The Last Fitness Strategy

The Last Fitness Strategy by Cody Nickson Book Summary

You NEED to lose the fat. You have tried every diet and plan possible, and failed. We have your solution with The Last Fitness Strategy.

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The Last Fitness Strategy (Cody Nickson) Book Reviews

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- The Last Fitness Strategy5 star

Easy to follow and straight to the point. Looking forward to seeing the results. I will be updating Cody in a few weeks with the progress.

- Easy to follow5 star

So excited to finally find a strategy that’s clear with simple daily instructions. This plan is not a fad diet, but a realistic program you could follow for life. Thanks for sharing this strategy with us, Cody!

- Straight to the point book!5 star

Love that it is very straight to the point ! I will defórmela be following this and be coming back to write another review on m results a few weeks from now !

- Thanks!5 star

Very easy to follow. Love how quick the book was to get through and the fact that I feel more informed. I always love learning new strategies for fitness and health and after 8 years of being in the industry of fitness I’m still learning more. Thank you, great read!

- Easy to follow and effective!5 star

Easy and to the point! This book does exactly what it says, HELPS YOU LOSE FAT. No tricks or expensive add ons to buy. This is a quick, simple, and effective guide to lose fat. Great book to jump start your weight loss journey.

- Awesome strategy!5 star

Straight to the point! Easy to understand, process and also to implement the recommendations. I love how Cody puts exactly what we need to do in a simple way - people can make diet and exercise so crazy it feels unobtainable. Thanks for the best advice, Cody!

- Awesome5 star

This book gives you everything you need to target fat loss without all the other BS that you get from other plans. Can’t wait for the lbs to drop off and finally stay off. Thanks Cody, great job!!!

- The last fitness strategy5 star

This book is truth. Easy to follow. Very straight to the point. No gimmicks. Just do the work and keep at it.

- I’ve lost 15 pounds since I bought the book!5 star

If you’re looking to get rid of any excess fat - Cody’s diet/lifestyle will work but you have to be consistent. Consistency is key! It took me over 5 years to lose the fat because I wasn’t consistent. I’ve tried the Omni drop diet, Soup Diet, Veggie Diet, Fasting. Nothing worked. I’ve been following Cody’s plan as well as a ketogenic diet and I’ve seen the results. Thank you so much. ❤️ If you want to lose fat - BUY THIS BOOK!

- 5 stars5 star

Cody has been someone I looked up to in the fitness department for a couple years now. I saw him promote this book on his Instagram for months now. I finally caved and bought it and I’m not mad about it :) this book has helped me get ahold of my goals and the good part about it...? the advice is SO simple to follow. Highly recommend!!!!!

- Fantastic Simple Easy to follow5 star

I’m so excited to review this! Cody consistently gives great advice that works for anyone who wants to be healthier. This is a simple read, organized, full of easy to follow advice. Cody truly cares about everyone being their best self, and he has provided an amazing strategy within this book. The best $9.99 spent this year!

- Great Book5 star

This book is great. Simple and to the point. Most fat loss books are filled with too much science and info that makes it over complicated to process. This book gives you the info you need to succeed.

- Fabulous!5 star

Great easy read! Breaks down exactly what you need to do! Thanks Cody for making this a great reasonably priced fat loss book that everyone can follow! 58 yo nurse here ready to take charge of her body! Thanks again!! Highly recommend to anyone!!!

- The Last Fitness Strategy. Lose the fat for good5 star

If you watch BB you know who Cody is and what his personality is like. Heck, if you watch his IG feeds I’m sure you’ve picked up on his direct, strait to the point, helpful personality. This book is no different. I appreciated the conciseness and simplicity of this book. We tend to make weight loss harder than it needs to be. That’s reasonable with every fad diet you can think of on the market. Cody provides a quick, easy breakdown of calorie and macronutrient needs, followed by an easy to read hierarchy of diet, weight lifting and cardio. I’m very happy with this purchase and can’t wait to apply this knowledge to my lifestyle.

- Short and simple5 star

Nutrition and exercise can become complicated and stressful. I personally think this is why I fail at meeting my goals. Being an anxious person causes so much stress that results are not seen in a healthy way. This book is short and extensive straightforward and just makes sense. No more thinking about complicated nutrition. No more thinking about some ridiculous workout. A phrase/motto I try to use often so I don’t fall into a downward spiral of anxiety— “keep it simple, stupid.” That’s what this is. Simple. And I don’t doubt I won’t see results. Will update when I can be another proven example of this book being worth the small amount. Much less than all the other crap I know we’ve all paid for already.

