Wrecked With You

Wrecked With You by J. Kenner Book Summary

He never wanted a partner. And then she came along.

After more than a decade chasing shadows, Antonio Santos finally has a lead on the hiding place of The Serpent, the elusive villain who kidnapped him as a child and murdered his mother and uncle. But in order for Tony to get close, he’ll need access to an exclusive private island—where he can only enter with a woman on his arm.

Antonio goes to Stark Security to call in a debt … then walks out with Emma Tucker on his arm. A loner, Antonio isn’t interested in having a partner. He just needs a female. But the striking redhead’s skills soon impress him. More than that, her lush body and beguiling self-assurance tease his senses in unanticipated ways.

A longtime operative with deadly skills, Emma resents being arm candy for someone else’s agenda. But the more she works with Antonio, the more she admires his razor sharp intelligence and formidable prowess. And when the island’s games push them over a sensual cliff, she can’t deny his talents in the bedroom, too.

As passion rises on this island playground full of lust and danger, they both fight the growing attraction between them. But with danger racing toward them from both on and off the island, they soon realize that more than their hearts are at stake. Because unless they can trust and rely on each other, they also risk losing their lives.

Charismatic. Dangerous. Sexy as hell.
Meet the elite team at Stark Security.

Shattered With You
Shadows Of You (a FREE prequel to Broken With You!)
Broken With You
Ruined With You
Wrecked With You

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Wrecked With You (J. Kenner) Book Reviews

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- Sexy spies4 star

Sexy spies, sin & suspense! The book started off with a bang and I found Emma Tucker to be one of the one of the most exciting heroine’s I’ve read in a long time- fearless & fun but also smart & dangerous. I loved that she had the audacity to tell off Damien Stark when she felt he had only hired her as eye candy instead of for her very real & deadly skills. Ultimately partnered with lone wolf Tony Santos, they set off on a decadent mission, at risk of losing not only their hearts but also their lives.

- A series you can’t get enough of!!!!5 star

Oh how I am obsesses with the Stark Security series. This one is about Emma and Tony ..queue the *Sigh*. I totally swooned over Tony and even though I loved all of the books previously, I am "Wrecked" over Wrecked with You. Yeah I totally went there! I knew instantly that this job was going to get personal between Emma and Tony. And you know what happens? A lot lol. Yeah I am going to leave out the spoilers. Kenner gives her characters heart of gold even if they cannot see if for themselves. Tony has flaws, and does not see himself as anything else. Emma has a couple of hangups. What I loved was that these two brought the best out of each other!

- Hot & Steamy5 star

Love the web that J Kenner can weave with all of the Stark Security characters! Emma has just put an end to a personal vendetta and has been offered a position at SSA. Instead she ends up partnerIng up with Antonio (Tony) on a mission to find The Serpent. Wrecked With You takes you on a wild ride that includes murder, mystery and a lot of steamy sex.

- Steamy and suspenseful!!4 star

4.5 stars. I am loving this Stark Security series so much! It is as steamy as it is suspenseful with amazing characters; all the good things I’ve come to expect from J. Kenner in this Stark universe. I really enjoyed how much this story delves into Antonio and Emma’s characters, their relationship and their pasts. It adds so much to what is happening between them in the present. I also love the interaction with all the other characters we know and love. As always I am looking forward to more, more, more.

- Meant for each other!4 star

Very rarely does Ms Kenner disappoint and this is no different. Even though both Tony and Emma think they were never meant for a relationship with anyone given that both of their childhoods and pasts were horrible. But, maybe that’s why they were surprised to find themselves so compatible and involved so fast. They shared common enemies and wanted the same endings. I liked that Emma was so self sufficient and strong. Looking forward to Winston’s story.

- Loved it4 star

This has it all. There’s plenty of action, incredibly detailed sexy time, a bit of humor and lots of romance. The Stark Security series are filled with outstanding characters and keep me entertained. J Kenner has a unique way of bringing all her characters together without making the books overbearing to read. That’s not easy. A cute epilogue with a tiny cliffhanger for what’s to come next!

- Never a Dull Moment In or Out of Bed5 star

Antonio and Emma are both loners, but are perfect for each other, more than they could ever imagine. He's looking for a female agent who can help him out, but take care of herself; however, neither have a clue on just how truly connected they are. With red hot chemistry, seriously steamy sexy times, no slow burn here, and an action packed story, there really is never a dull moment. Emma, is Eliza's sister (heroine of Stark Security #1); Antonio, known as Tony to his friends, has made multiple appearances in the Stark Universe (I'm pretty sure). All the previous books of this series have been stand alone stories, and while this one is to, this story is definitely going to play a roll in the fifth book of the series. I don't think this will be the last of Emma and Tony, we'll be seeing. I'm a big fan of the author, but I feel like it's been a lot of the same lately, but this time, I felt I was getting something new, something a little more fresh. I was immediately hooked. With that said, I do feel like, on occasion, the characters were saying/thinking the same things over and over again and border on monotonous, especially Emma. I feel like the ending wasn't wrapped up in a tidy little bow because not everything was connected or everything that should have been said wasn't said. There is a tertiary character, and while she serves her purpose, there are a couple things that weren't resolved in my eyes. I did receive an advance copy for an honest review, but I also purchased the book to see if some of my issues mentioned above were just things being worked out before the official release date.

