iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon

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iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon Book Summary

A New York Times Bestseller: "iWoz traces the life and times of a brilliant, gifted...individual whose contributions to the scientific, business and cultural realms are extensive." —Bookpage

Before slim laptops that fit into briefcases, computers looked like strange, alien vending machines. But in "the most staggering burst of technical invention by a single person in high-tech history" (BusinessWeek) Steve Wozniak invented the first true personal computer. Wozniak teamed up with Steve Jobs, and Apple Computer was born, igniting the computer revolution and transforming the world. In iWoz the mischievous genius with the low profile treats readers to a rollicking, no-holds-barred account of his life—for once, in the voice of the wizard himself.

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iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon Book Comments

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iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon - Steve Wozniak Reviews

  • The Model Engineer

    By Obe Ron
    Very interesting book by a fascinating guy! He created unequaled computer that changed our world. A real person filled with compassion and a solid ethical base, complete with a sense of humor. The world needs more people like him.
  • Excellent Read

    By epicwinner1
    As an  fan boy this review might sound bias but I truly enjoyed reading Steve Wosniak's book. I recommend this book to all the tech geeks out there but especially the ones going to college to study computer programming. All the computer terminology that your learning in school will be present in this read and that will make it more enjoyable and will benefit you. So not only is it an interesting read but also educational. The book will have you hooked.
  • Great Book!

    By Chess steer
    Very much enjoyed reading this book! Well written and very informative! By the way, I am writing this review on an IPad4, another great Apple product! Thanks!
  • Interesting

    By Jon D Paulus
    You gotta love Wos! He is a brilliant computer engineer in a kid's body.
  • iWoz

    By KTooooM
    Loved it! As an Apple shareholder from the early days, through splits and dividends and then through the dark days of Apple, I appreciate the personally portrayed historical account of Steve's journey. I also appreciate the fact that his creations have been at my finger-tips well over 20 years. THANKS for a good read, and also for a good ride!! Tomcat 1/14/2013
  • iWoz

    By Cyberlearn
    This is a wonderful and inspirational book. Woz comes across as a free spirit with a creative mind that knew no boundaries. I'm not an engineer but I have ideas that can change the world. Woz has inspired me to dig in and get them done.
  • iWoz Review

    By 1276473);
    This book was absolutely hysterical!!! Wozniak's sense of humor is paralleled only by his genius IQ. Understandably, Steve kept some details out of iWoz so as to keep it upbeat, funny, and focused more on his story rather than the other Steve biography. Don't be discouraged Woz. We all know you were the one and only responsible for creating Apple's computers. But there's one thing I found astounding despite such earnest storytelling that Wozniak described in later chapters regarding Apple computers and security. It's a problem not yet remedied today by Apple or Microsoft for that matter. He claimed he was able to use an Apple PC logged online without even an active firewall (which in and of themselves are useless but that's besides the point) without risk of remote access or viruses and malware. Because of this, you lost a star and some credibility. I'd love for Woz to elaborate more on Apple security because quite frankly, I'm failing to experience anything different from Apple security than I was with Microsoft products.
  • Excellent read!

    By MathMeUp
    Woz's view of Apple, his role in it, and his view of the world in general are spelled out in simple terms here. It was a great read following Job's biography. It's neat to read how differently the two of them saw Apple and their respective places in its founding.
  • Attitude in life.

    By Gusszmon
    With everything I read in this book what I loved the most and will always stick with me is the positive and free minded attitude Steve has. Now to apply this to my life. Thank you Steve.
  • Woz Rocks!

    By fc8tgb
    Loved this book, thank you so much Woz for writing it, and thank you for changing the world for the better.

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