- It works, plain and simple5 star

No fuss, no fluff. Straightforward info you need to drop the weight. Numbers don’t lie and if you stay within the guidelines you’re sure to see change. Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed!

- Simple and Effective!5 star

I am one of those people who have tried every diet under the sun. Cody’s book is a very quick read and extremely simple to follow. Can’t wait to get started!

- The real deal!5 star

This book has helped me lose 24 lbs in two months. Ive always been the type to start a diet then quit it because I don’t see results or the starving my self gets old. This book helped me see results fast in not only weight loss but definition. It really is fool proof, you just have to want it! I love it so far and am excited for what is to come!

- Simple to follow5 star

Very simple and well written book. No unnecessary fluff. Gets straight to the point. This is the book you need if you want to fight the war on body fat!

- The Last Fitness Strategy5 star

Let me start off by saying I was one of the few that Cody had sent a fitness plan to before he came out with the book. I looked at it and thought that’s not what I need. So I have tried so many other ways over the past year. Unsuccessful. After hearing many great things and success stories I went and purchased the book because I lost the email. So for the last month I have been following The Last Fitness Strategy and I am more than pleased with the results. He doesn’t sugar coat it and put a lot nonsense strategies to it. I am learning it’s just that simple to achieve. The difference between The Last Fitness Strategy and the others is it is easy to follow and it didn’t drain the bank account. I genuinely think he cares and wants to help people get in shape. Thanks Cody!!!

- The Last Fitness Strategy5 star

This is truly the best information to achieve great health. Cody’s guidance in his book was 100% approved by my doctor. I’m very thankful and looking forward to great results. It’s great guidance, put into a simple strategy. Buy the book and follow the plan!

- Simple and to the point5 star

This book is a quick and easy read with straight forward information for a really low price. I love the chart with the breakdown of calories and protein needs. I had no idea how little protein I was eating until I started tracking and counting everything and it has already made a big difference!

- Absolutely amazing!!!5 star

Best book ever! Easy to read, understand and follow! Plus, if you have a question you can talk to him thru instagram and he’ll take the time to answer you! Commit to the book and stay healthy!! Well done, Cody! Thank you for sharing and making us healthy! We’re all better for it!

- Results and Momentum5 star

This is all you need. I can’t express that enough. Simple. If your ready to lose that weight this book get the results you have been looking for. Don’t wait any longer, you will look and feel amazing within days of changing your diet and habits. People will ask what the secret is and you can tell them, there isn’t a secret, it’s a book! In one week I was getting results. In two weeks I was gaining fat loss momentum.

- Straight to the point5 star

If you want to cut through the BS, this is the book for you. Cody shoots it straight and tells you the basic things you need to do.

- To the point5 star

I remember a while back Cody said on one of his Instagram stories [if you’re going to buy a dieting book make sure you want to look like the person who released it]. Meaning, buy a dieting book from the person you want to look like at the end of your weight loss journey. So I did just that! I bought this book and it is to the point and doesn’t blow smoke up your ass! Plain and simple. I highly recommend this book! Thank you Cody!

- Simple steps to a healthier lifestyle5 star

I have been following Cody and Jessica since their appearance on Big Brother. His healthy lifestyle has inspired me to work on myself more. I have tried several diets in the past, all of which did not work for me. This book was easy to follow with step-by-step instructions on how to succeed in fat loss. I am excited to begin and see amazing results. Thank you Cody!

- Informative and to the point!5 star

Just what you need to figure out what you should be eating and how much you should be eating. It won’t take you 3 hours to read but instead gets straight to the point! 10/10 love the book and the family!

- Simple and to the point!5 star

Love the simplicity and clarity of this book especially because it doesn’t have all the nonsense other “fad diets” try to sell you on. Can’t wait to start on my fitness & health journey!

- Very inspiring!5 star

I highly recommend this book! It’s straight to the point and will help you achieve amazing results!!

- A Must Have! Clear, concise and informative!5 star

Cody’s book is a must have! I have been on a major body overhaul since Dec 2018. I was down 60 lbs (with about 20 lbs of visceral fat left to go) when I saw Cody’s book. I wanted tips from a REAL person. Plus he was a Marine! Marines are known for being in amazing shape! It’s clear, concise and it MAKES SENSE. The protein chart, caloric chart and exercise recommendations are extremely helpful. I go back to his book often for sheer motivation. I’m down 8 lbs since purchasing his book and following his plan. I’m also at a stage in life where women often have trouble losing weight. I never like being told “it is what it is”. Nope, fight back, ladies!! I look better at 50 than I did at 40.

