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About Last Night by J. S. Cooper Book Summary

Emily Finland, twenty-five, college graduate, hot mess, lover of all things cheese. Hasn't had a date in a year. Yeah, that's not something I would put in a dating profile. Ever. In fact, I can't be bothered to date. There are so many awful guys out there. I much prefer to Netflix and chill with a pizza. But of course, my busybody best friend Charlotte was having none of that. She persuaded me to go on a blind date and even though I was reluctant, I decided to go. I never expected to meet a man like Liam Montgomery.

Liam Montgomery, forty, rich, cocky, wears a rolex, likes expensive whiskey, completely out of my league. He was not who I would have chosen to have gone on a blind date with. Just because he was gorgeous didn't mean he would make a good boyfriend. Plus he was way too old for me. That didn't stop me from flirting with him though. Or from spending one very long exciting night with him. I'm not going to tell anyone about that night. Ironically, it turned out that Liam hadn't even been my intended date. Oops!

Unfortunately for me, hot mess Emily, the biggest shock of my life was still to come. For while Liam and I should never have been, he's not about to leave my life quite that easily. You see I'm celebrating my dad's retirement with my folks and Liam is also there. Only this time, he's not alone.

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About Last Night (J. S. Cooper) Book Reviews

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- Date switch3 star

The story started off great. Emily is set up on a blind date and ends up spending the night with Matteo. It’s the next day before she realizes that he is not her intended date. They think it is just one night but their lives are now entangled in a dangerous game. Matteo must keep Emily, her family and her friends alive. Lies, secrets and danger are weaved throughout this short story. It was really too short to do proper justice to the story but ok for a quick read. I loved the friendship Emily had with her two best friends. I would finish up the series with Anabrl’s story. It sounds interesting. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

- What a fun read!4 star

What a fun read! From mixups to mafia this was entertaining from start to finish. Then we get to the chemistry between Emily and Matteo, it was hot and steamy and add in the danger factor that just made it hotter. Nothing boring about this new release with the twist and surprises that keeps popping up that made for a mafia read that doesn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to read about Luca and Anna. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

- 🌟🌟🌟3 star

If you like instant love, a wishy washy female and a love struck male this is your story. I didn’t connect with the characters so much. I was provided a copy of this book and asked for my honest review. Even though this wasn’t my cup of tea, I’m sure there are those that will love it. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

- Enjoyable Read4 star

This is the second book in J.S. Cooper’s Alpha Boyfriends series and is an older man/younger woman romance. It features Emily Findland, who goes on a blind date but ends up meeting the wrong man, and Liam/Matteo Montgomery, a wealthy older man who belongs to the mafia and ends up spending the night with Emily. There are a number of unexpected twists in this story which keeps the reader’s attention. I recommend this great read which starts with a mistaken identity and ends in love. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

- What happens when your blind date isn’t who you thought?4 star

This is the 2nd book in the series. Emily has been set up by her best friend Charlotte for a blind date. When she steps into the place and she sees Liam she really isn’t into older guys but he is gorgeous. When she sits down at his table they start a sexual banter back and forth. When they end up taking it back to his place it was actually supposed to be a one night stand. What happens when she finds out the sexy man wasn’t even her blind date and not only that he isn’t who he pretends to be. What she doesn’t expect is to see him again at the retirement party for her Dad. I received an Arc copy of this book and am volunteering to leave a review.

- Addicting and tad mysterious:)4 star

Wow! Talk about a roller coaster. This book takes you on a journey and you just love the whole ride. Emily is a crazy one. She cracked me up in charlotte’s story and I truly enjoyed having a chance to read her own book. You think you have something figured out and bam!, change of route. Liam isn’t exactly who he seems, but you just know he does it all for love and you never hate him. All he does just makes you root for them. HEA. It’s a sweet, easy read. But still has depth and a mysterious vibe for sure! The turmoil is so palpable that you just get sucked in! Anabel better have a book that’s all I’m saying. Because you can’t do that to us. Don’t leave us hanging.

