Hostile Witness, A Josie Bates Thriller

Hostile Witness, A Josie Bates Thriller by Rebecca Forster Book Summary

When sixteen-year-old Hannah Sheraton is arrested for the murder of her stepgrandfather, a California Supreme Court justice, her distraught mother turns to once infamous defense attorney, Josie Bates. Now a small town lawyer in Hermosa Beach, Josie wants nothing to do with the case since the gruesome evidence points to Hannah's guilt. When the girl is charged as an adult, Josie can't turn her back

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Hostile Witness, A Josie Bates Thriller (Rebecca Forster) Book Reviews

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- Hostile witness5 star

Really well written! A must read! I couldn’t put the book down, now that I’m done, I will take a much needed nap before starting silent witness lol!

- Hostile Witness5 star

A must read. I really loved it.

- Hostile Witness4 star

Very good story great pacing great rnding

- Great thriller!4 star

Well written and it’ll keep you guessing until the very end.

- Great who done it5 star

Real page turner, stayed up all night to finish it. Couldn’t put it down.

- Hostile Witness5 star

Great read! Spellbinding, couldn’t put it down!

- Hostile Witness5 star

Stupendous book. Couldn’t stop reading. All the twists and turns kept me glued to my seat. It was the first book I read by you. It won’t be the last.

- Hostile Witness5 star

This book kept me on the edge of my seat! I didn’t want to put it down. Kudos to the author for her talented writing!

- Hostile witness5 star

I loved this thriller. There were so many twists and turns that I couldn’t quite figure out who had committed the murder. I’ll be reading more of Rebecca’s books.

- Definitely a page turner5 star

A very good story involving murder, arson, lies, family problems, trial and a strong kick butt attorney who fights for her client. A twist at the end.

- Hostile witness5 star

Great mystery with enough information for the reader to attribute reasonable motives to suspects. Story and action are 95% attributable to Josie and how a previous "not guilty" verdict haunts her. Tall, built and handsome participates less than 5%.

- Hostile Witness5 star

Best legal drama I've read in along time. Compares with the best of the legal thriller authors. Looking forward to beginning Silent Witness next.

- Exceptional suspense5 star

Extremely well written.

- Riveting till the end5 star

Wow! Loved this book. Well written & crafted leaving you wondering right until the end who killed him...

- Hostile Witness5 star

Hostile Witness is one of the best books I read lately. Very well written.

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- Hostile Witness4 star

I really enjoyed this book. It was a fast read I didn’t want to put down. Up until the very end, you never knew who was guilty and how the story would play out.

- A compelling read5 star

Once I started, I had to finish it

- Amazing Book!5 star

I started with the sample, and was hooked! I never write reviews one anything, but this book had completely engulfed! I couldn’t my phone down! Will hopefully get the second book soon!

- Hostile witness5 star

Interesting and very suspenseful. Enjoyed reading the book and trying to figure out the next move of Josie’s involvement with Hannah as well as Linda and kip. I will read more of her books.

- Wow love it5 star

Was not expecting that turn of twist during the end but had a feeling it was going to be that way. Overall I loved the book

- Twisty and compelling5 star

Who's lying? Is the haunted lawyer lying to herself about why she's obsessed with this case? Is the disturbed teenager lying about what happened the night of the fire? Are the dead man's colleagues and son lying about his abhorrent behavior? Is the beautiful wife and mother capable of telling the truth about anything at all? And how many more lives will be destroyed before the truth comes out? Read it - you won't regret it!

- WOW! FANTASTIC!!!5 star

This is my first book by this author...Rebecca Forster. Won't be my last. Kept me on edge til the end. Superb writing. Description of characters and twists and plots made the mystery so full of suspense! Highly recommend.

- Hostile Witness5 star

My first book from this author and I was hooked! Great murder mystery with so much more going on. Great characters.

- WOW!!5 star

That's the best I can say. Edge of your seat reading. Characters feel real. The court scenes are...well, Wow! I've been looking for new authors, since I learned that 3 of my absolute favorites have passed on. Rebecca Forster, I think I've found my author. I will definitely be recommending her books to my mystery-loving friends.

- Good read!4 star

This book kept me interested the whole time.

- Hostile Witness5 star

One of the best books I've read recently. Hard to put down. Can't wait to read the other books in this series.

- Hostile witness5 star

Excellent cliff hanger. Book for someone who likes suspense and likes to read quickly to find out the plot ASAP.

- Thriller4 star

Well written court drama, kept me guessing throughout. Recommend this author and her series of "WITNESS" books unbeatable.

