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Nixonland Book Summary

An exciting e-format containing 27 video clips taken directly from the CBS news archive of a brilliant, best-selling account of the Nixon era by one of America’s most talented young historians.

Between 1965 and 1972 America experienced a second civil war. Out of its ashes, the political world we know today was born.

Nixonland begins in the blood and fire of the Watts riots-one week after President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act, and nine months after his historic landslide victory over Barry Goldwater seemed to have heralded a permanent liberal consensus. The next year scores of liberals were thrown out of Congress, America was more divided than ever-and a disgraced politician was on his way to a shocking comeback: Richard Nixon. Six years later, President Nixon, harvesting the bitterness and resentment borne of that blood and fire, was reelected in a landslide even bigger than Johnson's, and the outlines of today's politics of red-and-blue division became already distinct. 

Cataclysms tell the story of Nixonland: 

• Angry blacks burning down their neighborhoods, while suburbanites defend home and hearth with shotguns. 

• The civil war over Vietnam, the assassinations, the riot at the Democratic National Convention. 

• Richard Nixon acceding to the presidency pledging a new dawn of national unity--and governing more divisively than any before him. 

• The rise of twin cultures of left- and right-wing vigilantes, Americans literally bombing and cutting each other 
 down in the streets over political differences.

•And, finally, Watergate, the fruit of a president who rose by matching his own anxieties and dreads with those of an increasingly frightened electorate--but whose anxieties and dreads produced a criminal conspiracy in the Oval Office.

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Nixonland Book Comments

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Nixonland - Rick Perlstein Reviews

  • Truly Enhanced

    By Mjjrob
    The video clips, including an interview with the author truly show the power of ebooks and a potentially significant advantage over paperbacks. Especially in this genre, covering this time period. The context they provide makes the book much better on a number of levels.
  • Smart book, great video

    By Someone who read it
    Rick Perlstein's Nixonland intelligently illuminates the beginnings of modern politics. The video contextualized the historical events for me, which is especially helpful because I wasn't around to see these clips air in the '70s.
  • Idiot

    By snouffer-zelles
    Nixon was an idiot.

Rick Perlstein - Nixonland E-Book

Nixonland - Rick Perlstein E-Book coming soon..