Dispatches from a Public Librarian

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Dispatches from a Public Librarian Book Summary

Contains the first 37 dispatches of "Dispatches from a Public Librarian" from McSweeney's contributer and author of "Quiet, Please," Scott Douglas. Also includes several other library-themed humor essays.

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Dispatches from a Public Librarian Book Comments

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Dispatches from a Public Librarian - Scott Douglas Reviews

  • Great freebie

    By bllrmdncr
    You will commiserate with this author if you've ever been weirded out by the odd people at your public library. Great little bit stories and observations.
  • Dispatches

    By WhyAllNicknamesTaken
    I suppose it was candid and at times mildly humorous, but the author didn't seem to have the greatest attitude considering what a wonderful job he has, relatively speaking. I also didn't like the way he regarded the homeless and individuals with disabilities..
  • Rude

    By Lovely Rita
    I don't know, reads like someone working at a library and just doesn't like it...get another job and hopefully you are replaced with someone less rude.
  • Fine for Free

    By NewCNNfan
    This isn't the funniest book out there, but for a free book, it's worth the download. Simple, short stores that will make you smile, occasionally broken up by less humorous tales.
  • Very Funny

    By Pikejackson72
    I downloaded the book because of the price tag (free!) and could not put it down. I enjoyed it very much, and it was better than the ones I've paid for so far.
  • not funny

    By dr_punditington
    I started reading this because it turned up when I did a search on "humor.". I read the first 16 pages and never found anything even remotely close to humorous.
  • Love

    I loved reading these dispatches. They were a great comedic look at the true thoughts and actions of a public librarian. Very nice writing!
  • Entertaining

    By Boo Bowen
    Bookish types are sure to get a kick out of this modern librarian's take on the library and the world outside its sacred doors.

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