- A page turner5 star

The author has a unique talent of writing to where the reader expects what's coming next, but to only be surprised that they are wrong! This legal thriller will keep you job edge and when you finally get to the last page, you're sorry there's not more!!! A great book from a very talented author!!

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- The perfect block5 star

Great read

- Excellent!5 star

I didn’t expect much since it was free, but I LOVED it! Just couldn’t put it down! It’s very intriguing and I loved all the caracters. It’s definitely a must read!

- Good one!4 star

During my self isolation I have been reading a lot of books on my iPhone. Without the library I am at a loss. I enjoyed your book and would like to read more, perhaps I will purchase them at a later date. Nice protagonist and the story line is really good, I have read hundreds of mysteries and think your free one was worth the read. Thank you

- Hostile Witness5 star

Just a really good read - characters were engaging and the plot line was intriguing. I will read more of this author’s work.

- Hostile Witness5 star

This was very well written and well researched. It kept me interested until the very end.

- Page turner5 star

Just can't get enough of Josie. I have bought the Witness series and am certainly enjoying the hours spent reading!

- Great Read4 star

This is definitely a page turner......couldn't put it down........really like her style of writing.......great story line.......too bad the other books are so expensive........

- Hostile witness4 star

This book will keep you coming back for more and wondering about the truth. Well written and engaging!!!

- Hostile witness3 star

Good book

- Hostile Witness4 star

The book held my interest from the beginning. Excellent characters and a smooth flow!

- Hostile witness4 star

The story was a bit slow to start but I'm thankful I stuck with it. It was an interesting and entertaining read . The last 1/3 of the book kept me reading non stop to the end .

- Resolved hostility3 star

Author American. 14 years in advertising before writing her first book now up to 14 by my count, 7 in the "Witness" series. Precis Maladjusted 16-year-old Hannah is charged with the murder of her step-grandfather, the chief justice of the California Supreme court no less. Her Mom turns to old college roomie, beach volleyball team-mate, and one-time hot shot criminal attorney Josie. (Yes, I said beach volleyball player, complete with "smokin' bod"). Suffice to say the dead judge is not a bastion of rectitude he appears. Josie risks life, firmly toned limb, and professional reputation to air the dirty laundry. Writing Tries too hard. Ms Forster should rein in the flowery descriptions and prune the metaphor count. Predictable plot, but good pace. Cliched characters. Bottom line I got the book for free from Mr Bezos. It provided a satisfactory diversion for a few hours, but I won't be shelling out sequels.

- Well written5 star

Great story, well written. Will definitely read more from this author

- Great read5 star

Loved the story Loved the ease of reading as I didn’t need a dictionary nearby to research obscure words and their meanings Loved not finding one spelling or grammar error Well done, a great story and a great read, what an ending!

- Hostile Witness a Josie Bates thriller5 star

If you enjoy John Grisham, then you are in for a treat with this series by Rebecca Forster. Self doubt, determination not to see her young client incarcerated for crimes, Josie believes Hannah was innocent of.

- Hostile witness4 star

Loved the read thank you

- Captivating with a disappointing end3 star

I read it and couldn't put it down but then the end came & felt like I'd wasted time reading it.

- Good read3 star

This book was a good read, enough to keep me guessing. At times it was a bit slow and some storylines underdeveloped. Plot twist at the end was good but could have been more detailed and less of a rushed ending. Worth a read.

- Hostile Witness4 star

Pleasantly surprised thoroughly enjoyed this book. First time I have read a Rebecca Forester book will read more of her work.

- Great book5 star

Really enjoyed this book and was happy with how how it progressed and the twists and turns were interesting.

- Intriguing5 star

Book kept you guessing and really gave an insight to the characters thoughts and feelings. Recommend to people who like a good crime, mystery novel.

- Hostile witness5 star

Absolutely loved this book!! Can't wait to read the others!!

- Hostile witness5 star

Excellent book highly recommend

- It's alright but I've read better3 star

The storyline was mediocre and courtroom drama wasn't as well written as Michael Connelly ones. But overall it's ok for passing time on the train.

- Great read5 star

Loved this book. The author feeds us a compelling story with drawn out characters, a book that'll keep you second guessing the protagonists steps.

- Couldn't put it down!5 star

Great read, would've happily paid for it.

- Great read4 star

Great characters and interesting plot.

- Good read4 star

Good read

- Loved It5 star


- Well written fast paced read4 star

Enjoyed this book. Good story and characters with enough twists to keep it interesting..

