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Lucky Mix Up

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 14724058701472709685
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Lucky Mix Up Book Summary

News flash: Nobody wants to buy sex toys from a virgin.

Guess who is hiding her v-status because that info could sink my family’s Vegas biz? 

That’s right. 

This girl. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve trialed every lube, vibrator and butt plug our company sells. I’ve taste tested every edible underwear flavor in stock. I’m hard working and thorough at my sales job but I lack field experience. 

So when a chiseled, beast of man mistakes me for a hooker, like any good business woman, I see opportunity. One look into his deep blue eyes has me feeling hot in all the right places so why not trade in my v-card in the name of research? 

Except that Mister Growly and Gorgeous isn’t happy he went to bed with a hooker and woke up with a freshly deflowered virgin. And here I was hoping he didn’t notice. Damn if he isn’t even more attractive in protective man mode. You know what they say about best laid plans…

Now this dirty talking knight in shining armor is offering to teach me everything I need to know about sex--and love. Has my luck finally changed for the better?

Author’s Note: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but you won’t want to leave the Sullivan brothers behind once you meet them in my Lucky in Love series. And it all starts here with Braden and Scarlet’s unforgettably sexy, over-the-top romance!

This is the first book in the Lucky in Love Series by Lark Avery.

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