Better than Sexy

Better than Sexy by Carly Phillips Book Summary

Insta-love only happens in the movies.

Insta-lust? That she’d buy into.

Until she meets take-charge club owner Landon Bennett and falls head over heels at a glance.

When hot as sin Landon Bennet offers sexy songstress Vivienne Clark a summer residency at his popular Manhattan nightclub, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime and she can’t resist. Add in the man’s obvious interest and seductive attention and life is perfect. Until she puts together the pieces of his past. Fate might have brought them together, but is the intimate relationship they’ve been building strong enough to overcome one painful fact. She’s the sister of the man who killed his twin.

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Better than Sexy (Carly Phillips) Book Reviews

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- Landon and Vivi find love!5 star

Landon has an incredible physical reaction to a photo of a singer he wants to hire for his club. Meeting her in person reinforces his desire to spend as much time with her as possible. Vivi can’t believe her luck when she is offered a summer residency singing at a local club, until she figures out who owns the club. Vivi couldn’t be more different than her brother, but she doesn’t think it is enough to build a relationship on, professional or personal. Landon can’t believe his rotten luck, to have such a strong emotional reaction to the last person he should even want to be around. It’s a lot to overcome, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Explosive chemistry that touches their souls is not summer fling material, its lifetime material. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

- Review: Sexy 3: Better Than Sexy4 star

Better than Sexy by Carly Phillips is the third book in her Sexy series. An adjacent visit to the world of the Dare family, and another glance into the lives of the owners of club Ten29. This one is Landon's story and it's a doozy! Landon experiences instant attraction with the singer they want to hire for the summer for the club, one Vivienne Clark, but sooner or later, even the attraction between them can't outrun the secrets that darken their shared past. Emotional, well-written, well-paced, and with some hot button issues, the sacrifices each of them is eventually willing to make for each other and for love is heart-warming. Enjoy!

- Love Landon and the journey he takes for love5 star

Vivi loves music and has been working hard to build a career out of her passion. When she gets her big break, she is stunned to learn it’s at the very club that was named in honor of the boy her brother Vic killed in college. I love her courage to walk away when what she wants is right in front of her. Landon knows that Vivi is the singer they need to solidify the success of Club Ten29 for the summer and is shocked when she turns down the offer. After their initial meeting, he knows she felt the same chemistry he did so he decides that no is not an acceptable answer. Landon and Vivi are a fabulous duo together but what will happen when the truth comes out about Vivi’s family? Can Landon find forgiveness? Will Landon’s family be able to accept Vivi into their lives? I enjoyed getting to experience Vivi’s journey to take this opportunity and turn it into the next big thing for her musically. The passion shared between Landon and Vivi is electric. But experiencing Landon’s journey to truly face his grief and the loss of his twin brother Levi, was inspiring.

- Lust or Love at First Sight4 star

With Landon’s partners finding their other halves and starting new things, it was only time till Landon finds his. Lust at first sight but it’s who her family is that might have Landon Bennett running the other way. Vivienne Zane is the new hottest signer to hit New York and the TEN29 club wants her to headline for the summer. Can Vivi prove that she not her brother and that she and Landon having something worth fighting for? Carly Phillips has written another swoon-worthy fast-paced romance that you won’t be able to put down. Really looking forward to reading the novella connected to this series.

- Not worth the money1 star

There has to be some new trend where authors write great sample chapters and then stop caring after. Once you get past the sample it’s like reading a skeleton outline. Case and point no depth, no development of the plot of characters. Just oh here’s the trouble they just overcome. The exact sentence that got me was “he had been a thorough lover” that was a thought process in the characters head. This book had such great bones and plot but there is minimal development. It’s 350 pages on my iPhone. Thats not nearly enough writing to actually thoroughly develop characters. This isn’t the first book guilty of it. But I wish authors cared more about developing and delivering a compelling story than getting me to commit after two chapters and then falling off.

- Terrific5 star

Landon and Vivi share a pain on two different sides of the same coin. This is an exceptional story that emphasizes the wide and deep range of human emotions from pain to acceptance to forgiveness to love. This a read for a good cry that warms your heart.

