Peter Pan

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie Book Summary

An Apple Books Classic edition.

Lose yourself in the pages of J.M. Barrie’s beloved story about Neverland, the Lost Boys, and Tinkerbell. The book begins with older sister Wendy reading to her siblings, while Peter Pan and Tink peer in through the window. But when these magical visitors are spotted, the window slams shut, trapping Peter’s shadow inside!

So begins the enchanted adventure of Wendy, John, and Michael Darling, who fly through the night to Neverland-a place of fairies, magical birds, and eternal youth. But danger lurks here, too, in the form of the vengeful Captain Hook and his band of pirates. This timeless tale invites us to escape to the idyllic and fantastical realm of childhood…no matter our age.

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Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie) Book Reviews

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- Loved it ❤️but confused 🤨4 star

I loved the book. ❤️but sometimes I didn’t understand what was happening or I was confused on what was happening. But other than that I would definitely read it.

- Beyond cute5 star

Adorable omg

- Peter Pan5 star

A magical tale of the innocence and remarkable bravery each child possesses.

- My review5 star

this book was the best my family and i watched one in this book my favorite part is the end because i like to know that (probally)nothing bad is ever going to happen again I like that Hook is afraid of crocodiles and after he passes away Peter just forgets about him.I think more people should read this book. =)

- quick read, quite odd2 star

honestly one of the weirdest books i have ever read. fun to compare to the classic disney movie though.

- I LOVE IT5 star

I really like the book but Im kinda sad about the ending

- Peter Pan5 star

A classical tale that will remind you of the innocence a child looks upon the world; even in dark situations. Crocodiles eating limbs and representing time chasing after us all, lost boys being “dwindled down” when they become too old, being forgotten by someone who loves you; all these lessons we learn in time. In Peter Pan, all these darkness is held back by fairy dust, thinking happy thoughts, make believe, and giving a good crow when you have done something awfully clever. It’s a fantastic book that highlights a child’s life, the darkness and light, that reminds us that even though we all must grow up; you’re never too old to stop dreaming of your Neverland.

- Horrible2 star

I had to edit so many racist things out. How is this a kid’s story?

- Peter Pan5 star

It was mind blowing 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

- First time read.5 star

Nothing like I thought. It’s not the movie. A great day dream. I even had wet smiles at points. I’m glad I finally read this book.

- Fun4 star

It was good My favorite

- I hate it1 star

I didn't actually read the book

- Made me remember5 star

One of the best books ever. JM Barrie's writing was truly original, no one has ever written like him. His style was flawless. The story made me feel like a kid again and remember how life felt so great then.

- yumyumyumyumyumyum5 star

peter pan more like peter pain

- 10/10 -IGN5 star

"Another 1"

- DOGS HAVE SOULS!!!!5 star


- This book is Great!!!!!5 star

This book it GREAT!!!!!! J.M. Barrie was a great author!!!! Wish he'd written more Peter Pan books!!!!! Great for kids and adults!!!!!! And not one of those classics that take five pages to express a point. Pretty good length for what happens. Wish it was longer!!!! Sad ending kinda . All the kids but Wendy stop believing in Neverland and Peter. Still a great book!!! Worth your time!!!

- Amazing2 star

This book was fantastic action filled thrill and makes some cry at the end Must Read!!!!!!!!

- Good book⚽️5 star

Classic novel

- Great explanations5 star

I'm 23 and had never read the book before; I had only seen the two Disney movies. What I liked about this version was that gave explanations to the old British words which made reading it easier.

- Good classic5 star

Fun to read a classic that has been played out in modern media (Disney's version, Finding Neverland, Hook, etc). Unfortunately, Tink will always be the cartoon version and Dustan Hoffman will be Hook.

- Amazing 😭so sad it ended5 star

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad this book ended , words canot describe how good it is. There needs to be another. I wish wendy and peter stayed together forever

- An enjoyable classic5 star

It's funny how I've never read this before. I downloaded it for my son since he loves to read and decided to read it as well. Highly recommended.

- I love it5 star

I did the play on this and the book is even better

- I love Peter Pan5 star

I saw the movie it was AWESOME!!!!!!! Now I want to read the book.♥️👍♥️👍♥️👍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️

- A Fun Classic Children's Story4 star

Peter Pan is so ingrained in our culture that it'd be a shame not to read it. The story is just as charming as all the iterations.