- Book 2 but can be read as a standalone4 star

This is book 2 of the series that follows the lives of 3 best friends and their journey to finding love. This is Emily’s story meeting Matteo (Liam). He’s older, she’s younger... what can go wrong right? It’s a quick read that did seemed a little rushed at times but it was still enjoyable. Can’t wait for what anabel has in store for herself.

- About Last Night 💋5 star

About Last Night is the 2nd in this series following three friends and love they found. Mistaken identity, busybody friends, parents you wish you can trade in and a journey that takes you to new heights. This one follows Emily has she goes on a blind date that her friend Charlotte insisted setting-up for her. Unbeknownst to Emily the date will change her life forever. Emily hasn't been on a date since her boyfriend dumped her on their 1 year anniversary as he wanted to date other women. After running to be on time out of breath a little sweaty she takes a deep breath as she enters the swanky bar where she is to meet her date for the evening. Thinking he might be ugly or worst no picture to recognize him at least she can get meal and drinks at his expense. Greeted by the hostess Emily forgets her dates name saying the wrong names the hostess in a cold tone tells her to step aside. Then she remembers Peter yes it's Peter but the hostess tells her no one here by that name Emily quickly scans the room and spots a man waving at her and she informs the hostess there he is. Hostess with doubt in her voice, are you sure? Emily smiles and walks to his table with assured steps and sits down and apologizes for being late and proceeds to put her foot in her mouth as she continues to talk to the Adonis of a man older but still a Adonis with purest blue eyes she has ever seen. Her date finds her amusing, intriguing and beautiful in all the right places. Tho she Emily is constantly telling her date he's older then what she usually dates. He informs her that he can give her about 15 reasons 😏that the Italian stallion will ruin her for any other men. And the first reason is while they are sitting at the table in the bar 😮......14 more to go 😘. This is the beginning of the journey neither very expected. To see how their journey progresses grab your copy today. Enjoy happy reading 📚 "I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book."

- Not everything is as it seems or is it!4 star

About Last Night is a story of mistaken identity, deception, intrigue, danger, unbelievable pleasure, and a little thing called love. Emily Finland is a hot mess who would rather be eating pizza and watching Netflix than going on a blind date. When she arrives at the wine bar she sees a gorgeous man waving at her or she thought he was. She flirted with him even though the stranger, Liam Montgomery aka Matteo Liam Fellini, was older than she dated ending in a one night stand. The two-year drought was finally over. Neither thought they would see each other again until he walked in at her father’s retirement party. Why was he there? Who is he and how does he know her parents? These questions had to be answered. Emily's father is in debt and in danger. Matteo only lets Emily know bits and pieces of who he really is for her own protection. He tells her his true identity and professes his love in hopes it doesn't change the way she feels about him. It doesn't! She loves him knowing he is a mob boss! I read as and ARC reviewer. I can't wait to read Anabel’s story.

- Quick, fun story4 star

A quick,fun story with likeable characters. Enjoyed the older man/younger woman storyline. A little unrealistic but that’s what romance/HEA’s should be! Looking forward to Anabel’s story.

- Super fast super amazing read5 star

Blind date please no, meet the wrong guy of course. Fast read. Read in one sitting and loved every second of it. Wish it would have been longer but Emily story is amazing

- Blind date gone wrong or not?5 star

I have had read several of JS Cooper’s books and was not left disappointed! This novel is a different angle than she has tackled before. Emily is a character with spunk but insecurities with two best friends that are irreplaceable. The relationship of the main women characters is something I didn’t expect with a romance but loved. Matteo is a mystery, troublesome, and intriguing. This was a blind date gone wrong or was it absolutely right??? You should definitely read for yourselves! I was gifted an Arc for an honest read!

- Amazing read5 star

I loved reading Emily’s story. She goes on a blind date and mistakes another man for her date. She calls Liam old and says she’s not into old men. This book was funny and suspenseful. I wish it would have been longer, it was a quick read I finished in one sitting but it was still amazing!

