Smashwords Book Marketing Guide

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Smashwords Book Marketing Guide Book Summary

This popular book marketing primer shares easy-to-implement advice on how to market books at Smashwords and major ebook retailers. It starts with an overview of how Smashwords helps promote an author's ebook, and then provides 41 simple do-it-yourself marketing tips. The book is useful to all authors, even those who don't yet publish on Smashwords. Updated August 23, 2013.

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Make Money Writing

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide - Mark Coker Reviews

  • Takes the SCARY out

    By AllyCat1952
    I thought writing a book was the hardest part. Not so. After submitting to a few agents and publishers it was evident to me that I was way over my head. Okay, self publishing could be the answer. But there are just as many pitfalls in self publishing as in traditional. Maybe more. This book helps cut through the clutter. Coker gives concrete advice about how you can publish and market your book. What's more is he doesn't force his own enterprise (Smashwords) on the reader, but one does get the idea that Smashwords is a logical choice for novices like me. Although I still feel overwhelmed I feel more comfortable about moving forward. Thanks for the good advice, Mark.

Mark Coker - Smashwords Book Marketing Guide E-Book

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