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Searching For Love by Melissa Foster Book Summary

Discover the magic of New York Times bestseller Melissa Foster's writing and see why millions of readers have fallen in love with the fiercely loyal and sassily sexy characters in the Love in Bloom big-family romance collection. Love in Bloom novels are written to stand alone or may be enjoyed as part of the larger series, so dive right into this fun, sexy romance.

Zev Braden and Carly Dylan were childhood best friends, co-explorers, and first loves. Their close-knit families were sure they were destined to marry—until a devastating tragedy struck, breaking the two lovers apart. Over the next decade Zev, a nomadic treasure hunter, rarely returned to his hometown, and Carly became a chocolatier and built a whole new life across the country. When a chance encounter brings them back into each other’s lives, can they find the true love that once existed, or will shattered dreams and broken hearts prevail? Find out in Searching for Love, a deliciously sexy, funny, and emotional second-chance romance.

Love in Bloom novels feature alpha male heroes and smart, empowered women. They're flawed, funny, passionate, and relatable to readers who enjoy contemporary romance and women's fiction. 

THE BRADENS & MONTGOMERYS (Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls). Order of future books is subject to change. 
Embracing Her Heart
Anything For Love
Trails of Love
Wild Crazy Hearts
Making You Mine
Searching for Love
Our Wicked Hearts
Summer of Love
Hot for Love
Claiming Her Heart
Sweet Sexy Hearts
Winter of Love


"When it comes to contemporary romances with realistic characters, an emotional love story and smokin' hot sex, author Melissa Foster always delivers!" The Romance Reviews

"You can always rely on Melissa Foster to deliver a story that's fresh, emotional and entertaining. Make sure you have all night, because once you start you won't want to stop reading. Every book's a winner!" New York Times Bestselling Author Brenda Novak

"With her wonderful characters and resonating emotions, Melissa Foster is a must-read author!" New York Times Bestseller J. Kenner

"Melissa Foster is synonymous with sexy, swoony, heartfelt romance!" New York TimesBestseller Lauren Blakely

"Melissa Foster writes her romance novels similarly to my favorite adult romance author, Danielle Steel: the perfect blend of drama, romance, friendship, love and passion."- Andrea Buginsky, author 

"I highly recommend this book to fans of Nora Roberts (one of my personal faves) and fans of a sweet story filled with heat and heart." - Tia Bach, author

"Melissa Foster is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Fated For Love was amazing. It kind of reminds me of Jill Shalvis' books and they are my benchmark for contemporary romance awesomeness."  --Books Like Breathing (on Fated for Love)

"I highly recommend the Snow Sisters all the Braden and Remington books....I am sure there are going to be other family's that intertwine and that is what I love most about these books. They remind me of the McCarthy of Gansett series and The Green Mountain series. I am a huge fan of Marie Force. And now Melissa Foster has joined her ranks...." - I Love NY, Reviewer

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Searching For Love (Melissa Foster) Book Reviews

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- Chocolate Treasure5 star

I love Zev and Carly the most beautiful love story. They literally loved each other since second grade. They had a lot of firsts, kissing, adventures, sex and breakups. However they loved each other with every piece of their heart. Very good heartfelt story.

- One of the best!5 star

Searching for Love will break your heart with the history of the two main characters Zev Braden and Carly Dylan. But as they begin to repair their relationship I could only cheer them on. This beautifully written story by Melissa Foster will hit all your buttons. It is romantic, healing, funny, sad and uplifting. I also loved how the characters from other books were woven throughout the book. It also must have taken a good bit of research to show the “treasure hunter” process. A true 5 star read.

- Enthralling5 star

This delicious second-chance romance will leave you with an epic book hangover. Zev and Carly have a strong connection that can’t be denied. I loved the tension, discovery, amazing friends and family, smokin’ hot sex, adventure, chocolate treats, the humor...oh, the humor. It’ll have you laughing until you cry. Meant to be love will always find a way. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable story. And don’t forget the tissues!

