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Wicked Secret by Sawyer Bennett Book Summary

Those that truly know August Greenfield, will tell you that I live my life to the fullest. Work hard as part of the team at Jameson Force Security but play just as hard at The Wicked Horse Vegas. I have no regrets about my life.<br>
Well, maybe just one.  <br>
Leighton Hale was my first love and the woman I wanted to spend my life with, but one day she was just gone. Vanished without a trace. Even my extensive contacts as part of the team at Jameson left me empty-handed in my search for answers. My single remorse is never being able to find out what happened to her, because no matter how difficult the truth may be, it can’t be as bad as never knowing at all.<br>
Ten years later, a knock on my front door brings me face-to-face with the woman I thought I’d never see again and nothing in my life could have prepared me for the secrets she holds.<br>

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Wicked Secret (Sawyer Bennett) Book Reviews

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- Great Read5 star

Wicked Secret (Wicked Horse Vegas #7) was another great read by Sawyer Bennett. August works hard as part of the team at Jameson Force Security. But enjoys playing very hard at The Wicked Horse Vegas. Leighton was the first and only love of August’s and the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. One day she just up and vanished and broke his heart. He leads a life with the only remorse being that he was never able to find Leighton. He never expected that ten years later, she would appear on his door step looking for his help. I really enjoyed August and Leighton’s story and I can’t wait to read more by Sawyer Bennett.

- Wickedly sweet4 star

This is a great sexy but sweet read. It has all craziness of the wicked horse, but mixed in is the sweet teenage romance that turns to fire 10 years later as full on grown ups. But..... can August forgive what Leighton has kept from him all these years they were apart, can they make it last the second time around ? You won’t be able to put it down until you find out!

- 🔥🔥4 star

The Wicked Horse Vegas series is one of my favorite series and that includes this book! It was so good! It has the perfect mix of feels, hotness and sexy times. If you love second chance romances, you will love this book!

- Wicked good5 star

Nothing better than a second chance and secret baby story. Sawyer Bennett didn’t disappoint with Laughton (Tracy) and August’s story with Sam’s story in the background. You could help but root for the fa,ily to figure things out. I was happily shocked how it ended. I can’t wait for the next story in the wicked house series and Malik’s story for the jamieson security. I love that these series are all woven together but they are also stand alone.

- Another great read!5 star

Having been a fan of this series since the beginning, I am thrilled there is a new “Wicked” story. In the Jameson security company, there are 2 locations. Las Vegas and Pittsburgh. With this story, Ms. Bennett has thoroughly joined the Jameson Security stories with the Wicked Horse books. August (love this name) works for Jameson Security, and is a member of some frequency at Wicked Horse Vegas. He certainly is enjoying his life until Leighton knocks on his door at 3 in the morning. She is the woman who loved him as a teenager until the night she disappeared. Ten years later she is back with a past and a secret and she need August’s help. And off this story goes. There is so many emotions for this story, for several reasons, and I love how the story made me feel them all. I am a huge Sawyer Bennett fan, and for me, this is another winner.

- Wickedly hot!!4 star

4.5 Wicked Stars! Holy hotness! Second chance storyline with scorching hot chemistry and a twist. August and Leighton’s story will give you all the FEELS! Lance Greenfield and Kristen Leigh nailed the narration! Another great addition to this series!