- Blind date gone so right5 star

*First off I recommend reading the first book of this series The Billionaire’s Fake Fiancé!!! You will get to know the three best friends Charlotte, Emily and Anabel in the first book!! I absolutely loved this book!! I not only was a beta reader but also received this as an ARC... i love a good romance with a twist!! If you love them too then you will want to read this book!! When good girl Emily goes on a blind date set up by her best friend Charlotte, she has no idea that her world will be completely turned upside down. Mistaken identity leads Emily down a crazy path of twists and turns... where nothing is as it seems. Can Emily figure out the truth without losing herself and her heart? Liam meets Emily when she mistakenly sits at his table thinking he is her blind date... Emily intrigues him. After a wonderful night together, the truth comes out that he wasn’t her blind date. Expecting to never see Emily again, he is shocked when he runs into her again... can he convince her to give him a chance or will his secrets be too much for them both?

- Loved it4 star

I found this story humorous with a lot of funny banter between Emily and Matteo. After these two accidentally end up on a blind date the find they had tons of chemistry (and funny moments) but it’s never that easy, is it lol. This was a quicker read then I anticipated but I enjoyed it

- Blind Date Turns Mafia Romance. ARC Review5 star

This is book two of a three book series, Alpha Males, about the love life, trials and tribulations of three best friends, Charlotte, Emily and Anabel lives. Book two starts with Charlotte and her beau, Max, setting Emily up on a blind date with a friend of Max’s. Emily mistakes Liam, who normally goes by his first name Matteo, for her blind date. What starts as a blind date one night stands ends up in romance Emily never imagined for herself with possible real mafia danger. There are a few unexpected twists and I love the loyalty and chat message banter between these three best friends. Even though it’s a fast romance I love the story line of this series.

- Bad decisions = good times5 star

About last night is the story of Emily; who is best friend of Charlotte and Annabelle (don’t worry you will love them too and yes they have stories as well!!) Emily is set up on a blind date and hesitantly goes; let’s just say the moment she walks through the door is the last normal moment of her life! I hate spoilers so I’ll just say this book has a mix of friends, love, instant chemistry, sex, mafia, and more!!

- Matteo and Emily4 star

I enjoyed reading this story. I have wanted to read this book since reading the synopsis. Emily and Matteo meet by accident when Emily assumes that Matteo is her blind date at the restaurant they are supposed to meet at. They didn’t know that that chance meeting would change the rest of their life forever. I feel that the storyline was very quick the author could have gone into a little bit more detail of their interaction together. I can’t wait to read the final book in this series. I received an arc of this book for a honest review.

- Fantastic5 star

This is the second book in the series and it’s Emily’s story. Emily is setup on a blind ate by Charlotte. When she gets to the restaurant she meets Liam AKA Matteo ( mafia boss). What ensues is one fantastic journey with plenty of twists and turns to keep the couple and the rest of the characters engaging. The storyline flowed smoothly and kept me entertained from beginning to the end. I received a free copy for my honest and voluntary review.

- Draft Copy1 star

Why did I pay money for a draft copy???? I shouldn’t have to email the author to get the right copy. Are there not checks in place by the author, publisher and Apple books for this not to happen. The “final” would have to have significant changes in order for my to want to read anymore.

- Another great book5 star

Like many others, I received the draft first, read it in Saturday night, emailed JS Cooper that night and had a response by the next morning and the full book on the day she promised. Like Charlotte in the first book- Emily totally cracked me up. I loved her smart mouth and how she never stopped to think before she just told “Liam” what she thought. The first half was not predictable however the second half was somewhat although still couldn’t put it down. Can not wait for Anabels story!

- Loved it5 star

I have to say when i started reading this book my first thought was this is going to be a cute read! As i got further in and the drama and excitement stepped up i thought to my self wow i really didn’t think it would turn like that. Liam was a handsome stranger that i wouldn’t mind kicking from my table! But Matteo is a total alpha and makes you fan your self. I love the banter between a Emily and her friends they cracked me up. It was well written and i thought it was a great storyline! Defiantly a must read!

- Fated love5 star

A chance encounter, a beautiful connection. Fate has a way of showing up and the strong connection these two have is intoxicating! This was a different kind of love story I very much enjoyed and couldn’t put down! Xo

- About Last Night5 star

Omg where do I begin. This book is hot, sexy and funny. The front cover is amazing. The book starts off on a blind date- which is so funny because Emily calls “Liam” old. That part of the book had to be my favorite. So this books is romance, and mafia. The book was a real roller coaster to find out who Liam was. This is hands down JS Cooper’s best written book. I LOVED this book.