- 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎1 star

Not worth it 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 waste of money 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

- Better Than Sexy5 star

ARC for honest review with no compensation Better Than Sexy is book 3 in the sexy series by Carly Phillips as we go back to Club TEN29 with Landon and Vivi. Landon and the guys are looking for a singer for a summer residency at the club and when he is showing the video of Vivi Z he is hooked. He wants her for the entertainment residency and much more...What he doesn’t know is that she changed her name years ago and that her real name really is… Vivi Clark the sister to the man who killed his twin brother. What happens next will keep you on the edge of your seat to find out if the past will tear them apart or if faith has something else in mind…to heal both our hearts and find their HEA together!

- Such an emotional read!5 star

4.5 Stars This is book 3 in the Sexy series and it features Landon and Vivi. This story is so emotionally charged, sad but beautiful at the same time. Their attraction was immediate. When she realized who he was she tried to cut ties. She just didn’t understand that when Landon Bennet wants something, he’ll do whatever it takes to get it. What happens when he finds out who she REALLY is? Amazing story line and fabulous characters! This is such an emotional read. Landon‘s father broke my heart. I can’t wait to see what this author comes out with next!

- Review by Christine Jalili5 star

This is such a fantastic book. I loved the instant heat between Landon and Vivi. Their first was just so hot! But she has a secret and can’t really be involved with him. I had some tears on the piano scene, and loved how he goes after her. Will his parents understand? I absolutely loved their happy ever after. It’s a very heartwarming story and I highly recommend this book.

- Bittersweet conclusion to series5 star

When I started this series with Jason's book, I knew that Landon's book would be bittersweet. Carly Phillips does not fail to deliver in this emotional, eye-opening final chapter. If you haven't read this series, I highly recommend you start at the beginning. You will not want to miss any of the little details leading up to this conclusion. I wish I could say more, but I would give away the story and I really don't want to do that. Trust me, you want to read this book.

- Letting Go & Letting Love In!5 star

Landon Bennet took once look at Vivienne Clark and was struck by lightning. Vivienne can't believe the offer Club TEN29 offer her but can she take it knowing what her brother did? Can these two figure things out?? I sure hope so because the sparks are off the chart! Wow couldn't put this book down!!

- Satisfying!5 star

This was the best one of the Sexy series! Landon and Vivi fell hard! But, all of the complications! Especially for Landon. He had to come to terms with a lot in dealing with the pain of losing his twin brother, Levi, many years ago. Vivi, too, had a lot to deal with concerning her brother even though she hasn’t had anything to do with him for years. Even though both Landon and Vivi didn’t always handle their situation very well, they managed to find their way to each other. A satisfying end to this series.

- At long last5 star

Landon’s story!!!!! I’ve waited to hear his complete story and find out who is woman enough to take away his sad past and steal his heart. I LOVE ViVi Zane! She is perfectly imperfect for him. This is the third book in the Sexy Series of Club TEN29. Three friends who are bound by tragedy and rise above it, each one finding the one woman who can help heal the wounds. Landon lost the most, his twin brother, to a bully. An accident that should never have happened but determined the rest of his life. ViVi is the one woman that should never be involved with Landon. Her family is directly responsible for his misery. But when love makes a decision, who are we to say it can’t happen? Must read book. Another five star by a classic!!

- Full of heart and soul!5 star

I have been enjoying this series so much and am absolutely loving these sexy men who own Club TEN29. I knew from the get-go that Landon's book was going to be my favorite. Carly Phillips has created yet another series that I can't seem to get enough of. Landon Bennett is in charge of entertainment at the club he owns with is friends Tanner and Jason. He is instantly enamored with Vivi Zane. And talk about irony. She is the one woman he should run away from yet is the first to pique his interest in a long time. Vivi (aka Vivienne Clark) grabs his attention and soon he does everything he can to spend time with her including sign her up to be the musical attraction for the summer at the club. He does not know her connection to his painful past at first and it does cause quite the complication to their budding relationship once he does. This story is amazing and all the characters are so relatable even though some of their pasts may be a bit complicated. Full of heart and soul with plenty of steamy scenes thrown in, this book kept me pleasantly ensnared from beginning to end.

- Always getting better5 star

This read was so good, VIvi Z and Brandon had chemistry that everyone could see, the twists and turns of this story was so good that you couldn’t put this book down. Seeing how these two characters deal with getting the acceptance from all around. Carly Phillips did not disappoint with a great addition to this wonderful series. I could not wait for this book, and seeing all the other owners of ten29 and in this great series you do get to keep up with them all, and was not disappointed. I can wait for what is next from Carly Phillips.