- Outstanding Story & Narration🎧📚🎧 Captivating, Heartfelt & Sizzling🔥Hot!5 star

Wicked Secret Wicked Horse Vegas, Book 8 By: Sawyer Bennett Narrated by: Lance Greenfield and Kirsten Leigh Wow, this book is awesome! I have become a huge fan of Sawyer Bennett’s work, I haven’t had the pleasure to read or listen to any of her “Wicked Horse” books yet and now I know what I have been missing. This book grabbed my attention right from the start, and what a smoking hot start it is! I took an immediate liking to August, I loved his great, no-nonsense personality, another big plus is that he works for Jameson Security, so you know he is super cool. In the opening scene he is hanging out at the Wicked Horse, a BDSM club where just about anything goes. I adored Leighton, her tenacity to do what she has to do to save her loved one’s life, including risking her own life. When she knocked on August’s door he was taken aback, he had not seen her in 10 years when she disappeared and was forever out of his life. He tried searching for her to no avail. I loved how everything played out in this book, it is cleverly plotted and the story flows beautifully. The story has plenty of drama, a bit of angst, some twists and turns, a touch of suspense, lots of heartfelt emotions and hot loving! It was great to catch up with some of he Jameson Security crew too. Thank you for another amazing book, I am looking forward to catching up with the rest of the series soon. I listened to the Audible edition, Lance Greenfield and Kristen Leigh are fantastic narrators and voice artists. They did an amazing job portraying the characters, bringing them to life giving each their own voice and personality. Lance perfected August’s role and Kristen’s Leighton was awesome too. They captured the characters emotions as well as the drama of the story and projected it into their performance. They are entertaining storytellers and a pleasure to listen to. Thanks you for another fabulous listen🎧

- Going back to vegas4 star

We’re going back to the Wicked Horse-Vegas! Our latest WH-V story gives us August. He loves his life. He’s single and enjoys his time at the wicked horse. He wouldn’t change his life for anything. After all he lost his first love when she disappeared into thin air right before they were gong to start their life together when they left for college. So what happens when his high school sweetheart shows up out of the blue...with a big problem? I love this series and this book was just as good as the others. It’s hot, emotional and a great read. I didn’t want to put it down.

- Loved it!5 star

5 Stars Wicked Secret by Sawyer Bennett is the eighth book in the Wicked Horse Vegas series. Even though it is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. I freakin’ love this series and I swear, they get better and better. Wicked Secret is a second chance romance that will have you glued to the pages and never wanting it to end. It will have you feeling ALL THE FEELS! August and Leighton(Tracey) were both incredible characters. August works hard and plays even harder at the Wicked Horse. He is loving life until his past comes knocking at his door-literally. He has no idea how one moment can change everything. My heart broke Leighton in so many ways. She was extremely relatable and man, I just wanted everything to be okay for her. She did not have it easy in so many ways but she never gave up which was very inspiring. I loved this book-So. Freaking. Much. Ms. Bennett has such a way with words that you easily fall in love with them and her fictional worlds. Highly recommend reading this book!

- A wicked good time!5 star

I loved Leighton. Austin is not my favorite of Sawyer's heroes, but I loved his connection to Jameson. The story was interesting, and I can't wait to read Declan's story.

- Secrets and teasers4 star

Wow, what a secret to keep. How do you tell your high school boyfriend why you disappeared in the dead of night and never contacted him? And now, ten years later, how do you tell him why you finally searched him out? Leighton has so much to explain and August has so much anger to deal with. It's a wonder these two can stand to be in the same room. Leave it to Kynan to make it work. I love Kynan. He has his guys backs no matter what. And he will come through yet again with what is needed. And Sawyer Bennett, I love you but I hate you. You are such a tease in this book. What will happen with Malik? You are stoking the fires yet again.

- Soo good5 star

This was a great read! August finds out he is a dad to a 10 year old son, but he is sick and needs his help. There is more to it as to why he is just finding out about his son, but the road to reconciliation isn’t always as easy as it seems. I enjoyed their dynamic and I liked the added bonus of Declan for fun!

- On The Run5 star

Ten years ago, August and Leighton, thought they had everything and would be together forever...until they weren’t. Leighton disappeared into the night, never giving August a clue as to why they were suddenly over. Everyone thought she was dead, but August had his doubts. Still, with nothing but memories to hang on to August moved on with his life. Leighton ran... Fast forward ten years and a frightened Leighton shows up at his doorstep. August KNOWS she’s hiding something, but is not prepared for the secret she’s held for all these years....a son and so much more. Sam is a very sick 9yr old who has AML and is in need of a stem cell transplant. Much to Leighton’s surprise August agrees to help, but on his terms. Sam and Leighton will return to Vegas, live with him, and undergo treatment in Vegas with doctors he’s chosen. Leighton wearily agrees, knowing she’d do anything to save her son’s life. Sawyer Bennett weaves the sexiest, realistic, most emotional stories. August is your to die for, Alpha male. He’s big, bossy, and high-handed while being extremely loving. Although he hadn’t even met or seen a picture of Sam, he readily agrees to undergo painful injections and harvesting to save his son’s life. While he’s initially mad at Leighton for keeping such a HUGE secret, he ultimately decides he may have come to the same conclusion given the information she received. When danger comes to Vegas, I loved that Jameson Force Security stepped in to assist. Lastly, I loved returning to Wicked Horse Vegas! Steamy, hot, electric scenes in the Silo🔥🔥🔥. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

