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Man of the Moment

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 13021206431474622479
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Man of the Moment Book Summary

Sometimes you get more than you bargained for …


In a family of gorgeous, glamorous people, I’m the oddball. The math whiz, the science nerd, the one who’s more comfortable with sound wave research than small talk. 

The one who’s always been in the shadow of her beautiful, popular older sisters.

So when my parents throw their big annual party, I figure I’ll hire a gorgeous actor to be my date, to treat me like a princess and act like he’s smitten with me. For once in my life, I’m going to be the envy of every woman in the room.

And with Archer at my side, I am.

It’s going to be the best night of my life … as long as I remember it’s not real.


Someday, I’m going to be a movie star. In the meantime, I don’t mind getting paid to make a geeky girl look good for an evening. When I realize her family connections hold the key to my acting career, though, I decide to take our professional relationship to a personal level. 

I’ll keep playing the doting boyfriend; she’ll get me an audition with one of Hollywood’s most powerful directors. 

But my plans backfire when I realize I’m developing feelings for her.  

Now I have to decide which means more to me—Annabelle … or my shot at stardom.

This is the first book in the Man of the Moment Series by Thea Dawson.

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Man of the Moment Book Comments

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Man of the Moment - Thea Dawson Book Reviews

  • Opposites Attract (This app is getting annoying)

    It is a very cute book, it seems Archer is helping Annabelle bring her self esteem up while also using her to get his big break. The book does a great job of not obviously letting readers know if he had to choose between the Annabelle and his big break which he would choose. It keeps you on your toes.
  • Engaging and enjoyable! (Friendly mentor)

    Annabelle, the cute, brilliant sister, who comes from a wealthy family of two successful, gorgeous sisters, hires Archer, a struggling actor in LA, to be her escort for a big family event. I love how Ms. Dawson’s easy writing style tells this story from a dual POV. It naturally flows back and forth without skipping a beat and easily shows the chemistry between them. Thea Dawson is truly a charming writer
  • Toes (Bikerchick09)

    This short book really keeps you on your toes. Love the characters and getting to know they really are with such background given , it makes it seem more like you are watching your friends from the outside looking in...
  • Man of the moment by Thea Dawson (Loganmel1864)

    Curious to see how Archer and Annabelle’s story finishes.
  • Man of the moment (Archer2751)

    Excellent family description
  • Great start (KP 0330)

    Man of the moment..... I love w he’s getting her out of her shell. Wondering what his back story is though Intrigued to find out
  • And (straighttalker198)

    Boring and stupid. No
  • The Actor and the Nerd (Marie Bourgery)

    Archer Carleton sees life as a series of transactions. Someone does something for him and they expect something in return. Annabelle Winters hires him through Gentlemen, Inc. to be her escort to her parents’ annual party so her family won’t pity her because she’s short, curvy, and nerdy instead of tall, thin, and beautiful like her sisters. Their relationship starts out as a transaction, but Archer keeps saying he wants her to feel beautiful until she starts to fall for him. This was a cute romance about a nerdy graduate student and a struggling actor. Being a nerd and unsure of myself, I loved that Annabelle was too.

Man of the Moment - Thea Dawson Book Reviews

  • Man of the moment (MmePQ)

    The book brings the reality of shy people’s struggles with dating.

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