- Excellent book5 star

This was the best book ever. I loved all the detail and description. Surely you must read this

- Peter Pan5 star

Ive had a obsession with Peter Pan since I was a child. I loved the movie and I love the movie sequel as well! The book does closely resemble the movie putting aside that this was written in the early 1900's so the vocabulary is very different and can be confusing. I defiantly recommend if you like Peter Pan in general

- Better than the movie5 star

I guess being a grown up you understand this story better now... Kinda sad

- Peter Pan5 star

I like the book it's amazing to read good job who ever made the book

- Exellent!5 star

I love this book!It is full of exciting adventures.Really interesting.

- Stunning5 star

I was interested in reading a classic and once I had gotten through the first page I couldn't help but, to read on. It defiantly matures and intensifies the aspects and situations of the story while still similar to the Disney classic movie.

- Peter pan5 star

ITS AN AWESOME BOOK. But i like the movie better:)

- It sucked5 star

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- summer reading5 star

this was a book i had to read for the entering of middle school and i forgot how much i loved this book and reading it for a second time brings me back to my childhood when i once believed in peter pan. this book is wonderfully written and make you feel like you are apart of the story. i definelty reccomned this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Eternally Great Tale5 star

Just read Peter Pan to my grandson. Reading the story took me back to my childhood when I too thought I could fly. Peter Pan will withstand the changes that come with time and will delight many more generations of children and adults that dare to think as they did when they were children.

- My life1 star

I like this book but sometimes I get bored and I just go out side and sing a lot of songs done and I made them

- I loved it!5 star

I loved Peter Pan because when Wendy grew up at the end even my dad cried

- Peter Pan4 star

Peter Pan is a great book lots of life lessons that can teach people.

- Great5 star

Once more I finish a read of this timeless tale. It is indeed very sad for me this time, for I have grown up way beyond my height last time I read this book. I turned 18 recently, and now have my ID and I'm legally old enough to drink and do so many other grown up things. Funny how sad I feel right now, I guess that soon I'll be like Wendy, an adult way past twenty flat with a child of my own, whose turn it will now be to have his/her own adventure in the Neverland. Thank you, J. M. Barrie, for creating one of the few things that actually make me kinda regret my having grown.

- Peter Pan4 star

Definitely darker than the Disney movie. Enjoyable, but this is clearly written for a different generation.

- Peter Pan more like Peter bam. (Youh behn hazed!)4 star

Great. Except for the occasional murder or hinting at murder. Other than that 5/5

- Peter Pan5 star

This book is one of the most greatest books that you should read.the authors name is James Matthew Barrie (J.M. Barrie) for Sure try to read this wonderful and awesome and amazing book that you will fall in love💖💖💕😍 once you read it bye😘

- Peter pan5 star

Love it it is a great book those who got comment back or right a reveiw on how it was!!!😋😋😋😋

- The book is good4 star

This book is a classic I have only seen the disney movie version In the beginning it was not good But towards the end I started getting more interested in the book I would recommend this to a friend I had to read this book for summer homework

- Peter Pan5 star

🎉❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💓😄love it best book ever

- An absolute classic!5 star

I have not finished this book yet, but so far it is truly an amazing story that you just can't stop reading!

- Book review5 star

I love this book, darker than I thought it was . That makes it even the better 5 star book. Way better than the movies and toons they just don't do it justice, even tho they are classics and I love them too

- True Classic!5 star

I've always loved the stories of Peter Pan, and used to sit up at night crying for him to come see me. But alas, he never did, and I'm almost grown up.. I searched for this book and I only found it on here by accident (or fate), and I read it in a couple days and it brought back so many memories. It was way worth reading, and pretty easy to understand. I'll defiantly be reading this again, and someday to my own kids! :)

- Peter Pan5 star

This book is great I totally recommend it!!! This one of my most favorite book

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- I liked that the story was based on another story.5 star

It was nice 👍.

- You copied1 star

It was okay

- Nice book4 star

This book was a nice one, it has difficult language though, and the beginning is a drag. But the middle of the story is quite nice. It is nothing like the Disney film. So I would recommend it for readers 12 and above.