- Useful Knowledge5 star

Straight to the point & informative. Lots of useful information to get you going on your fitness journey.

- Great book: For actual weight loss5 star

This book is very simple to read and easy understand. My favorite thing about this book is that it doesn’t try to sell you on some fad diet that doesn’t last. It gives you the right tools and understanding of how fat loss works. It’s not just another diet book it’s a way to change your lifestyle for an overall a healthy life. Plus the author is very accommodating to people’s needs. When I reached out about a question I had about the workout plan he wrote back within the hour answering my questions.

- To the point!5 star

Simple and to the point! Can’t wait to start this strategy and see results! Thanks Cody!

- Last Fitness Journey5 star

This book was a breath of fresh air! To the point and direct. Exactly what I needed without all the bells and whistles. The strategy makes total sense and in laymen’s terms easy breezy read with life changing results at your fingertips!! Very content with my purchase!

- Great Book5 star

This was short, sweet and straight to the point. There isn’t any contradicting information and does not overwhelm you with information overload. Would highly recommend!

- The Last Fitness Strategy5 star

If I could give this 10 stars I would. I don’t generally leave reviews but after purchasing this and reading it I am very motivated to get back on my fitness journey. I tend to lose interest when I become overwhelmed and then I will stall. This was very easy and straight to the point. Very excited to begin!!!

- Guaranteed Results. Easy read5 star

No major life changes. Just a quick how to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. Follow along and you’ll shed the weight. Cody is straight to the point and cares about your well being. Thanks for this Cody!

- Nothing life changing/ Waste of Money1 star

$10 for 10 pages of basically nothing. Don’t waste your time.

- Short and Sweet..Yet Informative!5 star

I love this book! Everything you need to know is complied into a few pages. No need for wordy research all over the internet. The information inside is so simple and planned out for you which makes starting this journey less intimidating. Getting into shape doesn’t have to be complicated. Simplicity and consistency is all you need to achieve your goals!

- Simple and straightforward5 star

I have been pregnant for about 4 years and my husband just got through a huge medical ordeal being on a feeding tube for a couple of months. We both needed something simple to guide our lifestyle choices to the right path. Some people are frustrated that it’s short but you don’t need any more information than what’s here to be successful and Cody is extremely upfront with how short and simple it is. It was worth my money, time, and effort. Good stuff from a good guy with good intentions.

- Easy and Great!!5 star

Have followed Cody and Jess for years and have always loved them and their healthy lifestyle! My husband and I found this book and are SO impressed! Super easy guidelines to follow from anyone from beginner to advanced for workouts and food, whether you want to lose a little fat or ALOT, this is the book for you!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Love this.5 star

I’ve been following Cody and Jessica for a little bit. I’ve been trying to lose my baby weight and was just having no luck and this has helped so much.

- The Last Fitness Journey5 star

Very direct minus all the fluff! This is a good read for any person trying to become healthier wherever they are at In their journey. I’m excited to get “unstuck.” Ashfishmill

- Is A Must To Read This Book5 star

5-Star - This is a Great fitness tips, Idea and plan to do it! Great Job Cody Thank You Cody For Sharing This To Us :)

- Worth the buy!5 star

Worth the buy!

- Exactly what I needed to kick into gear!5 star

This is the best weight loss book I’ve read to date. It’s short and to the point. I highly recommend! It is life changing.

- Amazing5 star

Just bought the book and I’m already feeling motivated and confident in my ability to do this. Short, sweet and to the point. Definitely worth the money and would recommend to anyone who wants a change.

- Very helpful5 star

Just got this book after being a fan for years!! It’s really helpful and simple. If the book wasn’t enough, Cody is up every morning taking questions about his book! The people that are profiting off expensive weight loss plans do NOT want you to find this book!

- Simple and Direct-Awesome program!5 star

Update! I’ve been following Cody’s plan for a week and I did my weigh in this morning and was 6 pounds down! It’s been so easy to follow and IT WORKS! After following Cody on Instagram since his time in Big Brother and seeing months of people giving positive feedback on his program I bought the book. I’m so glad I did. It could not be simpler to follow and I’m so glad to find a fat burning solution that gives a direct path to results and isn’t a 200 page read to get started or some crazy expensive program. This has the flexibility in the foods I can eat to meet my targets which I really appreciate as well as a busy mom. Great purchase!

