy. Things could not have been more perfect, until they weren’t. This story is not an easy one, but it was beautiful, touching, emotional and a must-read. I cannot begin to express how much I LOVED this story! LOVED IT! Just Love by Prescott is an all-consuming story about love, heartbreak, grief and the power of love. I devoured it! One of my top-favorite books of the year! ⠀ Read and reviewed for Sultry Sirens Book Blog. Happy reading

- Beautiful!5 star

This book is very beautiful written. The characters have deep, raw, and real emotions that as the reader you can feel with each page. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good love story and page turner.

- Best book of 2019! All the feels!!5 star

Love this book!!

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I LOVE to read new and new-to-me authors and Prescott Lane is just that! This ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS cover is the first thing that drew me in...and then I read the blurb and I was intrigued! Let me just say that NOTHING prepared me for what I was about to read behind said cover!!! This book (and this author) TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY with this STELLAR, CAPTIVATING, ANGST-FILLED and HEART-SMASHING 5+ star read!!! Just Love is a standalone, told in dual point of view with a twist (this INCREDIBLE story goes back and forth between the past and the present but it really couldn't be told any other way!) I was immediately hooked in the first chapter....actually, I was hooked after reading the blurb, to tell you the truth...and it just got better and better as I read! I went through the entire gamut of emotions. From the initial awareness of a teenaged girl (Ainsley) that her brother's best friend (Rhett...how PERFECT is that?) is HAWT to her having a HUGE unrequited crush on him to the heart-and-soul-satisfying conclusion and ALLLLLL the angst and heart-break in between, I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with these characters!!! The roller-coaster ride of emotions starts in the first chapter and never lets up the entire journey! All I can say is, you WILL need TONS of tissue (and maybe have some chocolate and wine, or your alcoholic beverage of choice, handy as well!) Prepare to have your heart DECIMATED...but Ms. Lane finishes it off PERFECTLY in the end and puts it all back together again, definitely not the same as it was BEFORE this epic journey, but I think, better than it was before reading this unique, UNFORGETTABLE, UTTERLY UN-PUT-DOWNABLE TOP FAVE READ of 2019!!! I can't wait to read more from this author if THIS is an example of what I've been missing!!! "Love is a belief, a faith. I've never thought about love as a faith before, but that's exactly what it is. To have faith is to trust someone else totally. That's what love is at it's core. They say you can't have love if you don't have trust. That's what love is. Love is faith. It's long past time for me to become a believer."

- Gorgeous Cover and Story.4 star

Firstly, I couldn't start this review without making mention of the cover! It is stunning! Now I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but if you are already going into it with a smile, its got to be a plus. This novel took me on so many paths before we got to the epilogue, that at first I was unsure if it was for me. There are two parts to the novel, and the first part is a little jumpy with past and present times and the two different lead characters. Once I got that worked out, it flowed much better. At one point, I thought I knew where the storyline was going, but at the half way mark, I was totally wrong. And it surprised me in a good way, a sad way, but it gave the book more spunk and backbone. It also made the present time, part one, make more sense in their choices. I hope that isn't too cryptic, as I do not want to give anything away. Its a story that you need to travel and explore on your own. What I will tell you is these characters had me liking them, loving them, hating them, loving them, so you can see I got all the ambience I am sure the author was trying to convey. Yes, it is a brothers best friend trope, as well as a second chance romance, but it is so much more than that. There is definitely angst, and the good angst that has your heart beating fast, and holding your breath waiting for the outcome. At times, I was mad at them both, but when you truly take in what had happened, and how can things ever be the same, it wasn't until the last few chapters, when Rhett was showing her, that I put myself in their shoes. I have no idea how I would handle the situation, and I would hope with the same grace that Ainsley did, but they both had to come to terms with it and go through all the emotions. And then, I 'just' wanted to hug them both and be excited for their future. Lastly, I cherished that epilogue. It was the best conclusion for this couple and it made my heart melt. This is the first book I have read from this author and I know I will be looking out for more from her. ** Reviewed by Monique for JoandIsaLoveBooks Blog.

- Beautifully written love story5 star

Prescott Lane is relatively new to me but I have to say with each book I read I’m loving everything about her characters and her style of writing and she is fast becoming a go to author for me. If you are looking for a love story that will captivate you and take over your life look no further than this book, the story flips back and forth between the past and the present but it worked so well because so much of this journey revolves around the past. This is an emotional love story that will have you hitting some real highs as well as real lows as we join Ainsley and Rhett’s epic journey to true love. The cover is stunning and the story is a beautifully written second chance love story that I’m sure will touch many readers on so many levels. Great read and I’m looking forward to more from this very talented author.

- Loved it5 star

Prescott Lane is a new author to me and why that is I have no idea why that is. This is a beautifully written book that touched me on so many levels and is in my opinion a second chance at love story about Rhett and Ainsley. Just Love is a story of regret, forgiveness, love and laughter. It is an emotional roller coaster of a read that had me captivated from the first to the last page. The connection between Rhett and Ainsley is intense and I was absolutely hooked. The writing was strong and the characters, particularly Rhett, Ainsley and Sadie were well written and interesting. There were times that I laughed so hard whilst reading but there were also times when I sobbed my heart out; my emotions all over the place. Just Love is a story that may leave you with a book hangover, I know it did for me.

- You'll never see this coming!!!5 star

Is it strange that my reading habits this week seem to have taken a turn to the grittier side of life?? Mostly it’s dirty sexy, often sweet and swoony stories that make me hot under the collar- or further south if I’m being honest lol, or just plain and simple happy to have read it. But this week, I have read not 1 but 2 books that have had me stop and think, I mean, really, really think; about the other side of life. The one we don’t really come up against in our everyday lives, well, I don’t for one. Just Love isn’t just a love story, it’s so much more than that. The ties that bind Ainsley and Rhett together are many and binding, but sometimes, even that isn’t enough. It started out as a simple best friend’s little sister romp, but it became so much more. Deeper, harsher, harder. It plunged me into a gut-wrenching, emotion soaked, fear ridden roller-coaster ride. I laughed in the beginning, I huffed and ground my teeth in the middle and I cried. I full on snot-cried at the end. Sadie, aaah, Sadie!!! This story has it all. Love, laughter, anger, despair, regret, forgiveness and all consuming love. It’s sure to be on my list for this years TOP reads. Grab your copy today, but be sure to keep the tissues close, you’re going to need them.

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