- peter pan book5 star

the book peter pan is the best child book i ever read

- Peter Pan5 star

Great book for all ages so thanks for recommending it to me

- 😍❤️👌5 star

I’ve seen the films - which I love but this book is entirely different. I love it! The innocence of it is purely amazing ! 10/10 💯

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- Hate1 star

This book was the worst book I have ever read it whated me to rip my eyes out it was so bad no one should ever read this book or they might fill the same as me

- One of the best bedtime stories.4 star

Peter Pan is a truly classic. How much I love reading his story. Well made.

- :DD5 star

Soooo good. I've always loved Peter Pan ever since I saw the movies.

- Peter pan5 star

This was a great book and I will show to all my friends

- Just started5 star

I just started and this is an amazing book I'm on chapter 5 and I love it. Good description and everything LOVE IT!!!

- Great novel5 star

Thanks to whomever posted this, I got to relive just a bit of my childhood once more.

- Peter Pan5 star

This book is very interesting and the way it flows is also very smoothly.I really enjoy this book because it is fantasy.

- Amazing5 star

They always say the book is better than the movie, and it is definitely true! The book was soo touching and sad I loved it, great read!!! ❤❌⭕❌⭕💋

- Peter pan5 star

I love the story of Peter pan it's wonderful!!! The old English language is a little confusing at times but the story is still great!

- Peter Pan4 star

Good to see what the real story is

- PetePan4 star

A very good book. A marvelous adventure to behold.

- Amazing5 star

Every boy and girl and men and woman should read this book. The crocodile, the pirates, Hook and, of course, Peter Pan, show us the power of the imagination and the importance of don't let our inner child die. Amazing book.

- Must read5 star

Very amazing read it during school on our iPads it's a fenominal book!

- Peter pan4 star

It's one of the best books I have ever read but it is confusing in parts

- Interesting3 star

I have been reading many of the classics lately. This book was similar to the Disney movie. Tinks character actually talks in the book. Great quick read and brings out the imagination in everyone.

- Good, but edited4 star

The definitions given can be distracting and redundant more often than they are helpful, though it is, as always, an enchanting story.

- I love Peter pan the movie5 star

Awesome book

- Peter Pan4 star

This charming fairytale makes you feel like part of the adventure. The way the author talks directly to you and then refers to the characters as if having a conversation with you about them is intriguing. The end of the story is open ended so that you feel it may happen to you or your children one day.

- peter pan5 star

this book is kind of like the movie. I think you will like it.

- Peter pan5 star

I love this book!

- Peter Pan5 star

Never read this as a child but am so glad I was able to now. Would love to read it aloud to some kids.

- Childhood memories5 star

I loved it I watched all the versions of the movies of him but I never read the book and now that I have it brings back so many memories of when I was little the best I've ever read <3

- Enchanting5 star

It was fantastic, to say the least. It is so much more than a children's story, it really is a very good book and has a very satisfying and heartwarming ending. All around a very good book and I'm glad I read it!

- I forgot the beauty of classics5 star

In 4th grade I read Dave Barrie(strange resembles with the names) and Ridley Pearson's Starcatchers series(great read four and a half stars!). About a week ago I saw the SyFy channel's Neverland miniseries(my fav movies) So I wanted to read the original Peter Pan...and wow. Its amazing. From modern day versions and the Disney movie it doesnt even seem like the same story as the original. If you think you know Peter but you havent read the original you are wrong. So read the original! I fell in love with the original Peter Pan.

- Peter Pan5 star

This is my absolute favorite book.You should read it!:)Then tell your friend about it!!:)

- Classic5 star

This is one of my absolute favorite books!!! It is a classic that everybody should read!!

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5 star

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5 star

@bongvelyjaehyun: jaehyun singing to peter pan by exo 😭💖

5 star

♦︎ ___ あの場所で僕と君が見つめ合いながら笑っている " 僕は君の永遠のピーターパン " ( Peter Pan / EXO )

5 star

Buongiorno, qui per dirvi che in realtà Louis sia Peter Pan.

5 star

@zoranlucic: When Robin Van Persie took playing for Netherlands (fictional country from Peter Pan) way too literally. …

5 star

Cuando se supera a Jeremy Sumpter haciendo de Peter Pan?

5 star

@daylo117: Peter Pan is going to do numbers when I drop it...I can feel it

5 star

So this is why, Norman have some of the physical feature of Peter Pan 😕

5 star

@daylo117: call me peter pan I'm in neverland

5 star

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5 star

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“To die would be an awfully big adventure.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

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