- Suspenseful second chance love story4 star

Wicked Secret is a second chance romance with a bit of suspense. My two favorite genres rolled into one. August Greenfield is an ex-cop that now works for Jameson Force Security in Las Vegas. He frequents the Wicked Horse on the regular and doesn’t care to do things any other way. One day his ex girlfriend, Leighton Hale, shows up at his door after not seeing one another for ten years. They were once a high school sweethearts who were so in love that they thought they would be together forever. Until one day Leighton and her father leave town quickly and unexpectedly. August tries to find them, but never does. When Leighton shows up on his doorstep he finds out the she and her father have been in the witness protection program for the last ten years and she was unable to reach out to August. He was not very happy with Leighton, but couldn’t deny the chemistry that sizzled between them. I really enjoyed watching their story unfold. I felt their feelings about everything they had been through was on point and their chemistry was undeniable. I loved the suspense aspect and getting glimpses of other Jameson security members. I can’t wait to see what’s next in the Wicked Horse Vegas series.

- Decadent5 star

Wicked Secrets is the eight book in this series, a second chance at love for Austin and Leighton. A beautiful heartwarming romance with plenty of kinky sexiness. There’s a reason The Wicked Horse Vegas is one of my favorite series, the stories are always decadent and wickedly hot!

- Emotional & sexy second chance!5 star

Love this series! But this particular story really got my emotions revved up!! I love second chance romance and this is that but honestly so much more! August is not quite the same man Leighton was in love with at 18. Perhaps it’s because that was a decade ago and so many things have changed in the time they have been apart. I mean so many things. When Leighton walks back into August’s life, it is certainly shocking and with quite a secret. One thing that hasn’t changed is their incredible chemistry. They are so good together! Some wonderful emotional moments blend with some hot steamy goodness to create a wonderful story that is ultimately about love and family. I also love that this is basically a combo Wicked Horse/ Jameson Force story because I can’t get enough of either!

- Wickedly Sexy!5 star

Wicked Secret brings two great series of Sawyer Bennett’s together, Wicked Horse Las Vegas and Jameson Force Security. This is a real page turner full of secrets, drama, danger, suspense, wicked sex scenes and a second chance romance. I was immediately hooked. After ten years of wondering if she was dead or alive, August Greenfield opens his door in the middle of the night to see a ghost looking back at him, Tracey Glendale the love of his life. But she is no longer Tracey she explains, no she is now Leighton Hale. But that is not why she is there, no she has a secret that will rock our alpha to the core. These two will need to get past this betrayal in order to make their world right once again, and Jameson Force security will help pave the way. But so will the Wicked Horse help to bind them together again. Once again Sawyer Bennett gives us characters that come to life as you read, with their emotions and feelings jumping off the page into your heart. The story unfolds quickly and flows effortlessly from start to finish. The twists and turns were exciting and unexpected. The secondary characters add to the story rather than distract from and most importantly, the romantic and sexual tension is off the charts. Don’t miss it! Received an early copy from the author in exchange for a honest review.

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- What is the secret3 star

Okay maybe I am expecting too much because it is Sawyer writing the story. While the plot was intriguing and kept you reading the characters had some flaws I could not get past. She shows up on his doorstep as Leighton to save her son. A son she has kept hidden from August because her father had been a mob informant. While I understand the mistrust her hiding has on August...he sees her, takes her to the Wicked Horse where the experience is blasé at best because of the speed it happens without any significant depth and August makes her seem like a memory he trying to purge. It feels like an injustice to the whole meaning of “The wicked horse”. People go there to have hot, panty melting sex so give us some. Maybe a longer story could have also allowed more drama with Sam and his recovery, it was flat. More drama and heat between August and Leighton. Its like one day she is his roommate, casual sex buddy and the next he sells his house and runs with them for safety...after the mob spot her father in Vegas. August kept telling them they were safe! Its was underwhelming when they were actually spotted. Plus if you are in Witsic hiding from the mob would you really be walking around a casino in vegas...a place they would most likely be. So they all relocate and they start a family life which is a great ending but it just feels like we missed the story.