- Must read5 star

J. Kenner has written a great mystery, suspense, and love story. Antonio Santos and Emma Tucker meet at Damien Stark’s house. As they meet, they don’t know that they have the same enemy in The Serpent. Antonio needs Emma’s help to go to an island where someone is help him find The Serpent. There is a lot of hot scenes and suspense. It will not be easy for these two.

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- Suspenseful!5 star

This is the fourth book in the amazing Stark Security Series, an erotic romantic suspense. Wow! I loved it! Tony and Emma's story is suspenseful. They both are strong and smart characters, and they share a sizzling hot chemistry. They are perfect together! They are seeking for revenge, and they teamed up for it. The storyline is fun, sexy/hot, suspenseful, action packed, and filled with secrets. I like this Series with interconnected characters. If you like you romantic suspense spicy, this one if for you! Looking forward to read the next book in the Series, Destroyed With You!

- decadent and hot4 star

WRECKED WITH YOU is the fourth instalment J.Kenner’s contemporary, adult STARK SECURITY erotic, romantic suspense series –a spin off from the author’s numerous STARK series. This is former Deliverance operative Antonio Santos, and former Sensitive Operations Command operator Emma Tucker’s story line. WRECKED WITH YOU can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalments is revealed where necessary. Told from first person perspective (Emma) and third person (Antonio) WRECKED WITH YOU follows Antonio Santos as he hunts for the man known only as The Serpent. Intel from the dark web directing Antonio to the exclusive Debauchery Resort finds Antonio calling in a favor from Damien Stark, a favor that pairs him up with independent operative Emma Tucker, an agent whose current target is The Serpent as well. In order for Antonio to access the high-end sex club, he is going to need a female partner, and that partner is going to be Emma Tucker. What ensues is the building relationship and romance between Emma and Antonio, and the potential fall-out as Antonio gets some news that forces him to walk away from the woman with whom he is falling in love. Antonio Santos doesn’t do relationships and he is currently all about taking down the man that destroyed his life. The Serpent’s true identity is unknown but to only a few, and with this Antonio is desperate to locate the man before he does any more harm. Emma Tucker’s earlier years were fraught with abuse and neglect. On the run with her younger sister for most of their lives, Emma did everything necessary to protect her sister from facing a future like Emma had endured. The relationship between Emma and Antonio is one of immediate attraction but Emma refuses to work with a partner including Antonio Santos. Hoping to join the Stark Security Organization Emma believes she has blown her chance when she balks at a partnership with Antonio, telling Damien Stark to ‘go to hell’. Working together, as a couple, at the Debauchery Resort, Emma finds herself falling for Antonio Santos, a man who struggles with Emma’s true intent. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense. There are a few scenes of ‘foreplay’ using multiple partners and sexual situations. The secondary and supporting characters include Emma’s sister Eliza and her mate Quincy Radcliffe (Shattered With You #1), and Denny and Mason (Broken with You #2), as well as the Stark Security Team including Ryan and Jamie Hunter, Cass Cunningham, and Nikki and Damien Stark. There are several couples and characters we meet at the Debauchery Club including Antonio’s informant The-Asst. WRECKED WITH YOU is a story of betrayal, revenge, family and love; of desperation and retaliation; of erotic fun and ‘sexual debauchery’. The fast paced premise is engaging and captivating: the characters are colorful, energetic and animated; the romance is decadent and hot.

- Need more on all the stark characters5 star

I don’t want to stop reading about any of the characters from Damien to Jackson to the security guys. Hanging out for more

- Ticked all my boxes5 star

First off I need to say I’m loving everything about the world of Stark Security, it’s a series that’s getting better with each new release and Emma Tucker and Antonio(Tony) Santos’s story is the perfect addition to this great series. Emma and Tony are not looking for a relationship their jobs and life style that goes with those jobs are far to important to risk everything for a love but when they find themselves striving for the same means to an end feelings they can’t ignore come into play.... If you love romantic suspense stories Wrecked With You should be at the top of your TBR list, the characters are loveable, the chemistry is sizzling and there are enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. A captivating story that drew me in from the first page and didn’t let me go until I had read the final line, great addition to a great series.

- Great addition to the series5 star

In my opinion, this series is getting better and better. This is Stark Security agent Emma Tucker and Antonio (Tony) Santos’s story. Tony is a man who never gives up, determined to do whatever it takes to get revenge on the man who murdered his mother, his uncle and kidnapped him as a child. I really loved the characters of Tony and Emma and as with previous books from Ms. Kenner the secondary characters were just as engaging. Neither Emma or Tony are looking for a relationship but when an assignment has them partnering up they cannot ignore the chemistry that sizzles between them. I love romantic suspense stories and this one was particularly good. Wrecked With You is a well written, fast paced, full of suspense, passionate story that had me riveted from the first to the last chapter.

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