- Treasure trove of love stories4 star

After reading this book, I've decided I need a treasure hunter in my life. Even if only for a short time. The adventure, the love, the fun, the humor. Not only did we have Zev and Carly's story, but we had glimpses in to Ford and Randi's story. And Cutter and Quinn. This story has piqued my interest in these new stories. And Dare has a lot of moves and should have a story of his own soon. And now I'm curious about Luis and Aunt Marie. Goodness, Ms Foster has opened a treasure trove of love stories (ha ha pun intended).

- Today is Wednesday July 29, 2020 Good Afternoon Now. ?5 star

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- “There eyes connected with the heat of summer lightning.”5 star

If there was ever a time that we needed a book to lift our spirits and make us smile, it is right now. Melissa Foster’s latest book “Searching For Love” is a romantic, emotional, and beautifully written second chance love story. Zev and Carly are a special couple whose love story is tender, sweet and deeply personal. Their love for each other is timeless and made me laugh, cry and believe that real love will always find a way to bring people together. When tragedy struck, Zev closed himself off from his family and friends and left town because he thought that traveling, exploring and thrill-seeking would rid his mind of the guilt that surrounded him. However, Carly was always on his mind and in his heart and he would never be the same without her. He cherished her and she was far more precious than anything he had ever found in his travels. Carly was his “most valuable treasure and [his] first and only love.” Carly was heartbroken when Zev left and felt that nothing would ever be the same. She shared everything with Zev and he was her other half and soulmate. She always wondered why Zev never reached out to her, called her or sent a postcard. Didn’t their love mean anything to him? When she saw him again, the past came rushing back like a stream after a storm. He was her best friend and the one person she could share her love of adventure with. But that was all in the past, wasn’t it? Why was Zev back in her life now, and what did it mean? Does Carly have it in her heart to forgive Zev or will she hide behind her fears and watch him sail away again?

- Beautiful5 star

This book is a second chance romance and hits you in all the feels. Both Zev and Carly love each other but need to work through the past. It was a book of self discovery as much as it was about rekindling their love.

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- 4.25 stars-intoxicating4 star

4.25 stars--SEARCHING FOR LOVE is the sixth instalment in Melissa Foster’s contemporary, adult THE BRADENS AND MONTGOMERYS: PLEASANT HILL-OAK FALLS erotic, romance series. This is treasure hunter/diver Zev Braden, and chocolate shop owner Carly Dylan’s story line. SEARCHING FOR LOVE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines and series is revealed where necessary. THE BRADENS AND MONTGOMERY: Pleasant Hill-Oak Falls series is a spin off from several of the author’s other ongoing series. Told from dual third person perspectives (Zev and Carly) SEARCHING FOR LOVE is a second chance romance focusing on treasure hunter/diver Zev Braden, and chocolate shop owner Carly Dylan. Childhood best friends Zev and Carly’s world fell apart approximately ten years earlier when their best friend Tory Raznick was killed leaving Zev struggling with guilt, and Carly alone to battle the heart break when Zev walked away. Fast forward to present day wherein Zev’s brother’s Beau wedding to Charlotte would reunite our story line couple but not before the pain of loss would remind Zev and Carly that love is stronger the second time around. What ensues is the rekindling romance and relationship between Zev and Carly, and the potential fall-out as Zev’s business has literally stuck gold, and Zev must get back to his treasure hunting ways. Carly Dylan’s lost two people the day her best friend Tory died: Tory to a car accident, and Zev to his personal guilt and grief but Carly was caught unaware of Zev’s need to run, a need that left our heroine heart broken and barely able to survive. Zev Braden struggles with issues of guilt in the aftermath of Tory’s death, a death that was not his fault but a death he continues to blame on himself. Running from Carly was the biggest mistake of his life, a mistake of which he needs to make amends in the face of his continuing love for the woman who still holds his heart. The relationship between Zev and Carly is one of second chances; a rekindling romance that must face another obstacle as Zev’s deep sea adventures has struck gold, adventures of which Carly had always wanted to be a part. Having spent most of their youth and teenaged years together skydiving, cliff diving, parasailing and deep sea diving, Carly and Zev looked forward to a life together until Zev ran without looking back. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. There is a very large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters, many of whom we have met in previous stories and related series including Carly’s co-workers Birdie and Quinn; Zev’s parents and his siblings Beau, Nick, Graham, and Jillian; cowboy and Charlotte’s friend Cutter Long. Thank goodness a family tree is supplied at the beginning of the story ;) SEARCHING FOR LOVE is a story of second chances; of grief and healing; of family, friendships, relationships and love. The premise is spicy, imaginative yet heart breaking; the romance is tender, seductive and provocative; the characters are spirited, energetic, and animated but it is the wounded hearts of Zev and Carly that cry for healing and love. SEARCHING FOR LOVE is another intoxicating look at the people who live and work in Pleasant Hill-Oak Falls.