- 4.25stars-secrets, lies, vengeance and betrayal4 star

4.25 stars--WICKED SECRET is the seventh instalment in Sawyer Bennett’s contemporary, adult WICKED HORSE VEGAS erotic, BDSM, romance series focusing on the members of an exclusive Las Vegas $ex club known as the Wicked Horse. This is Jameson Force security specialist August Greenfield, and Leighton Hale’s story line. WICKED SECRET can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalment is revealed where necessary. WICKED SECRET crosses over with the author's Jameson Force Security Series. NOTE: WICKED SECRET contains scenes of MFM ménage , and light BDSM sexual situations that may not be suitable for all readers. Told from dual first person perspectives (August and Leighton) WICKED SECRET focuses on the second chance romance and relationship between Jameson Force security specialist August Greenfield, and Leighton Hale. Approximately ten years earlier, high school sweethearts August Greenfield and Tracey Glendale had their whole lives ahead of them but one day, Tracey and her father Rich disappeared leaving everything behind they owned. Fast forward to present day wherein Tracey, now known as Leighton Hale, arrives in Las Vegas, looking for something only August is able to provide. With more than one secret about to be exposed, August struggles with the revelations and the ten years lost of a life he knew nothing about. What ensues is the acrimonious rekindling relationship between August and Leighton, and the potential fall-out as life is about to change for everyone involved. Seventeen year old Tracey Glendale had no choice but to run with her father, leaving behind the young man she would always love. As Leighton Hale, our heroine had new responsibilities including the protection of the people she loved. Having never stopped loving August Greenfield, Leighton struggled to ask August for the biggest favor of his life, a favor that was about to place her in the direct line of fire. August Greenfield battled between head and heart with the return of the woman he knew as Tracey Glendale, but ten years of secrets and lies brewed fury, anger and deep seated animosity that August was willing to take his vengeance out at the Wicked Horse Vegas, vengeance directed at and about our story line heroine. With all secrets revealed, August and Leighton set down a path for a new adventure both together and potentially, apart. The relationship between Leighton and August is a second chance romance that struggles in the face of betrayal, secrets, lies and heart break. Leighton never stopped loving our story line hero but August made sure to seek his pleasure every where possible including a membership at the exclusive Wicked Horse Vegas. August struggles with Leighton's reappearance and the secrets she is about to reveal, a struggle that manifests and is directed at Leighton with bitterness and contempt. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic, and intense including a M/F/M sexual situation August was using to prove he was still in control. The secondary and supporting characters include August’s friend and billionaire Declan Blackwood; Jameson Force Security owner and August’s boss Kynan McGrath and his wife Joslyn Meyers; Leighton's father Mike, and his grandson Sam. WICKED SECRET is a story of secrets, lies, vengeance and betrayal; love and friendship; life altering situations, and a family on the run. The premise is captivating; the characters are charismatic and energetic; the romance struggles in the face of hostility, deception, accusations and lost love.

- A must read second chance romance!4 star

4/5 STARS Wicked Secret was another phenomenal instalment in the Wicked Horse, Vegas Series. This is a second chance, romantic suspense that I devoured in one sitting. August Greenfield is an ex-cop now working for Jameson Force Security. He frequents the Wicked Horse in his down time. He is content with his life. Leighton is on the run and has been in witness protection program and is hiding a secret that will rock August’s world. The moment Leighton shows up on August’s doorstep their chemistry was evident but due to their past there was a lot of intense emotion between these two as well! August tries very hard to keep Leighton at arms length and keeps up his anger, and defenses for a short time but soon he gives in as he will do anything for her. Leighton has had a tough life and is strong and resilient. I loved the suspense in this one. I adored the way August protects Leighton at all costs. The connection between these two was steamy, and explosive. I couldn't get enough. I love the world that Sawyer Bennett has created with the Wicked Horse Vegas and Jameson Force Security and loved seeing the characters cross over. I also loved getting to know more about August’s billionaire friend, Declan! Can’t wait for his book next. Thank you to the author for an advanced reader copy in exchange of an honest review.