- Wonderful Read5 star

Just a wonderful story love to read more books by this Author. Could not stop reading this book. Thank you it was a privilege to Read your book.

- A thrilling read, I couldn’t stop. A truly exciting ride.5 star

My first but definitely not my last Rebecca Forster thriller. This story was thrilling and at times I had to stop and take a breath at the shocking twists and turns. Fantastically unpredictable. Just when you think our heroine has nailed it....NO! A first rate thriller. Can’t wait to read more.

- Fascinating and Exciting5 star

One of the best books I’ve read for ages . The characters all spring to life developing their own personalities. Josie became emotionally involved with Hannah early on realising Hannah’s mother was no good for her . Archer was there as a hunky silent support - it was JUST brilliant! The end was as good as I was anticipating!

- Great book5 star

Great book that had me gripped. Would definitely recommend.

- Fab!5 star

Got this in the free chart and i am glad i did. I have never read any books by this Author and i was gripped from start to finish. I guessed “who done it” early on but i don’t think that matters much because it was enjoyable getting to know the characters etc. I will definitely be reading the next book.

- Hostile witness5 star

Wow. Brilliant. I ended up reading this book in one sitting. Infact I was that engrossed in it, I burnt my kids dinner and had to make it all over again. Had me hooked from the beginning with plenty of plot twists and amazingly written characters. Will definitely read more of this authors books.

- The title is a very great heart threatening title4 star

The actual book is so much easier to read when you kind of understand what is kind of going on

- Brilliant5 star

Would loved to have read this book in one go it was a fantastic read had to put it down to sleep and work or a would have read it all at the one sitting

- Hostile witness4 star

Really enjoyed this, the twists in the plot keep your interest and need to read on

- Hostile Witness5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this book.Found it difficult to leave down.Something fresh to unravel in every chapter.Author well equipped to give the reader great characters to believe in and enjoy.Smashing thriller,wonderful storyline and shocking denouement.

- Freebie5 star

Great read

- Compelling and un-putdownable!5 star

A puzzle box of a story that reaches out, grabs you by the hair and drags you deeper and deeper into the complex plot. A real page turner, that keeps you guessing.

- Disappointed1 star

I've read close to 20 books over the last 6 months, I'm sorry to say this is the worst one !! I expected Josie to be amazing in court as she is known to get the most guiltiest of people off.... This never happened, half way through the book I couldn't bring myself to continue reading. None of the characters were realistic !!

- Well written, each chapter leaves you wanting more5 star

I enjoyed breezing through this book, and didn't like putting it down! Recommend it!

- Great read5 star

Gripping and entertaining. Lovely style of writing. Highly recommend.

- Hostile Witness, a Josie Bates thriller5 star

I very much enjoyed this story - I couldn't put it down! I did wonder from the beginning if I was right in thinking I knew the murderer but it wasn't until the story got right to the end that I knew one way or another. The story had twists and folds in it and you really felt sorry for Hannah. Recommended!

- Couldn't put it down5 star

I have rarely read a book that I couldn't put down but that was my experience with this one. It was well written and the storyline intriguing. I will definitely seek out other books by this author. Can't believe it was free. What a find.

- Hostile witness3 star

Good holiday read simply story line, easy to read. Guessed the ending way before

- Hostile Witness5 star

A great read, couldn't put it down. It kept you thinking all the way "who dun it"!

- A great read4 star

Lots of twists and turns in this one, and I got through it in no time! An enjoyable read, pacy and thought provoking.

- 👌5 star

Very well written and great twists 👍

- Odd update1 star

I started reading this book a while ago and then stopped for a bit. There was an update I downloaded and then started reading again. I have been on/off reading again recently but a recent update has changed the book entirely. It seems I was reading the first book in the series and then the first update turned it into the last book in the series. I read a big chunk more and now the recent update has switched it back to the first book again. Odd. Frustrating so I now have to start again!

- Warning - wrong book1 star

Downloaded this book at the weekend however it was not the first book in the series it was the last. ITunes please make that clearer. I got part way through before I realised as it became clear there was a lot of characterisation missing and backing storylines that weren't explained. It was still an enjoyable read but probably would have been a lot better if I'd read the previous 6 books in the series. UPDATE: The day after placing my review the book was updated so I now have the first. Thank you for such a quick fix.

- Hostile Witness5 star

Wow this book was a real surprise it was just so good,didn't expect that.The plot was very well thought out,exciting and believe able.I really got into the characters ,and although I wanted to reach the end because it kept you guessing until then,I didn't want to leave all the people in the book behind.Such a god read.