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- Love a “Love At First Sight” story!5 star

Loving the Sexy Series!!! Carly Phillips always delivers a HOT SENSUAL read!! Vivi (Vivienne) is an extremely talented songstress on the rise. She posts a short video of herself singing, and it goes viral!!! Landon is the third partner in the Club owned by three friends who have a haunting past. When he suggests a residency as a summer act for their club, his friend suggests Vivi, whose video he just saw online. When Landon sees the video, he can’t keep his mind off Vivi. After Landon approaches Vivi with the residency contract, she quickly puts “two & two” together and knows it’s a bad idea for her to perform at the club. The owners of the club have a past that conflicts with hers. After many propositions, Vivi finally accepts the residency, hopping the truth won’t catch up to them… But sparks start to fly between Vivi and Landon… and this makes this whole situation very sticky… until someone “spills the beans” and the secret is out!!! Absolutely LOVED this read!! Can’t wait for the next book in this series! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

- emotional and captivating4 star

BETTER THAN SEXY is the third instalment in Carly Phillips’ contemporary, adult SEXY erotic, romance series, a cross-over with the author’s DARE series. This is nightclub owner Landon Bennett, and singer Vivienne Clark’s story line. BETTER THAN SEXY can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty although I recommend reading the series in order for back story and history. SOME BACKGROUND: Several years earlier Landon Bennett’s twin brother Levi was killed during a hazing incident at college. Together with his best friends Tanner and Jason, Landon opened the nightclub Ten29, in remembrance of the day his brother died. Told from dual third person perspectives (Landon and Vivienne) BETTER THAN SEXY follows the building relationship between nightclub owner Landon Bennett, and singer Vivienne ‘Vivi Zane’ Clark. Landon, Jason and Tanner had plans for club Ten29, and when an up and coming singer went viral on social media, our trio offered Vivi Zane a summer residency at Ten29 but little did anyone know that Vivi’s connection to Landon’s past was deeper and darker than anyone could have imagined. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Landon and Vivienne, and the potential fall-out when the truth is revealed about Vivi’s relationship to the man that killed Landon’s brother. Vivienne Clark is an up and coming star but when she is offered a summer residency at club Ten29 our heroine struggles in the face of the truth. Her brother, an unrepentant killer, has shown no mercy in the face of his sins, and her brother’s sins are about to reflect on our story line heroine. Landon Bennett can never forget the day his brother died, and opening club Ten29 in his memory was only the beginning of Landon’s homage to the brother he lost. Hiring Vivi Zane to perform at the club gave Landon a hope for his own happily ever after, but a HEA that will be destroyed by sins of the past. The relationship between Landon and Vivienne is one of immediate attraction but neither one knows the connection to one another until Vivienne’s brother reveals the truth during an interview about college hazing. Landon, his partners, as well as his parents struggle in the face of Vivienne’s connection to the man that murdered Levi Bennett, but none more so than Vivienne herself who tried desperately to walk away before everything spiralled out of control. The romance between our couple is one of insta-lust but a relationship that is about to quickly implode. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. We are reintroduced to Landon’s business partners and best friends: Jason Dare, and his girlfriend Faith (Sexy Dare #1), Tanner Grayson and Scarlett Davis ( Twice as Sexy #2). The colorful secondary and supporting characters include Landon’s parents Carrie and Samuel Bennett, Vivienne’s mother Anne Marie Zane, as well as Vivienne’s agent Owen Rhimes, and her personal assistant Ellie Roberts. BETTER THAN SEXY is a story of forgiveness and loss; heart break and pain; romance and love. The premise is emotional and captivating; the characters are broken, struggling and charismatic; the romance is seductive but struggles in the face of Levi’s death.

- Emotional ride!4 star

Oh Landon! 😭😭😭 I’ve been waiting for his story since we meet these characters. This book takes us on an emotional rollercoaster of feelings as Landon meets Vivienne and the fall for each other, not knowing that a twist of fate will be thrown at them! Ugh I just had all the feels reading this. It was funny, sexy and sweet but also heartbreakingly beautiful. Carly is really good a tossing a twist in the story to show us all up! lol Great story!

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