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Changing Lines

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 5860179601466013480
  • Book Genre: New Adult
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4.5 star
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Changing Lines Book Summary

Claire and Jude Sinclair have been living the perfect life for the last ten years. 
Blissfully in love, professionally successful, happily married… They have everything they want—except a baby to make their family complete. 
On the eve of the birth of the baby they’re planning to adopt, Jude gets traded to another hockey team in another state, and their thoughtfully planned-out road to parenthood hits a speed bump. 
But they didn’t survive all the turmoil of their pasts to get knocked out now. This is their game seven, and they won’t accept anything less than a win for the family they’re destined to have.

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Changing Lines Book Comments

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Changing Lines - Toni Aleo Book Reviews

  • Wonderful summer novella! (Judy Hartley)

    Thank you Toni! Thank you for taking us back to see some more of Jude and Claire. What a wonderful glimpse into their lives at this pint in time. While it’s not perfect, it’s a wonderful portrayal of what life and love is like after years of ups and downs in a marriage. Lovers of the Belvue Bulloes series will enjoy catching up with some old friends as well.
  • Loved it! (beckera_ann)

    4.5 stars Changing Lines was a cute, short story set in the Bellevue Bullies series. If you’re a fan of Claire and Jude, you’re going to love this one. Although it was a novella, it was packed with so much emotion. I laughed and I cried. I love the Sinclair brothers, and I definitely missed them. There was so much struggle with Claire trying to get pregnant, you could feel her emotions as if they were your own. This is a definite must read.
  • Really cute catch up story (Aitutaki28)

    A short continuation of Jude and Claire’s story. A couple with successful careers want/ need only one thing - a baby. Is this in the cards for them? Struggles with infertility and the exploration of adoption from both sides and loving each other through the hard times. Really cute catch up story!
  • Perfect Love (Stacy Sooter)

    I love the way Toni has written this couple. I could read their story over and over again. This book added so much more to them. I felt their emotions as I read them. Thank you Toni for this. Please keep them coming.
  • I loved these two! (Lexy H.)

    I was so excited when I found out we were getting Claire and Jude’s story about their family. It was seriously so cute and sweet. It felt like it’s been forever since we’ve seen into their lives, but this was so worth the wait. Everything about these two has you falling in love with them all over again, but seeing them as parents seals the deal and your heat just can’t take it! I hope we get another glimpse into their lives, because that journey isn’t over!
  • Roller Coaster of Emotions (Ladybug1999nice)

    Toni never ceases to amaze me. It’s like I have never missed Claire and Jude because their story still is so fresh. From the first time meeting them in the Bullies series and watching their growth between Both series, it was a breath of fresh air to get a new glimpse into their “grown up” lives. Claire and Jude are both going through the heartbreak of not being able to conceive and losing their opportunity of having a child, but God always has a bigger plan for them. The Sinclaire / Anderson clan make you remember why you love and live for them through the story too. Get ready for a roller coaster of emotions as we take a journey of what it takes for these two beautiful souls to get their family started.
  • Heartwarming & special (KindleKat64)

    Absolutely wonderful and heartwarming!!! This short is so special the emotion oozed off the pages and wrapped it's way around my heart ! Jude & Claire Sinclair, my favorite Bellevue Bullies couple, are back 10 years married and even more in love then ever! I loved every single minute of this short story and could not have asked for a better catch up into not just their life together but all of the Sinclairs. Chock full of heart and soul from start to finish, this amazing story brought equal amounts of tears and smiles and I simply adored it! Bravo Toni Aleo! This is one of the best short story couple follow-ups I've ever read!
  • Full circle (Morgan Sibbett)

    We really get to see the obstacles that Claire and Jude face in trying to have a child. Claire is doubting her worth as a woman and questioning why Jude would want to be with her when she can’t perform her “womanly” duty and conceive. Jude is barely holding it together to be strong enough for Claire, riddled with his own self worth issues as a man and a husband. Through it all though we get to see Claire and Jude come back together to one another stronger than ever before. The novella chronicles the last stages of the birth mothers pregnancy and the daily lives of Claire and Jude preparing for their baby to arrive all the while trying one last time to conceive their own. There was one twist at the end which I felt very fitting and very deserved. I honestly would’ve felt robbed reading the novella if this thing hadn’t happened. That’s all I’m going to say because I don’t want to spoil it. I will say along with any Sinclair story we get to see Brief, brief glimpses of the whole family. Which was nice in the setting that it happened. It was nice revisiting these characters and I truly hope we get to revisit them some more!
  • This was such a great book! (Sasper5)

    I was so happy to see that Claire and Jude from Bellevue Blues was getting their chance to have a baby. They are just settling in Minnesota and adopting a baby from a young lady who came in the women’s shelter where Claire volunteers at. Claire is upset that Jude is being traded to an NHL team in Florida. So now they have to pack and deal with their baby coming early. Claire is used to this but it just is too much this time. I’m glad that Jude is so loving and carrying to Claire so she does not get overwhelmed with a new baby and packing everything up for their trip to Florida. I hope we get another story out of them to see how they are doing after the little surprise we got in the end. I would recommend getting a copy of it now while it’s at a discount price
  • Changing Lines (Elizabeth Clinton)

    What another Amazing Read by Toni Aleo. Jude & Claire Sinclair seem to have it all, but what they want has always just been out of reach a family to call their own. Two deserving people might just get what they finally want. Can they hope for that HEA or will they have to wait a little longer. As you read their story you will get totally invested in them and wish with them that they get what they truly want.

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