- Hostile witness5 star

Fascinating griping and enjoyable. Anybody who enjoys this kind of fiction it is a must read

- Hostile witness5 star

Enjoyed this book, I couldn't put it down.

- Hostile witness5 star

Excellent book. Easy read, great story

- OK ish!3 star

Good enough plot. A bit predictable. I skimmed a bit. But I did finish it. I would probably try another book by this author to see if things improve as I don't think it's bad enough to put me off.

- Steve4 star

The plot, characters, descriptive information made this a fantastic read along with all the twists and turns, I enjoyed it

- Great Read5 star

I loved this book. Fantastic storyline.

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- Enjoyed this!5 star

Great writing and characters!

- Love it5 star

Was a great book couldn't put it down :)

- hostile witness5 star

this book grabbed me from the beginning. was a very good read, even though I knew who did it early on. good character development, good plot and surprisingly good editing. only a few mistakes. was a little wordy in parts and a little repetitious, which if it was streamlined a little would make a better read, but all in all I still give it a five star rating.

- Hostile witness4 star

Great book

- Hostile Witness4 star

The story line, detail and suspense were excellent. It was hard for me to put down before I finished. But, was all the crude language really necessary for the story line. I worked for lawyers for years and never heard so much crude and filthy language. I could understand, although not agree with, some of that but not to the extent used. You write an excellent novel so you don't need the other stuff to make it acceptable. Please accept this as constructive criticism as I really enjoyed this book.

- Loved it!!!5 star

Awesome read! The author's very insightful. Characters were really developed, felt like i was reading a John Chrisham novel. Well done Rebecca Forster, you did good.

- Hated it1 star

It dragged on and a bunch of stuff was opened up, but never closed. I had to fight really hard to finish this. No wonder it's free.

- Couldn't put it down5 star

Love it, it was a great read with a lot of twist and turns....highly recommend it.

- Great book5 star

Great book. Couldn't put it down. Twists and turns kept me turning pages. Thanks Bookbub!

- Great book!4 star

I usually like to read romance novels, but when I came across this book and read the reviews I decided to read it. I am surprised this was a free book. It was well written, good formation of characters and of course a very interesting story line. I would definitely recommend this book.

- Hostel witness5 star

So real I had to take breaks reading to remember it was a book I was reading! Author's insight incredible like they had experienced every role. Very compelling !

- Hostile Witness5 star

My favorite author is John Grisham. After reading this book, Rebecca Forester is my second favorite author. I intend to read the whole "witness" series.

- Best I've read in a long time5 star

I read a lot but with work and social media, my time spent reading has reduced. I still read every day but once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. I spent less time on social media and more time reading. Probably a good thing!

- Loved it!5 star

Couldn't put it until 4 am when I needed to get up at 7. Will definitely be getting the rest in the series.

- Good read! Enjoyed it to a great extent !!5 star

Couldn't put it down !!

- Hostile witness5 star

I really enjoy it!!

- Page turner5 star

Awesome book, kept me guessing the whole time. Couldn't put it down!

- Good read5 star

Solid character development, as an avid reader I found myself trying to imagine who did it and their motive, it didn't matter that it was either one of 3 people, with the twists and turns you cant help but wonder, even when you know who did it, you still want to read the book to see if you were right.

- Wonderful5 star

I'm definitely not a critic but I couldn't put this book down once I started. Wonderfully written! I love to lose myself in a book & it was easy with this one. I'll definitely be reading more of these. Thanks!

- Read4 star

Good read and decent storyline.

- Gripping4 star

I lost a lot of sleep being unable to put this book down!

- Great read5 star

This book was free so I wasn't expecting much to be honest. I was so wrong, it was great. Well thought out plot and believable characters as well as plausible cause and effect. If you like this genre you will like this book!

- Excellent !5 star

Loved this book. Well written with characters that I cared about and they were believable. I couldn't put it down. I'm looking forward to reading more by Ms Forster.

- Hostile Witness5 star

Loved it!!! Very well written, couldn't put it down. Best read I have had in a while, Thanks for the ride!!!

- Great murder mystery!5 star

This book is very well written. The characters are well described and developed through the book. There are twists and unexpected turns in the plot which keep you guessing. I really enjoyed it, and, look forward to reading more of he author's other books.

- Hostile Witness5 star

This was the first book by this author that I have read. It gripped my attention immediately and would not let go until I finished it. The characters were interesting & one could not help but have sympathy for Hannah. Josie's determination to save Hannah was admirable even if it meant the possibility of unwanted changes in her personal & professional life.

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