- Zev & Carly - Love, love, love them!!!!5 star

Zev & Carly a story full of love, heartbreak, angst and a tragic past. Dive back into Melissa’s world with the Bradens. Catch up with old characters and meet new ones. Zev is back for his brothers wedding and low and behold who is catering the desserts; the love of his life who he left after tragedy struck. Carly sees Zev at the wedding and vows to be strong. Can she stay strong or will her heart break again because of the guy she’s loved her whole life. Dive into this adventure filled book and come along for the ride as Zev and Carly learn who they are now, with sparks and all. Chemistry is still red hot between the two of them, hold on for the adventure of their lifetime.

- Loved it5 star

This is Zev Braden and Carly Dyla’s story and what an entertaining story it was. I really enjoy Melissa Foster’s style of writing. Her characters are strong and the stories well written and you cannot help but be drawn in to the story that she weaves. Zev and Carly have a history, in fact their families always expected them to marry until tragedy tore them apart. When fate brings them face to face again, will they take a chance and follow the path that they were on for so many years ago? Can Zev convince Carly to take another chance on him and the love they once shared? Searching For You ticked the boxes for me. It is a heart warming,steamy, emotional second chance at love story. Zev is swoon worthy, protective and altogether a great guy. I loved Zev and Carly and found them easy to relate to as I did the secondary characters.

- Ticked all my boxes5 star

4.5 Stars for Searching for Love (The Bradens & Montgomery’s; Pleasant Hill- Oak Falls, #6) This is a series that has me feeling like I’m home, visiting family and friends and Zev Braden and Carly Dyla’s was everything I have come to expect from Ms Foster and my group of friends. It’s an entertaining story that captivated me from the first page to the last line. Zev and Carly have a history, they were meant to be together and they had dreams to travel the world treasure hunting but fate had other ideas and Zev left town to follow the dream and he is only back because of family commitments, has fate brought this couple together again, can Zev convince Carly to give him another chance to prove the love they once shared it still alive ... A heartfelt, emotional story that ticked all my boxes, I swooned, I sighed and I smiled a lot as Zev and Carly reconnect, I loved the story and the characters and once again Ms Foster took me home.

- A sweet, romantic and sexy second chance romance4 star

Zev Braden has loved Carly Dylan nearly his whole life, and in order to preserve that love he made a huge decision. He left her to follow their dream, he did this when she was at her most vulnerable. They were both hurting, and instead of staying and working through their problems he made a spur of the moment decision for them both, a decision that impacted them both, and most definitely not in a good way. A wonderful story, with great characters, an addictive storyline and zero angst. Carly had such a strong personality, she knew what she was doing with her life, it was the exact opposite of her original plan. A plan she mapped out with Zeb, who she’d put firmly in her rear view mirror. Never going down that road again, Zeb however had different plans, and so it seemed did their friends. I love a good romance, and Searching for Love was just that. Sweet, romantic and sexy. Highly enjoyable, and very addictive.

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