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- Thank you Cody!5 star

As a long time follower of Cody (and Jess) since BB & then their incredible Amazing Race win I didn’t hesitate to purchase Cody’s book. Is it simple? Yes. Have I read it multiple times? Yes. Cody goes above and beyond and does these question answering hours on his insta-stories. He genuinely wants to help people. Buy this book. Make some life changes. Don’t question the process. Be happy with yourself!

- Not worth the money3 star

Not worth $11.99. He has valid points but this is all information you can find by simply using google.

- Sad I spent the money1 star

I read it was short but this is robbery.

- Simple, straightforward, honest5 star

I love Cody’s no-nonsense approach to healthy living and fat loss. There is no coddling, hand holding, or sugar coating in this book. He tells you exactly what you need to know, breaks it down in simple terms, and makes it so easy to get started. You don’t need to go out and buy thousands of dollars in fancy equipment or artisan food. For some, weight loss can seem so overwhelming - this book makes it feel far less insurmountable. Thank you Cody for helping others live a more healthy lifestyle!!!

- Eye opener!5 star

I hate weight loss books that are 500 pages long and at the end you are more confused over what you’re doing wrong! This is short but to the point! It breaks weight loss strategies down to be simple and it’s not confusing! It will be one of those books that I will continue to read daily to remind me constantly of what bad habits I have always went back to. Highly recommended! I think I just spent $13 that is about to change my life forever!

- Straight Forward. To The Point.5 star

Cody’s book is one of the best weight loss guides I’ve ever read. It’s straight forward and to the point and it works!

- Straight to the point5 star

This is one of the best Fat loss strategy I have come across. Beside being being a super fan of Cody and Jessica since watching big brother. All I can say is the book is easy to follow and straight forward. Am just starting and am excited to see the results. God bless your family Cody

- Valid points4 star

Valid points. Only 15ish pages I read it in about 6 minutes not worth 13.00

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- The Last Fitness Strategy5 star

I love this. Seriously short and simple! I debated getting this book for awhile. So glad I finally got it. I look forward to the change I have needed for a long time.

- Easy straightforward read.5 star

No BS, straight to the point of what you need to do and easy read.

- Excellent No-Nonsense Book5 star

I purchased Cody’s book after watching his Instagram stories for quite a while. I found the advice he was giving to his followers both motivating and inspiring. I have purchased many “get healthy” books that were 100’s of pages long and never finished them and never followed through. They were too complicated, too time consuming and honestly not motivating to me. Cody’s book is simple and no nonsense. It is an easy plan for me to follow and it makes absolute sense. I have been working his plan for about a week and even bought a treadmill to ensure that I put in the steps everyday. No excuses. I feel great physically and I feel good about myself emotionally. This book has made a difference for me. Thank you Cody! Keep using your platform to motivate and inspire those that truly want to make a difference in their overall health and emotional well being!

- 10/10 would recomend5 star

For years I have struggled to appropriately manage my health/fitness, always getting wrapped up in multi-layer and complicated diets etc... This book has simplified everything and in return changed my life! Not only have I been able to drop lbs by following the streamline directives, but have also had a boost in energy, resulting in a better quality of life all the way around. Truly appreciative of Cody’s ability to convey and simplify these methods and help create a better lifestyle for myself and my family all the way around!

- Eh.3 star

I was really excited to read this as I admire Cody and Jess. I’ve been ready to get my weight loss on a goal and ready to go. I thought this might help a lot but everything that’s in the book is pretty close to everything he says on his Instagram stories. It was more in detail though, so I understood it more. But $10 for something that’s only 20 pages long, and stuff I already know, definitely not worth it. Maybe $5 would’ve been better. I don’t know. Either way thank you, hopefully I can use this and my other guide I have and get started on my weight loss journey.

- Not worth $103 star

I love Cody and he is highly motivating but the book isn’t worth $10. Great advice though.

- It is what it is!5 star

I appreciate the simple and to the point instructions. People try and make diet and exercise so complicated when it’s a few simple steps consistently. I would much rather read a recipe for success rather than a thick book with too many things to consider.

- Quick and to the Point5 star

Bought this last night, read in 10 minutes, and I am feeling extremely motivated. Cody breaks this down so it is SO easy to understand and comprehend. Can’t wait to start this journey. Highly recommend!!

- Great and Easy to Read!5 star

Book is wonderful! Simple and down to the point. No fluff, no extra nonsense. This Texas veteran makes his strategy simple and easy to follow. It’s already helped me change my mindset and my life to get back into shape. I highly recommend.

- Simple and Effective!5 star

The best part of this book is the detailed breakdown. From diet to cardio this makes it a simple read and effective. Nothing complicated about losing weight now!