- Suprise from the past5 star

Can I give this story more than 5 stars...YES!!! August works for Jameson and one day he gets the surprise of his life, he has a son Sam from his high school sweetheart Leighton. Leighton is hoping that August is a match for a cancer treatment the Sam needs for his leukemia but she also has some explaining to do to why she never told August about his 9 year old son. The story is action packed, keeping you on edge with some major heat between August and Leighton. You will feel the bitterness August feels and the rationality coming from Leighton's logic. A few of our usual players are at the rendez vous but this story is less about the Wicked horse and more about the characters dynamic within this very real story. Their attraction is immediate, intense but like an old friend ready to be ignited. I absolutely adored this story and I honestly volunteered to review the arc.

- Wicked secret5 star

Absolutely fabulous

- Wickedly Fantastic Read5 star

Wicked Secret is another fabulous addition to The Wicked Horse series. Young love, lost love, reconnected love, family love all wrapped up in tale of woe. At times sweet, at others exceedingly hot Wicked Secret is a fantastic read.

- Loved it5 star

This is one of my favourite series and for me it just keeps getting better and better. Wicked Secret is book 7 in the Wicked Horse Vegas Series and this is August Greenfield and Leighton Hale’s story it’s a second chance love story that captivated me from the first page. You know you are reading something special when you’re so connected to the characters and their story that you lose sleep over it, you can’t put it down and you are left wanting more, well that’s exactly how I felt with this emotion read. August and Leighton need to come to terms with their past before moving on to their future, they both have issues that need to be addressed and they need to search deep into their themselves to seek the truth and start loving themselves before they can start loving each other. The chemistry is sizzling and the passion hot but can the hurts from the past ever be forgiven........ I highly recommend this passionate and emotional read to all romance lovers. Great job Ms Bennett.

- So good5 star

This is August Greenfield and Leighton Hale’s story and is the seventh book in the Wicked Horse Vegas series. It was smoking hot, deliciously naughty and romantic; l was captivated from the first to the last chapter. This is a second chance at love story that ticked the boxes for me. This book was well written, emotional and at times stressful as August and Leighton come to terms with the past and fight for the happily ever after they so richly deserved. I really loved the “realness” of the characters and was totally invested in their journey. Wicked Secret has all the heat and passion that we have come to expect from this series as well as deep emotions that really force both August and Leighton to look deep into themselves to seek their own truths. The chemistry between them is intense and I loved how strong Leighton is. Can August forgive the hurts and betrayal of the past and in doing so open himself up to another chance with the only women he has ever loved? One click and find out.

- Wickedly Good!5 star

Within this series of the Wicked Horse, Vegas we get to read about a couples escapades with their time at the club. This book, Wicked Secret was so much more. Yes, you will have some adventures in the rooms at the club but also we get a cross over to the Jameson Force Security series. And I loved that! August is one of Kynan’s employees at the Force and he spends his down time at the Wicked Horse. Back home, he gets a knock on his front door from a woman he thought he’d never see again. Leighton is scared and needs August’s help but it means she has to divulge her secret or two of them. The fact that she has never gotten over him, well she’ll keep that close to her heart for a while. This is the seventh book in the series, and can be read as a complete standalone novel. I recommend you read each and everyone of them as they all have a unique story to tell. The thing I loved about this one was not only the second chance romance, or even the time they spend at the club getting their kink on, but the added action from the Force side of things that kept me reading all afternoon. I am sure we will read more about this couple in the upcoming Force novels, and I’m also very intrigued to read Declan’s story and HEA.

- 5 stars5 star

This one will have you feeling all the feels! A fast paced, emotional and suspenseful story, some seriously scorching chemistry and wicked hot scenes. A second chance romance with a twist. 5 stars.

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