Colleges That Change Lives

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Colleges That Change Lives Book Summary

Prospective college students and their parents have been relying on Loren Pope's expertise since 1995, when he published the first edition of this indispensable guide. This new edition profiles 41 colleges—all of which outdo the Ivies and research universities in producing performers, not only among A students but also among those who get Bs and Cs. Contents include:
Evaluations of each school's program and "personality"

Candid assessments by students, professors, and deans

Information on the progress of graduates

This new edition not only revisits schools listed in previous volumes to give readers a comprehensive assessment, it also addresses such issues as homeschooling, learning
disabilities, and single-sex education.

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Colleges That Change Lives - Loren Pope Reviews

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    By opinionsarelike
    I am in the process of returning to school and was initially setting my sights on attending one of our local universities. This book has given me good reason to do some further research before making a decision. The book covers many colleges and universities that I had never heard of and goes into some detail about their strengths and weaknesses as well as detailing what makes each stand apart from the rest.

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