- About Last Night (book 2) Alpha Boyfriend Series4 star

About last night dips a toe in to the darker mafia world. All while maintaining the J.S Cooper charm, quirky wit, and oh so lovable characters. I have been oh so intrigued by Anabel since Billionaires Fake Fiancé (book 1) of the Alpha Boyfriend series, and cannot wait for her story in When We Were Us!

- Intriguing5 star

Thought this book had a great storyline. Thought it could have been a little more in-depth. Quick read

- Funny, sexy and great storyline!3 star

I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This book has a great story line. I loved so many things about it. I didn’t love how I felt like it was a little rushed and everything happened so fast. If it would’ve been longer and more not the time span of a couple days I would’ve liked it much better. I like long books though, that’s me. This was a great story line and it even had some suspense about some things. I do recommend this book if you’re looking for a story about some friends that no matter what have each other’s backs, which I loved Emily, Anabel and Charolette’s relationship. Their relationship with each other really started making me love the book right off the bat. Then you have Liam,Matteo and he’s the bad older boy that Emily had a great night with but he is not who she thought he was. One night stands should stay one night stands but it doesn’t seem like Emily’s will be that way. I loved Emily, she was funny and she is obviously ready to do anything for her family. When Emily and Liam met I was cracking up. I’m not trying to give any spoilers so I’ll be very vague but I felt like the way Ana was acting and some of the stuff she was saying kind of gave it away for me, or not gave it away but I had a feeling that she was the one that she was actually talking about. I do want to read her story though because I’m super curious about that. With all that being said, if you are looking looking for a hot older bad guy and younger funny girl romance this is the book for you. It will give you laughs and keep you turning the pages to figure out what happens.

- Loved the book5 star

At first I received only a partial copy of the book through no fault of the author. She was gracious enough to email me personally and sent me the full copy. She went above and beyond to rectify the unfortunate situation. After reading the full book, I loved it and can’t wait for the extra epilogue she is sending out. I want to know more about her characters Emily and Matteo. I can’t wait for Annabel and Luca’s story.

- Awesomeness!!5 star

Great book!! Haven’t been this into a book in awhile.

- Great Read5 star

This book is great. I love Emily and Liam! If you delete the book and download it you can see that JS Cooper corrected the error. It was an honest mistake.

- Thank you5 star

I purchased the book and it turned out that a mistake had been made and it was only a draft and I contacted J.S. through email and she explained the mistake and expressed her sincerest apologies and let me know that the full version would be available to me shortly. It was and I look forward to finishing the book. The first few chapters that I read were great and pulled me in to Emily and Liam’s story. Mistakes happen and I don’t blame Ms. Cooper at all and I find it really rude and sad that the reviews left for this book have been so negative and frankly impatient. Have some understanding and compassion! Be better.

- Was sent wrong file, but author fixed it.5 star

Last night I purchased this book and was disappointed to get to the end and see a page saying it was a draft copy of the book. I emailed the email attached to the book and received an email back shortly after, the author explained that the release date was pushed back to the 25th and she wasn’t sure how the incorrect file was released, but that she’d send the correct book. I received a copy of the book this morning and an apology. While I was annoyed, the author did fix things very quickly. And the book was a very good book once I was able to finish it. I do not believe the author was trying to scam anyone, it was a strange mistake. -Kaitlyn

- About Last night4 star

The initial book was a draft. (I was unaware because I was so into the book it didn’t even dawn on me until it was over and it said to contact JS Cooper for a full copy) The author has made every effort to right this and I have already received my copy of the full book . Accidents happen in this technology world . I’m my opinion the short few chapters I read were Awesome and I can’t wait to finish the book. J S Cooper is never a let down so I’m excited what she has in store for this (age gap) couple .. Happy reading folks....

