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Fantasy in Death

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Fantasy in Death Book Summary

The game started with a murder. Now, it's Eve Dallas's move.

It is the most puzzling case Eve Dallas has ever faced: the founder of the computer gaming giant U-Play is found decapitated in his locked, private playroom. And now Eve and her team are about to enter the next level of police work, in a world where fantasy is the ultimate seduction-and the price of defeat is death...

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Fantasy in Death Book Comments

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Fantasy in Death - J. D. Robb Book Reviews

  • Fantasy in Death (El G MA)

    I have read every book in this series so far. I think this one is one of the best stories. You don’t know who done it until almost the end. It’s a puzzle, a very good one. This ROCKS.
  • Fantasy in Love (Hayestrent)

    J. D. Robb rocks! This book grabbed my attention from the first paragraph, held it until the end, and left me wanting more.
  • Excellent (JimKak)

    One of my favorites!
  • DLP (Woods/Barrington)

    Excellent book. Enjoyed the challenge of figuring it out. A little disappointed in how the murders were done. A bit far fetched.
  • Formulaic, as expected... and fun, also as expected (mjseik)

    JD Robb books are my dirty little secret. The writing is often hackneyed, which isn't helped by the lack of proofreading and editing by Penguin's staff of--well, apparently penguins (no offense to penguins intended). Despite the messes in this e-book (and undoubtedly the printed version as well), it's a fun read. Always predictable, with easy-to-skip-over color-by-numbers, yawn-worthy love scenes (they're thankfully few and far between), I have nonetheless gotten a kick out of every one of the books in this series. Now, however, I can buy them under cover of darkness instead of wearing a trench coat and shades to the local bookstore. Win-win!
  • Page turner (msjudge8)

    Another great book by J.D. Robb. Keep them coming!

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