- Meh2 star

Love Cody! But Definitely not worth $10

- Easy to follow5 star

I love this book because it’s full of information, but in a concise and easy to follow format. Most books take 200 pages to say what can be said in 20 pages. Cody gets straight to the point and gives you the steps to fitness success. Highly recommend!

- Simple and Easy!5 star

Perfect for beginners trying to find out how to start!

- Quick fat loss!? Yes please!5 star

I really love how simple this plan is to follow & how basic it is! I’ve been lacking in proteins & lifting so can’t wait to incorporate what I learned from this simple method. Hydrate hydrate hydrate! 💪

- 5 stars!5 star

Just getting started on my fitness journey but I know I will be successful with Cody’s easy format laid out in this book! Great buy

- Straight forward and realistic!5 star

I love that Cody’s book is straight to the point with no fluff, but it’s also realistic and works! No need to take drastic and unhealthy measures to lose weight. Thank you Cody for this reasonably priced and helpful book!

- Best diet plan I’ve ever followed!5 star

I purchased Cody’s book a month or so ago and it’s helped my husband and I shed at least 10lbs each since we’ve started. We’re 35 and have a 4 and 5 year old and have never looked or felt better! Cody’s book isn’t filled which a bunch of “filler”... it’s easy to read, easy to follow and straight to the point. Hands down the best weight loss diet plan out there. Thank you Cody!

- Great Book5 star

I love how simple this book is. Puts it how it is.

- Waste of $102 star

Been following Cody for a while and finally bit the bullet on this book he mentions daily on his IG. Wish it was more in depth and not just one sample of a meal plan or work out. For $10 only receiving 21 pages of stuff that we all pretty much know was a little disappointing.

- Warning——Waste of money1 star

I really like Cody and most of his ideas but this book is a joke. Took less than 5 minutes to read and It’s basic knowledge.. I got to the end and thought, “oh I must have accidentally downloaded the summary” truly disappointed .

- Great book!5 star

Can’t go wrong for $10! I was skeptical to buy because i don’t like reading and figured it would be pages and pages and too complex to sort through. But then i figured what do i have to lose for $10, that’s 2 days of coffees. Bought it and was pleasantly suprised it is short and to the point and very easy to follow! Just what I need! Now to see results!

- Love5 star

I love how easy this is. Simple & to the point.

- Straight to the point!5 star

No gimmicks or extreme dieting..puts it in a way anyone can understand. Been following his advice for the last couple weeks and already notice a huge difference!! If you’re looking for a diet and exercise book that’s easy to understand, this is it. 🙌🏼

- Waste of money1 star

Does not go into depth about the diet. Gives one example of what to eat and that’s it. You probably already know everything you’ll read here. Took me literally 5 minutes to read.

- Can’t believe he’s getting away with this1 star

10$ for basic known info!? I want a refund

- Total waste of money DO NOT BUY1 star

This guy is a total asshat who is a know it all who in actuality knows very little about much, including weight loss.

- Simple5 star

Love the simplicity of the book.

- Great Tool!5 star

Love that it puts things simply and doesn’t over complicate weight loss. I’ve tried to lose weight for a long time now and have tried every type of diet out there to no avail. For some reason, this one just sticks! I am currently applying these strategies and am down 16 pounds (and counting!). I highly recommend purchasing this book and getting started on your fitness goals!

- More than I thought...simple but effective5 star

Cody gives us the height, calorie and protein guide which I did not know. I’m going to try to do this for a week and see if I can stick to it and go from there!

- You already know these “secrets”3 star

This booklet is 100% what we already know about weight loss...there is no secret. Eat protein, limit carbs and avoid sugar. Do daily cardio and try to lift weights as well. This booklet is a waste of money, but Cody is a genius for marketing this as some sort of fat loss magical strategy.

- Simple and to the point5 star

Extremely thankful for a simple and to the point diet strategy. I’m a mom so having time to sit down and read a long book isn’t ideal. It also makes it extremely easy to go back to a section for reference. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Giving it a go!5 star

Motivating. Seems obtainable. Wish me luck!

- Absolutely surefire way to lose weight and tone your body5 star

About a year ago, I emailed Cody with my statistics (height, weight, and goal) I’m 6’2 and I weighed 215 lbs. Cody gave me a fitness plan and nutrition advice that saved my life. Fast forward one year, I’m down to 165! I have been losing fat and gaining muscle like crazy. If you ACTUALLY follow this fitness strategy I can guarantee you will see the results you are looking for. I would absolutely recommend this fitness strategy to everyone!

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