- Worth Reading!4 star

I got an arc of the full book. I love the concept. I wish it had been a little longer. The storyline was very complicated with twists and turns and I wish it was more drawn out to allow me to wonder what’s gonna happen next. Overall I very much enjoyed the book! Definitely worth reading!

- Amazing Book5 star

About Last Night was an amazing read. The issue with the file has been fixed and the full book is available. It was sexy, funny and had a shocking secret. This is one of my favorite reads of the year so far.

- What happen!4 star

Received a draft copy as well! Very disappointing! When we we get the full book??

- Wish I read the reviews1 star

I wish I read the reviews before reading the book. I couldn’t tell if this author was in high school or running out of ideas. It just dragggggggged and was a waste of time. I couldn’t even finish it and from what I read from the reviews was I couldn’t even if I tried considering the book wasn’t even complete!

- Too short1 star

I would like a refund after knowing that it was going to be like this

- This is only a draft..Not the complete book!4 star

I’ve purchased hundreds of books and never had this happen... This isn’t even the whole book. It just stopped and states that it is a draft copy and you have to email the author to get the full book. Which I did and Got a response from the author to fill out a form so I could get the full correct version. Hopefully it won’t take too long...

- only a preview1 star

full book was not included

- About Last Night2 star

I was reading and noticed it seemed short. It then said I was reading a draft copy and to email the author. Seems like a scam. I’ve never seen that before.

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- Crazy fun story!5 star

Emily is being set up on a blind date by her friend Charlotte and she reluctantly agrees. There she meets to gorgeous, blue eyed older man who she believes is her date. At that point this is where the story takes this crazy amazing turn of events! The story is action packed, fast paced taking you from one intrigue to the other flawlessly! Our main characters Mateo and Emily have this intense scorching chemistry and her sassiness makes her the perfect heroine. This hold no bar friendship these girls have is so interesting, Charlotte, Anabel and Emily are the perfect mix of crazy, funny heroines! We see a glimpse of Anabel's past and I can't wait to read her story. I honestly volunteered to review this story.

- Opposites attracted5 star

Amazing, an intense storyline, the chemistry between Emily & Matteo is out of this world, fireworks irrupted when they are in a room together. The drama will keep you on the edge of your seat till the last word you read, it is that good. I felt part of their story, it made me laugh and cry at the same time. Unbelievably I felt in love with Matteo, the way he goes after what he wants. I don’t usually like this kind of book but I was captivated by the well written history, I just can’t wait for book 2.

- Blurb gives potential3 star

About Last Night has great potential from the blurb snippet. Unfortunately I found the complete story lacking in substance and consistency. Characters flip-flopped in their opinions repeatedly and the storyline was jumpy as best. Despite release day issues on some platforms, this second trilogy instalment could do with another revision or two.

- ???Draft1 star

The book isn’t set out correctly. At the end it states it’s only a draft. Why has this been released and for a cost? It did not state that it would end in a cliffhanger. Very disappointed!

- Looking forward to reading the next book4 star

I didn’t like this one as much as the first book, the majority of the book was great, likeable characters, good storyline but then towards the end it all sort of change and Matteo who was an older alpha strong mob boss just became weak! Far too whipped for the man he was, enjoyed it until then but still looking forward to the next book 😁 I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

- Nothing’s what it seems!!5 star

Oh my goodness About Last Night keeps you hooked from the very first page drawing you into this brilliant storyline that flows seamlessly. What happens when your best friend sets you up on a blind date and you hook up with the wrong person ( mistaken identity) and that’s Liam Montgomery older, gorgeous with many hidden secrets. Emily Finland is hooked but what is he hiding?? Lots of twists and turns and a sizzling chemistry, how can you trust someone when the lies flow so easily?? Thank heavens for besties Charlotte and Annabel to keep Emily grounded and supported. I would definitely recommend this book from this talented author so don’t miss out!! I was given this as an ARC by the author in exchange for a voluntary honest review which I was happy to give.

- Fantastic read5 star

Loved it, Liam and Emily, not your usual love story, but a great read, great story telling, lots of twists in the story, a 5 star read, highly recommend a read.

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Weird that I had a dream about Nip last night, and now I realize it's almost about that time 🏁💙🕊

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